The Big Picture Quiz Show Audition 2024 Registration Form: How to Participate

As we all know that the Colours TV channel is soon going to inaugurate a new tv series. This is known as “The Big Picture Quiz show”. It is basically a reality tv show. This show was in great discussions due to its host. As the very famous Bollywood actor Mr. Ranveer Singh will host this tv program. This is a reality tv quiz program. It is very identical to the “Kaun Banega Crorepati” show. People can take part in this show and can provide answers to certain questions. If you provide all the accurate answers, you can actually earn cash rewards. One of the best and most well-known learning apps BYJU,s will sponsor this program.

Today through this article, we will provide you with all the important details about the Colours Big Picture Quiz Show. First, we will provide a brief description of this show. Then we will discuss the process of doing online registration for this reality quiz show. Additionally, you will get the audition process through this article. Colours TV is going to telecast this program all over India and Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh will host this quiz show.


The Big Picture Quiz Show Audition 2024 Registration

Nonetheless, this program is very related to the Kaun Banega Crorepati show on the Sony channel. But, the basic theory of this show is slightly different. As in the KBC, makers provide a total of 4 options. Participants need to choose an option and go ahead if it is right or wrong. But, under this Big picture quiz program, the team will demonstrate some pictures. This means that they will not provide you with any kind of options. Contestants will have to say something related to that picture and then the team will check if it is right or wrong. If contestants will provide the right answer, Then, they will offer their cash prize.

If you are also interested in this program, then you just need to do online registration first. Following that, the team will contact you for show auditions. If somehow you manage to get selected, then you will surely have a great opportunity to participate. The show is going to be extremely interesting as Ranveer Singh will be the host. Nevertheless, if the team does not choose you then you can not take part and win anything in this program.

The Big Picture Quiz Show 2022

Under this show, they will provide a total of 12 questions. Every contestant who provides true answers will have the other question. Moreover, the team will also lend you 3 lifelines. As it is quite similar to that of the KBC show. If the participant gets confused on any question, then they can avail themselves benefits of these lifelines. But, once these lifelines are used then you will not have any other lifeline by any means. These will assist you to go ahead in your journey. We can admit that it is entirely dependent on your pictorial explanation. So, you should immediately go and register yourself for this show.

The Big Picture Quiz Show: Online Audition 2024

One of the most important things about this program is that Ranveer Singh is going to host it. He is an incredibly prominent Bollywood actor in the film industry. He has amazed people with his excellent roles in several big pictures. Actor Ranveer Singh has also circulated an introduction video of this program. In this, he provided some major details regarding this show. This mainly includes the layout of the following and some additional information as well.

The team mentions the introduction visual memory of the contestant. Under this, you will also require decent visual memory dating with your proficiency. This is because the team of this program will exhibit some images of it. Applicants need to provide their answers by glaring at these images.

The Big Picture Quiz Show Registration

In the promo, we witnessed that there were questions about Newton, the Wright Brothers, Kalpana Chawla, and the father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi. This generally means that they will ask a lot of questions related to your basic general knowledge. The team had already mentioned that initially, citizens had recognized all of these personalities from a distinct viewpoint. But, from now on, all of these came to be recognized by the citizens as huge personalities. Therefore, we can say our own thinking and perspective decide the way we want to recognize someone. In order to participate in this quiz program, you need to first do online registration. The team started this procedure on the 17th of July, 2024 at 9 pm.

Key Highlights of the Big Picture Quiz Show

Name of the Show The Big Picture Game Show
Channel Name Colors TV Channel
Format Of Program Visual Quiz-Based Show
Mode of Registration Online
Winner Cash Prize Available Soon
Official Registration Website Portal Colors Website Page
App Voot
Host of the Show Ranveer Singh
Opening Date September 2024

How to Participate in the Colors Big Picture Quiz Show?

In order to take part in this program, you first need to do online registration. The team has already started the online process from July 17, 2024, from 9 pm onwards. If you want to register online for this serial, then you have two options available in front of you. People can first register through the official website portal of the Colours TV channel. Contrarily, people can open the official app or website page of Voot. We have provided the process to register yourself for this program. People can get the step-by-step guide for registration through both the Colours TV website and the Voot app.

Procedure to Registration through the Colours TV Website Portal

  1. Firstly, you need to open the official website portal of the Colours TV channel.
  2. Following that, you will get the main interface of this portal. There, you will get the option of Big picture quiz show registration. Kindly click on that option to proceed ahead.The Big Picture Quiz Show Online Registration through Colours TV Website
  3. Consequently, a new page will appear in front of your screen. Along with that, you will also see a photo of Ranveer Singh. You will get a brief introduction to this serial.
  4. Then, you can move to a new window. For that, you need to click on the registration option available on your screen.
  5. On that new page, you will get a button named play now. You just need to click on that option. As a result, another new page will open in front of you.
  6. This is the registration form for the Colours Big picture quiz show.
  7. You need to enter all the necessary details in this registration form. These include your full name, Mobile phone number, e-mail id, and your gender.
  8. Following that, you need to mention your occupation as well as qualification details.
  9. At last, you will witness some terms and conditions of this show. Kindly read them very carefully and tick on the given box. After clicking on that option, you are providing your agreement for all terms and conditions. So, kindly behave accordingly.
  10. With that, you can submit your application form.
  11. Now, on the next page, you will have an image with 4 options. There, you need to choose the accurate answer and then submit it.
  12. Following this, they will deliver you a message that confirms your online registration.

Steps to do TBQS Registration through Voot App or Website

  • In order to register through the Voot application you need to follow the below-mentioned simple steps –
  • First, you need to download the Voot application on your device.
  • You can get this app on the Play Store or any App market. Now, you need to search for Voot App and then install it on your mobile phone.

The Big Picture Quiz Show Registration Through Voot App

  • Following that, open the app and then sign up. In order to sign up, you need to provide your personal details.
  • Now you will get the user interface of this app. There, you will get the option of registering for the Big picture quiz show. Kindly click on that link to proceed ahead.
  • Following this, you will have the online registration form in front of you.
  • You need to enter all the necessary details in this registration form. These include your full name, Mobile phone number, e-mail id, and your gender.
  • Then, you need to enter your occupation along with qualification details.
  • At last, you will get a few terms and conditions regarding this show. Kindly read them very carefully and click on the given box. After clicking on that option, you assure of your agreement regarding the terms and conditions of the serial. So, kindly behave accordingly.
  • With this you can, submit your application form.

Big Picture Quiz Show Registration: The Questions and Answers

  • 17th July (1st Question):- Which of the below-mentioned companies is owned by the person observed in this picture?

The Serum Institute Of India

  • 18th July (2nd Question):- Which kind of Mythological Picture is detected with a Bow in this given picture?


  • 19th July (3rd Question):- With Which of the below-mentioned Movements was the environmentalist glimpsed in this picture?

Chipko Andolon

  • 20th July (4th Question):- What Does the indication in this Picture mean?

Asking for a Third Umpire review.

  • 21st July (5th Question):- What is the name of the City of the Festival is seen in this image?


  • 22nd July (6th Question):- The below description Indian Lady in this image is the chief scientist of a famous global institution fitting with the coronavirus Pandemic. What is the name of this lady?

Soumya Swaminathan

  • 23rd July (7th Question):- The Footballer recognized in this image recently underwent a cardiac arrest on the ground while playing with Finland in EURO 202 Match. For which nation this person plays?


  • 24th July (8th Question):- The Monument shown on the backward side of Rs 100 is located in which Indian state?


  • 25th July (9th Question):- A photo of the Bronze Statue is of which tv Fictional Character?

Harry Potter

  • 26th July (10th Question) The scene in the image is from which Bollywood movie?

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Some Important Links & Downloads Options

Promo of the Show Click Here
Official Website Portal
Home Page  Open This
Registration Through My Jio Mobile App Click Here
Voot Application Link Click Here

FAQs About The Big Picture Quiz Show

Q.1 What will be the main idea of The Big Picture Show?
The Big Picture show is basically a visual quiz-based reality TV show.

Q.2 Who is the host of The Big Picture Show?
The very famous Bollywood artist Ranveer Singh will host this program.

Q.3 When will the online registrations start?
The team has already initiated the online registrations on the 17th of July 2024.

Q.4 When will this show be telecasted on the Colours TV channel?
The show will commence airing on the Colors TV channel from the month of August 2024.

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