How to get CBSE Duplicate Certificate, Marksheet & Affidavit online (Process)

How to get CBSE Duplicate Certificate & Marksheet online-: If you have misplaced/lost your CBSE mark sheet or certificates issued by the board for passing your 10th or 12th examination, and now you are in need of it (for whatever reason) and you don’t know how to get the same, you have come to the right place, carry on reading. I will be giving you an in-depth guideline as to how one can obtain a duplicate copy of a given certificate/marks sheet, which I personally have followed.

This will be a lengthy and time-consuming article or review of my experience whatever one wants to call it. So if you have time and want to read it ahead or you are interested in it, then only moved ahead, else please feel free to do what your mind desires.


CBSE Duplicate Certificate 2024, Marksheet & Affidavit Process

Anyway for those who have decided to carry on reading please do so. First off I myself have misplaced the whole file in which my 10th and 12th CBSE documents were put. Frankly, I didn’t need the documents to date, as I have my own business that I look after. One fine morning, I got a call from my agent that my passport is going to expire in the first quarter of 2015, and hence I was advised to renew. I had a look at my passport which showed valid from 2005 to 2015.

I visited the agent’s office personally, to inquire about all documents I had to submit for the renewal of my passport. Then he mentioned, a school leaving certificate, and mark sheet for the 10th or 12th standard are also required. As I didn’t opt for further studies in college, I left education after completing my 12th standard, as even college degrees presented are also considered valid if you have one, which I didn’t. I searched my whole home/office for that file, but all my efforts had gone in vain because I didn’t get hold of it.


I was told that one can make an application for obtaining a duplicate copy of certificates with the respective boards at regional offices. AND NOW HERE STARTS THE WHOLE PROCESS AND PAIN AND DOCUMENTATION WORK AND STAMP VENDORS AND GOVT NOTARY AND LOST FOUND ARTICLE IN NEWSPAPER AND MUCH MORE, which one has to follow for obtaining certain documents. First of all, there are certain things that you should be having, and without them, the process gets a lot more complicated. 1) Roll Number & Year of examination 2) Time (To Waste behind the process) 3) Money. Now let me tell you, for which documents I personally made an application for getting a duplicate copy.

CBSE Duplicate Marksheet, Certificate Apply Online

CBSE 10TH Standard (Year of Examination: 1998) List for which I applied:

  • Migration certificate
  • Copy of passing/qualifying certificate* ( *This certificate, bears a photograph of the student on it)
  • Date of birth certificate
  • Statement of marks (Mark sheet)

CBSE 12TH Standard (Year of Examination: 2000) List for which I applied:

  • Migration certificate
  • Copy of passing/qualifying certificate* ( *This certificate, bears a photograph of the student on it)
  • Statement of marks (Mark sheet)

All in all, there are seven documents, for which I have made an application. There are certain things you how to keep in mind, ONE form for ONE document only. So it means, I needed to fill out seven forms. For obtaining a duplicate copy of the Migration certificate, Date of birth certificate, or Statement of marks (Mark sheet) you simply have filled the form, and you are done. If you have a Xerox copy, of the document for which you are applying, kindly attach it with the form, because it gets a lot easier, for officers because there are certain numbers printed on it, and they can track it down easily. If you have lost/misplaced a Copy of the passing/ qualifying certificate, and you want to apply for it, the process is severely painful and really hard.

  1. You need an attestation
  2. Affidavit
  3. Press notification (Advertisement in a reputed daily newspaper in English or Hindi ONLY).

I would be uploading scanned copies of all three, Attestation, Affidavit, and Press notification which I had made and submitted so that it could be a lot easier if one wants to make the same. I will also be uploading the forms which I have filled out for obtaining the respective duplicate certificate copies and would also be uploading a copy duplicate certificate and mark sheets that I get after submitting the application for it.

CBSE 10th & 12th Class Duplicate Marksheet online

Regional Offices in respective regions:

  • Delhi – 2003 onwards till date
  • Allahabad – 2001 onwards till date (Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal jurisdiction can apply at Allahabad office)
  • Chennai – 1991 onwards till date (Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu Kerala, Pondicherry, Andaman & Nicobar Island, Daman and Diu jurisdiction can apply at Chennai office)
  • Guwahati – 2002 onwards till date (Sikkim, Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Tripura, Mizoram jurisdiction can apply at Guwahati office)
  • Panchkula – 2001 onwards till date (J & K, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh jurisdiction can apply at Panchkula office)
  • Patna – 2011 onwards till date (Bihar and Jharkhand jurisdiction can apply at the Patna office)
  • Bhubaneswar – 2011 onwards till date (Orissa, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal jurisdiction can apply at Bhubaneswar office)

Registered Office:

AJMER – (Their own office records + *Balance records of other regional offices of years earlier than those indicated above*) (Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Dadra Nagar Haveli jurisdiction can apply at Ajmer office and are by default connected to Ajmer office for regular work too.)

Example: – *You live In Delhi and had given the 10th examination In one of the Delhi Schools itself in the year 2000 and you want to apply for a duplicate certificate then you can’t apply in the Delhi office, because that office now deals with a certificate from 2003 and onwards, so you have to apply at Ajmer office (Rajasthan).

For the Address, contact information, and email of all regional and registered offices please visit:

Fee Structure and Mode of Payment to obtain Duplicate CBSE Certificates

Ordinary basis free structure – 100 rupees flat for each document + 35 rupees for postage charge = 135 rupees demand draft or postal order. It will take 40-45 working days or maybe more from the time they receive your application in the post.

Urgent basis free structure – 200 rupees flat for each document + 35 rupees for postage charge = 235 rupees demand draft or postal order. It will take 2-3 working days for them to dispatch it via post + 5-7 days for the post to get it delivered to your location. If you are going to collect the same in person in the CBSE office, you will get the documents after 2-3 days from payment of fees.

*Prices are subject to change without prior notice and hence it’s better to confirm them before you apply so that your efforts and time and money don’t get wasted.*

If you are sending your application forms by POST, to the respective address of the regional office/registered office then you will have to attach a Postal Order or Demand Draft payable in the name of (Secretary, Central Board of Secondary Education) payable at the concerned Regional Office/Registered office. Certificates would be sent to you via post to the address which you have mentioned in the application form. Payment of fees in CASH is only available if you or your representative visit the CBSE office in person, which I personally did. I visited the office (Ajmer) in person, submitted the forms and applications, affidavit, press notification, attestation, Xerox copies of the certificates and mark sheets that I had, and fees (Cash payment of fees is only accepted from 09:30 am to 01:00 pm.

After I paid the fees in cash, I was given a receipt and was told to collect all the certificates after 2-3 working days as the Deputy Secretary was on leave or something and certificates require his signature and reminded me to collect the same in between 3 pm to 5 pm only. If you have a friend or a relative in the city, you can send them all your applications and form and ask them to visit the office and submit the forms and fees (cash), and later collect the same and courier it to you. As I had some business work in the surrounding areas of Ajmer, it was okay for me to wait for 2-3 days as I got my business work done in the time I begin and collected all the certificates on my trip way back home.

The expense which I personally incurred in getting a Duplicate Copy of the passing/qualifying certificate:
  • 20 rupees stamp paper For Affidavit x 2 (one for 10th STD and one for 12th STD) = 40
  • Typing the matter onto the stamp paper = 100
  • Getting both the stamp paper notarized = 500
    Total = 640


As there are no Hindi newspapers available in the city to which I belong, and most parts of Gujarat have Gujarati and English newspapers only, my only option was Indian Express or Times of India, or whichever newspaper has their office/branch/agent in my city. Luckily I found one, but he only is authorized for the Times of India. I knew this was going to be expensive, but I didn’t have much of a choice and moved ahead with it. As the matter that had to be printed was too much I was advised by the agent to go for the size of 8×3 space in the newspaper which 8 inches in width and 3 inches in height and the rate for 1 inch is 85, so 24-inch x 85 = 2040 for one advertisement, and I had to give two separate ones for 10th and for 12th, so total is 4080 Press Notification for public notice, in Times of India 3rd Page (Ahmadabad Edition)

Total = 4080


The matter that is supposed to be written on it, is supposed to be written exactly the way it is shown in the attestation scanned uploaded image. It should be written on the school letter pad and it should have a PRINCIPLE’S SIGNATURE AND SCHOOL SEAL ON IT, as seen in the image. Expense rupees 200 for travel expenses to reach the school and 400 rupees (200 for 10th and 200 for 12th STD) for attestation and rupees 400 as Chai Pani willingly to the old peons (4) who I knew in my days.
Total = 1000



The above 1.2.3 are only required for Getting a DUPLICATE COPY OF BOARD’S PASSING/QUALIFYING CERTIFICATE. You don’t need any of 1.2.3 if you want to get a duplicate Migration certificate, duplicate Date of birth certificate, duplicate Statement of marks (Mark sheet), and duplicate Provisional Certificate.

Scanned Copies:

(1) Let’s start with what I had handy. I had a Xerox copy of the Board’s certificate of my Class 10th, and this is what it looks like when it was issued to me back then in 1998.
(Left Click on the mouse to use the Zoom Function, if not readable)

(2) Affidavit 10th STD (Original required to be submitted to CBSE Ajmer and a Xerox copy to School)

(3) Affidavit 12th STD (Original required to be submitted to CBSE Ajmer and a Xerox copy to School)

(4) Press Notification (Public Notice). Well, Times of India did require some kind of proof to be submitted by me, that I actually lost/misplaced my documents. Well, I made them aware, that I have actually misplaced all the documents, and that’s the reason I have had to make an affidavit for obtaining duplicate copies of the certificates from the Board. They said, a Xerox copy of the affidavit with your original signature on it and also a scanned copy of it on the CD, is required by them for records purposes. (Nowadays print media have got a bit stricter in what they are publishing in lost/missing/misplaced column advertisements and demand ID also of the person giving that advertisement, I don’t know about other newspapers, but I sure did feel Times of India is obliging by rules and laws). Full page Scan of Times of India, in which I had given the Public Notice, Both columns are highlighted in Red rectangle Outline. Below is also the receipt of the cost of an advertisement which I happened to pay.

(5) Attestation (I Had to submit Xerox copies of the affidavit to the school and also the FULL NEWSPAPER in which I had given the public notice and also was asked to give a written application for what purpose I wanted the Attestation and why I needed the signature of the principle on CBSE forms. Below is the application which I had given to the school.

After submitting everything the school asked for, this is what I got in return.

And also got the principal’s signature and principal’s stamp on the CBSE application forms.

(6) Submitted application forms and documents and affidavits and new paper and attestation and of course fees for issuing duplicate copies to CBSE (Ajmer) and they gave me the receipt, which is below.

(7) And after 3 days I visited the CBSE Ajmer office and they gave me a DUPLICATE COPY OF BOARD’S PASSING/QUALIFYING CERTIFICATE.


(8) I also applied for Duplicate Migration Certificate, Duplicate Date of birth certificate, Duplicate Statement of marks (Mark sheet) for my 10th STD (1998) and Duplicate Migration Certificate, Duplicate Statement of marks (Mark sheet) for my 12th STD (2000), but all this felt like a piece of cake to me personally as I didn’t need to do anything to obtain duplicate copies of all this. Simply fill out the form as shown below in the images below, submit it to the CBSE Ajmer office or post it and pay the fees and that’s it (NO NEWSPAPER ARTICLE, NO ATTESTATION, and NO AFFIDAVIT are REQUIRED). Maybe I had done the harder, lengthy, tiring, and time-consuming processes in the first part and that is what makes me say that this is a piece of cake,

I don’t know. But you do require the principal’s signature on every application form you submit to CBSE Ajmer be it for whatever document/certificate it is, maybe this is because the board has decided that the school in which the student completed his/her studies should be made aware at the initial stage if a student is applying for duplicate copies of any document or be it that frauds have started to happen more frequently, and hence they are trying to put a tab on it. I don’t know. I have given an example as to how and what to fill in the form in one of the images below.

CBSE Application Forms/ Certificates Copies:

The applications forms which I filled up for the Duplicate Migration Certificate, Duplicate Statement of marks (Mark sheet) for my 12th STD (2000) are below:

The applications forms which I filled up for Duplicate Migration Certificate, Duplicate Date of birth certificate, and Duplicate Statement of marks (Mark sheet) for my 10th STD (1998) are below:

Total Cost:
  • Duplicate Copy of passing/qualifying certificate (10th and 12th) – 400
  • Duplicate Statement of marks (Mark sheet) (10th and 12th) – 400
  • Duplicate Migration certificate (10th and 12th) – 400
  • Duplicate Date of birth certificate (10th only) – 200

The affidavit, Attestation fees, newspaper article, stamp paper, notary, and typing matter on stamp paper expenses are only for Getting Duplicate Copies of passing/qualifying certificates and these expenses shouldn’t be treated as expenses for Statement of marks (Mark sheet), Migration certificate, Date of birth certificate – 5720

GRAND TOTAL SEVEN THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY – 7120 Indian Rupees for a total of 7 CBSE Certificates and mark sheets in Total as of 27 January 2014.

CBSE Ajmer only took 1,400 Rupees as seen in this receipt below, the rest is an open market expense and it will/might vary depending on the choice of duplicate document one is applying for and where one is located. As I had applied for all documents, hence I am sharing the whole package details and expenses as it might give a clue to someone if one wants to do the same. I have also spilled the expenses per document wise above which would make it easier if one wants to apply for a single document.

As I had to fill out many forms, which frankly isn’t my cup of tea, I took a printout from the CBSE website and gave it to a person who does all my computer job work. Basically, it’s one form for all documents, so he made the exact copy of the form in a word file, a kind of softcopy wherein one can input details in the word itself and hence you don’t have to fill it out manually, as hardly there are 1 or 2 changes in each form, else everything is all the same and also filled the forms in the word itself and simply took out prints of every individual form and I only had to put my signature on it and submit it. Unfortunately, I don’t have that softcopy of the form handy which is editable to one’s choice, else I would have uploaded the same too. But I am giving a link below, where you can download and print the form and you can manually fill it. One form is applicable to all documents, you simply have to mention which document you are applying for in the 4th or the 5th line of the form.

CBSE Migration Certificate Form PDF Download

Download: Application Form for obtaining Migration Certificate/Provisional Certificate/Certificate of Date of Birth/Duplicate Passing Certificate/Marks Statement

Guidelines & Application Format for Obtaining Various Certificates/Duplicates From CBSE

In Total all 7 documents which I had applied for, CBSE gave me in return, below are the copies of all the duplicate documents which I got in return after spending my time, money, and energy on the whole process.

I had also misplaced my school leaving certificate which was issued to me at the time of leaving the school. Schools also demand that an affidavit be made and submitted and then they will re-issue a duplicate school leaving certificate. Below is the affidavit which I made for obtaining the duplicate school leaving certificate and submitted to the school itself. They re-issued a duplicate school leaving certificate as seen below.

The expense for obtaining a duplicate school leaving certificate: 20 rupees stamp, 100 rupees for typing guy to type the matter on stamp paper, 250 rupees to the Govt Notary, and 500 rupees fees paid to the school for duplicate school leaving certificate for which I was given the receipt as shown above. Total = 870

Now many of you might think, that I only needed a school leaving certificate and mark sheet for passport purposes only, why did I get the other documents? It’s plain and simple, I didn’t know the value of all these documents/certificates till this date and as to how important they are in today’s life and day and age to prove your identity and educational qualifications. As my educational qualification is 12th pass and I didn’t go to college, and hence I don’t have any college degrees or certificates to prove my education apart from school documents, which also I happen to misplace, so it was kind of a compulsion for me to have a full set of 10th and 12th documents handy with me if at all It might come in handy in the near future too. In my personal case process is the same for getting one document or seven documents because I had misplaced everything, so why not be it seven documents, now I have my full identity education-wise with me to justify my educational qualifications in near future too.

Source/Reference: This article was originally written by one of our users Mr. Sagar on ERI Portal.

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    is this gonna help me get the duplicate copy or I have to provide more proofs (like I have already got my passing certificates both 10 and 12, and copy of statements of marks for the same)??

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