Masterchef Tamil Audition 2024 Online Registration (Sun TV) Miss Call Number

We all know that India is also a famous country for Cooking. In each house, one member is must a good chef in India. Just because of this reason many producers have started Cooking Shows. And right now India’s Top Cooking Show MasterChef is presented in various languages. This is coming up with different regional languages Like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, and others. Today in this article, you will grab the details on Masterchef Tamil Nadu Auditions 2024.

So people who have a hobby and passion for cooking now this is a good opportunity of getting a name and fame. And I ensure that this is one of the shows which will give you popularity if you are great at cooking. Kindly read this article to the end because we are providing you with all information about this Master Chef Tamil Auditions 2024.


MasterChef Tamil Auditions 2024

So the people of Tamil Nadu, want to participate in this show and have a good chance. After they enter this show, participants can show their talent make dishes with new ideas, and impress judges. And the judges were impressed by your ideas and or new dishes so they given chance to you to become the next Masterchef Tamil winner. For the participants in this show, kindly register yourself for Master Chef Tamil 2024-24.

Guys this is one of the best and most popular shows in the regional language Tamil. This TV show is broadcast on Sun TV India. So if you are good at cooking and have a good experience or idea about cooking just participate in this show and prove yourself. In this article, we have provided the simple process for auditions. So read this article to the end carefully.

Masterchef Tamil Audition Online Registration

Note – This TV show is brodcast on Sun TV and show is created by Vijay Sethupathi. The people of Tamil Nadu are waiting for this show for a long time. But the official announcement of this show announces soon.

Procedure for MasterChef Tamil Audition Registration

So if you are willing to take participate in the show, the Master Chef Tamil Auditions will be starting soon. And you have to do online registration by following the instructions. In this article, you can also check out the Masterchef Tamil show eligibility criteria for participants. Despite this, you can see the important document list and some key modes of this show.

In order to enter the show so first do your registration which is most vital for participation. And we all know that this is one of the most famous Cooking Reality Shows. In this show, you can able to watch the different types of dishes and new ideas regarding cooking. Also, judges share the best tips about cooking. But Dear participants your luck totally depends on the judges and how much they like your dish.

Starting date of this show does not decide yet but this audition in 2024-23 launch soon. This show especially provides the best platform for the talented cooker. And all the talented participants are fulfilling their dreams. This is similar to Masterchef India, which is also a famous show. Recently none other than Akshay Kumar posted this show. MasterChef Tamil version also watches in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and in both people every people speak the Tamil language. Guys, you have to wait for few times the audition process will be starting soon and you can join this show.

Masterchef Tamil Prizes and Amount for Winner

Guys if you win this show, then there are good prizes and an amount will be specified for the winner in the grand finale. But before the grand finale, there are 10 to 15 episodes that will be telecast. And in all episodes, you will give your best to impress the judges by cooking new dishes. In this no limitation on you for cooking the food. You have to cook Indian, Chinese, Italian, and French Dishes that are popular all over the world. After completing your dish judges will give you marks on the behalf of your performance.

Sun TV MasterChef Tamil 2024 Registration – Highlights

 Show name MasterChef Tamil
Show language In Tamil
Show telecast on Sun TV
Show produced by Endemol Shine
Type of TV show TV reality show
Show plot Cooking show
Audition date Announced soon
Show Host by Vijay Sethupathi
Registration date Announce soon
Telecast days Saturday and Sunday
Showtime Period 1 to 1.30 Hours
Show language In Tamil
Judges of show Updated soon
Winning prize amount 25 Lakh Rupees

Masterchef Tamil Registration through Miss Call Number

Hey guys if you are willing to join this show and become a contestant, so just one thing you can do gives a miss call on the Show’s number. So first is to do your registration by the given following process. Despite this, you can also visit the Sun TV official website and register yourself. For missed calls, show makers provide a number, to which you have to give a miss call.

This is basically a Masterchef Tamil Audition 2024 registration number:

Masterchef Tamil Missed Call number -1 044-3505-6509
Second Number 044-7117-0009
  • First, participants can call on the provided number which is already given in the Promo of MasterChef Tamil. The number is specially generated for Registration purposes.
  • But when you try to call on these numbers, the call is automatically cut.
  • After a few seconds of a missed call, you will get a message ” your call is registered”. Thanks, Masterchef Tamil.
  • Now you must follow these steps, you want to register yourself with your mobile number.
  • And Other information regarding the show will be available on the Sun TV Network’s official website.

How to register for MasterChef Tamil Auditions on SunTV?

To register yourself by using the official web portal so just follow the given procedure:

  1. First, you have to navigate the official web portal of Masterchef Tamil which is Sun TV.
  2. Now on the homepage, you will see a section for “MasterChef Tamil Registration 2024”
  3. Choose this option, and the registration page is open before you.
  4. After that in this form, you have to fill up some information like your name, mobile number, Email ID, Age, Address, occupation, and other details.
  5. When you fill in these details, upload a video of your cooking/preparing the recipe of any dish with a full explanation.
  6. After uploading this video you have to submit your form online.
  7. Now if your firm will be selected, then the show management team will contact you on your registered number.

FAQs related to MasterChef Tamil 2024 Audition

Q.1 Who is the host of MasterChef Tamil 2024?  
Ans:- This year’s show will be hosted by Mr. Vijay Sethupathi.

Q.2 On which TV channel MasterChef Tamil will be telecast? 
Ans:- Master Chef Tamil will be telecast on the Sun TV Network channel.

Q.3 What are the eligibility criteria to participate in the MasterChef Tamil show?   
Ans:- Any participant who is good at cooking can participate in this.

Q.4 How can I register for Masterchef Tamil 2024?   
Ans:- Anyone can register for Masterchef Tamil with miss call. The second option for registration is to visit Sun TV’s official website and do your registration.

Q.5 What is the miss call number for MasterChef Tamil registration?
Ans:- Participants can give a miss call on 044-35056509 and 044-7117-0009.

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