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Rich Dad Poor Dad Full Book PDF Free Download:- Hello friends!! Have you not read the best financial guide book Rich Dad Poor Dad? If not, then it’s okay we came up today with the PDF of the book. The Book was published in 1997. Over a million copies of the book were sold worldwide in the first edition of the book. Robert T. Kiyosaki and Sheron Lechter are the authors of the book and letter the duo brought several books in the series of the book.

The author explains all the positives and negatives of the financial decision we made at the early age of our professional career. The book brought lots of changes to the life of millions of people around the world in terms of financial motivation. Let’s explore more about the book and download Rich Dad Poor Dad Full Book in Hindi/ English online for free. Keep scrolling down below.


Rich Dad Poor Dad Book PDF

Let us tell you that Rick Dad Poor Dad Book was published by Plata Publishing. PDF of the book is available online for free of cost for the reader who wants to read it online. Later we will give the details of the links related to Free PDF Downloads. Here we also like to suggest you that always download the PDF file of the book from authorized websites. The author Robert T Kiyosaki is an American entrepreneur, businessman, and author who founded the Rich Dad Company and currently running Business School in their town.


The company is a private financial company that provides financial education to the students of America to become successful entrepreneurs. The book Rich Dad Poor Dad is written to advocate the reality and importance of financial education or literacy building financial wealth and independence by investing in the assets. the book provides the right path to building your financial IQ of Financial independence in an easy way of comparing with the rich father and poor father of two friends. Let’s have information about some best parts as highlights of the Rich Dad Poor Dad Book PDF Download. Also, share the direct download link of the pdf file.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Full Book PDF Free Download – Highlights

Blog Post Rich Dad Poor Dad Full Book PDF Free Download
Topics Rich Dad Poor Dad Book PDF Hindi
Author of the Book Robert T Kiyosaki & Sheron Lechter
Published 1997
Copies Sold 40 Million
Publisher Palta Publishing/Warner Book
Genre Self Help
Languages English, Hindi, and other regional languages
Number of Pages 235
Number of Chapters 9
PDF size 5 MB
Download PDF File Link Click Here

Rich Dad Poor Dad Book PDF Content Summary

The book Rich Dad Poor Dad Contains a total of 9 chapters in the book on the different subjects related to Financial Education. The steps are finely managed from the start of education to the end of being rich in life. Once you have gone through the book and adapted the lesson will make you perform much better in your life. Below is the complete summary of the Chapter of the Roch Dad Poor Dad PDF Book.

1) The Rich Don’t Work for Money

The first chapter is about the thinking of the rich people. In reality, always you think about the money in your life and you earn money also. This chapter tells about how the people became rich. Rich people never think about earning money.

2) Why Teach Financial Literacy?

Rich dads always educate tier kids about financial education while poor dads never do. So the second chapter is about learning and importance of the financial education in our life. The author intends a sharp vision of financial education in our life in the second chapter of the book.

3) Mind Your Own Business

Mind your own business chapter is about always focusing on the goals you have chosen in your life. Never mind about what other people are doing and stay working hard to achieve your goal in life.

4) The History of Taxes and the Power of Corporations

The fourth chapter of the book educates about importance of the taxes on the way to becoming rich. Taxes and power of the corporation are one of the most important facts you must know in your life.

5) The Rich Invent Money

The author in this chapter gives glimpses of inventing money not wearing money. It’s too important to include the section on inventing money with the goal of becoming rich.

6) Work to Learn: Don’t Work for Money

This is another important point of the book. The author says that never work for money. If you are setting the goal as only earning money then you will earn money not become rich. Always work to learn not for money.

7) Overcoming Obstacles

In this chapter, the author talks about the obstacle you will face when you are educating yourself on the financial terms to become rich.

8) Getting Started

Getting started with good preparation and being educated in finance. is the first way to start your journey to becoming rich in life.

9) Still Want More? Here Are Some To Do’s

In the Last and Final Chapter, the author Robert T Kiyosaki is discussing the hunger of becoming more rich. Once you have achieved the first goal you must not give up and keep setting the next goal for life.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Hindi PDF Download

The book Rich Dad Poor Dad book is available in the Hindi language also. If you want to download the Book in the Hindi Language then you can download it from the below-given Link. The book was translated into Hindi language and published by the Indian Publisher in the Hindi language. Hindi Language Readers also enjoy Rich Dad Poor Dad Book PDF In the Hindi Language.

Download => Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Hindi PDF File

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