Big Hit Entertainment Audition for Girls Groups, Registraion & Entry Form

You may find information about the Big Hit Entertainment 2023 Female/ Girl Audition date and process. A significant announcement has been made about the BHE exhibition in 2023. This show receives a lot of applications, but only those who meet the requirements are invited to audition. You can see all information on the Global Girl Auditions 2023 procedure and You may read the whole method for applying just for BHE auditions as well as check out all the facts on the Big Hit Entertainment Entry Form 2023.


Big Hit Entertainment Audition for Girls Groups

Everyone is really enthusiastic about the event, and there are auditions for BHE in several nations that choose eligible participants. The public overwhelmingly likes this show. You can participate in three categories singing, acting, and modeling. It is very essential to enter this show.

Boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 18 are eligible to apply for this show and female contestants. Candidates can register for the Big Hit Entertainment Auditions 2023 online. You may submit the application form by going to the official website. This year, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, and Thailand could host auditions for the show. 

Big Hit Auditions for Girls Groups onlyBig Hit Female Auditions 2023 Online – Details

Name of the Show Big Hit Entertainment
Applicable Category Singing, Modelling, and Acting
Auditions KPOP Auditions 2023
Age Criteria 12 – 18 years
Gender Both Girls and Boys
Audition Dates Announced Soon
Online Portal

Big Hit Registration online 2023

You must succeed in three activities at the show’s auditions. You have to record a video of singing. modeling and acting for the selection. You were provided with all of the information regarding our article. Making your own music videos for singing requires you to record yourself singing along to songs or rapping, but it’s crucial that you appear in the videos.

Big Hit Entertainment Audition 2023

You will next need to upload your PR modeling video along with a few pictures. In the video, which is required, you must provide your introduction. One of your images should be of your front body, and the other one has to be a headshot. You must then submit one of your acting videos along with two images for the final acting assignment. Two images are required, one of which must be a headshot and the other a full body shot.

Procedure to Fill Big Hit Entertainment Entry Form 2023

Acting Big Hit Entertainment Entry Form for 2023 Along with their two images, candidates must submit reaction films. Additionally, you need two photos: a passport-size and a full-body photo.

  • Click on the link to apply online.
  • After that, a new tab will open with the signup page.
  • Enter the requested information, such as your email address, and press the email verification button.
  • You will receive an email in a little while; you must click the verification link in the email to confirm your email address.
  • Following completion of the registration process, select “Apply for BHE Auditions 2021.” Big Hit Online Auditions 2021.

Big Hit Auditions For Girls 2023

Select the audition type from the options on the official site after filling out your email on the registration page.

  1. You must next select a performance category from vocal rap, dancing, acting, and modeling.
  2. Next, select your birthplace and enter your birthdate.
  3. Your social media account ID, information about your height, and other facts must be provided.
  4. Upload only JPG, PNG, or GIF files for your image.
  5. The image doesn’t exceed 20 MB in size.
  6. Then, upload your audition video, keeping the file size to no more than 100 MB.
  7. Now choose “Agree” with the show’s privacy policy.
  8. In the last step, click on the “Submit” button.

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      제 이름은 슈레스티 차크마입니다.저는 14살입니다.저는 방글라데시 출신입니다.나는 차크마입니다.불교 소녀입니다.

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  1. Muskan Mohan Singh

    Hello, I am Muskan Mohan Singh from India I will do my best my special ability I am not afraid of anything whether it is stunt or anything and also I can learn the dance step easily.

    1. hello I am Noe Awa Khin whom is from myanmar. My memory is good. I can remember dance in a few times or days. My vocals are not that good but I can sing well. I can’t do rap but I can speak fast. My dream is to be a kpop Idol.

  2. Hello i am siddhi Patil from india
    I am good singer and good rapper
    and little bit dancer not good or not bad
    i am good model
    i am 15 years old
    I like k pop

    1. Hi sidhi my name is aditi and i’m live in kurukshetra india i’m 12 years old actually I have a team so I have not a rapper in my team for rapping so as you’re wish would you come on my team . in my team one member is left so you come on my team so I can gave audition in big hit entertainnent . ok thankyou . please read my comment fast and you come on my team so you don’t leave my group I tell you in personal of our group name please please youcome on my team 😇😇
      Please accept my request ok sidhi thankyou and please reply me fast 😊😊

      1. Hi I am khushi and I want to join your group . I am 12 years old. But I am good in dancing, little bit singing, modeling. I live in barsi in harayana.

      2. Hello Aditi Aim Lisa I leave in Bangladesh I like k pop too I want too creat a k pop group but I have no members will you take me in your group aim a singer and rapper

        1. My name is gulshan Aara I am from india and I want to be a kpop star I am 17 years old but I am good in singing little bit dancing, modeling

          1. Shahida Bashir

            I am from India my dream is kpop I am 13 years old PLZZ me join kpop I request for you I hope you join me please ☹️☹️

      3. Hi I am Tanu and I want to join your group.I am 12 year old. But I am good in dancing and singing, rapping, modeling.I live in India and Virar

      4. HI aditi i am angna 13 years old and i live rohtak i have good visuals good vocals i do modelling and i can dance too . please i also want to join bighit company please see if there any seat I am willing to join

        1. annyeong haseyo
          my name is hanyi.
          I am from Pakistan.
          I am 12 years old.
          I memorize dance steps very fast and I love rapping.
          I want to become a kpop idol.

          1. Hi my name is salima and I want to be in kpop idol that’s my dream to make a singer and my singing is so good and also danceing and me with my friend we are practicing how to sing and how dance and also we are making song also and our group name is SLS it means shine like stars so please accept me and I’m 13 years old and I am from pakistan and live in quetta

          2. Hi my name is salima and I want to be in kpop idol that’s my dream to make a singer and my singing is so good and also danceing and me with my friend we are practicing how to sing and how dance and also we are making song also and our group name is SLS it means shine like stars so please accept me and I’m 13 years old and I am from pakistan and live in quetta and also I don’t know how to come in Korean so please help me and we want 4 person to come in our group and know how to do dance and singing and modeling, how to acting so please accept me

        2. I am laraib zafar and I am from Delhi I am 14 years old i am good at dance and song you i love song
          I want to become a k-pop idol

    2. 단 하나뿐인 꿈의 아이돌이 되고싶어요💗 13살이고 튀니지 🇹🇳 출신이고 춤과 노래 경험이 있습니다. 이전에 많은 쇼에 참여했습니다 나는 너희 모두를 사랑해💗💞💖💕 ❣️♥️❤️.

  3. Hello I’m Mahawa D Jalloh from Sierra Leone 🇸🇱 Kono district koidu city I was born June 13 2003 I love singing and I’ll be very glad and grateful if my audition goes well and my dream come true to become a superstar 🥺🥺🙏

  4. Hello,my name is aditi mishra and i am from uttarpradesh in india.I Would like to be an idol so i apply this form. I will do my best.

    1. Chisom Mildred

      Hi am chisom Mildred am 13 years old please it is my dream to become a kpop member under bighit please accept me I can rap well I can sing very well I hope you will please accept me please 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🙏🙏🙏

  5. Hi my name is sahana I am12 year old Iam from India I like singing and dancing and rapping My dream is k-pop Idol so I apply this form thanks

  6. Hi my name is chaba khomotso but my stage name is Kacey I’m 15 years old I have a lot of passion for rap and I want to give my audition through online and I’m learning Korea on Duolingo

  7. Hi I am from India. my name is palak I am 12 years old my date of birth is June 21 2010. And I am also very fond of dancing and I go to dance classes and I love doing yoga and I love singing and i always try to learn Korean language through translator.My dream is to grow up to be a k-pop idol.I am giving audition through online.
    thank u so much 🙏

    1. Hello, my name is sara and i am from india I can sing and i want to become a kpop trainee and a kpop Idol I will do hard work and do anything to become a kpop idol I will not give up in anything easily I will do my best thank you.

  8. Hi I am from Nigeria my name is idera I am 14 years old my date of birth is February 16 2009 and I Love dancing and singing I am also learning korea my dream is to become a kpop idol my height 165 cm my weight 39kg I will really be happy to participate I am giving audition through online thank you so much gamsamida

    1. 안녕하세요 빅히트 엔터테인먼트 제 이름은 필리핀에서 온 자일라페 입니다. 오랫동안 귀사에서 오디션을 보고 싶습니다. 성공적인 귀사의 일원으로 저를 받아주세요.

  9. Sanjana sharmitha.R

    Hi bighit entertainment, i am sanjana sharmitha and im from karnataka in india, i was born on 5th jan 2003, im good at rapping and i love to dancing and singing and im good at acting too, im 170cm height and 45kg weight, i really like to be a part of a kpop industry because it contains lots of talents and i like to gain those talents from your support and guidness to achive my dream, being a kpop idol is my biggest dream, if u give me a chance, im really gonna work hard, im never gonna make u regret by choosing me. Thank you for you time to read this. Thank you🙏

    1. Hello, I’m Rimsha and I’m 13 years old and I’m 14 in August I’m from Pakistan I love singing and my dream is to be a Kpop idol but my family don’t know about this audition so if I get selected in this audition so how do I come to Korea from Pakistan because I’m only 13
      Thank you ❤️

  10. Hi. I am Bonna Akter . I am from Bangladesh . I am 16 year olde . I am good singing and dancing. I love singing and dancing. I want show my telnets. Please please reply me

  11. hi my name is holly , my age is 13, i from the mongolia , my dream is travel through the world of k pop and make the world a better place . i love singing and dance

  12. hello, my name is sanika and I would like to achieve my talents through bighit , it would gradually be my pleasure to be an idol in bighit entertainment

  13. Hello!!…Iam Ruwanthi..Iam 17 years old…Iam from Sri Lanka…I would like to be an K-pop idol…I want to apply for this audition…but I want to know about this…If I get selected here can I do my education from Sri Lanka??? because Iam a science student…So I have to face Advance level exam in 2024… please can you answer me???

  14. Hello
    Respected sir
    I want to join girls gang group
    Please ensure this comment and kindly add me this group

  15. Onwuka gloria

    Hi my name is onwuka Gloria, am from Nigeria. It has been my dream to become a singer and a dancer since I was 8, I was born on February 7 2008 and am still waiting for my dream to come through, to become a kpop idol, I wish this day could come through thank you

    1. hay am shalu kpop idol danceing and singing please sir help me my audition I age18 years l’m indian girl

  16. Hello ,My name is Grace ,from South Africa . I am 13 years old in grade 8 .I would like to audition to be a kpop idol .I can rap and sing a little .I was a cheerleader and a member in a choir in gr 7.

  17. annyeong haseyo im diksha from india im 13 years old my abilities are i can sing well and i do write songs
    im not that good in dancing but i can learn steps fast

  18. Hi my name is Dilaruz. My surname is Ongarbaeva. Im 15 years old. Im from Uzbekstan. Im very good at dancing. I do k-pop dance very well. And im good at vocals too.

  19. Hii I’m from India, my name is kuku Sharma im perfect for acting and singing thank for information readermaster .com 🙏🙏🙏🏻

  20. Heyyy please give me a chance I am from India And it’s my dream please I am 13 years old and best in dance ,acting, singing and rap please give a chance

  21. Matthew Victoria Ayomide

    Hello my name is Matthew Victoria Ayomide I am from Nigeria 🇳🇬 am a girl I am 16 years old my dream is to become a kpop star and make my country proud I wish my dream come true 😍💓❤️❤️ 💚

    1. Laura Sofía Calderón Mondragón

      Buenos dias mi nombre es Laura sofía calderon mondragon soy de Colombia y mi sueño es ser un artista del kpop

  22. Good moring and hi/hello to everyone .It’s me christina limbu .I am from nepal .My hobby is dancing ,singing,travelling international country .My aim is be a k-pop .My talent is model.My dance ,sing is very good .I want to say thank you that you give me change to filed k-pop file.Thank you .🤗

    1. Seema Firdoush

      Hi I am seema Firdoush
      Age – 17
      Height – 5 feet 3 inch
      Country – India
      Hobby -singing dancing and drawing
      my dream to become a kpop idol I will do hardwork and put 100% to become a good idol I have huge respect for all kpop idol

  23. My name is Waji vedas . I am from space . I want to be a singer. I am a alien so that’s why nobody like me. can you please make sure that I work with humans after making a star singer ? will they adjust with me?
    Cause many of them before rejected me and bully me so that’s why I am so scared as I saw your company make an opportunity for us means for aliens so I got happy and now I wanna apply for it.

  24. My name is Mono Mia. I’m from Myanmar. I’m 16 years old, But next month will be 17. My dream is to become an idol. I want you to see my eyes full of dreams. And I want to spend my life with music. Music is everything to me.

  25. Hello, my name is Shreya Gupta and I am a simple girl with big dream I want to be a successful kpop idol like BTS and BLACKPINK . My mother and father wants to make me a successfully girl in my own life my target is a kpop star and I can do my best please support me I don’t know I am a good dancer ,singer and other but I know, I am going to successful my dream I love you ‘SOUTH KOREA ‘.

  26. Hi big hit i am saniya and i am from india and i am very very talanted because in the age of 5 i start my trainning in singing,dancying,and,modeling, i have 11 year experience in singing,dancing,and modeling i am very very talanted and very unique girl in the whole world i am perfect to become very very famous and popular idol so please reply my massage i wish you select me thank you

    1. hola,soy rubi alexandra saavedra abad tengo 14 años soy de perú y quisiera de verdad cumplir mi sueño de ser una gran idol de k-pop se los juró que nunca se van a arrepentir soy buena bailando en todas las canciones elegirme si pasó gracias por está oportunidad big hit😘😘

  27. Roshni Chauhan

    pls take me kpop idols girls member group I am good dancing and singin pls take me 🥺😭🙏

  28. hi I’m haniya Shaikh I’m from Pakistan pls take me kpop idol girls members group I’m good rapper good singing dancing modeling acting please 🥺

    1. Aamira Zibiri

      Pls my name is Aamira Zibiri and I’m a Nigerian. I can sing and try to rap . Im a girl.I’m 12 yrs old pls take me as a K-pop Idol

  29. Abhilasha kumari

    hello, my name is abhilasha.i am 15 year old.i am from India. I think my vocaling is good . now I am learning dance. well I also writting song .well I am beginner so I just practice on writting songs. I learning English and korean. I want to make music I mean I want to make emotion. I want to be singer

  30. Hi💐 plz take me kpop idols girls group I am dancer and rapper I am Indian girl 🇮🇳 my name is shravni and 17year old

  31. Aamira Zibiri

    Pls my name is Aamira Zibiri and I’m a Nigerian. I can sing and try to rap . Im a girl.I’m 12 yrs old pls take me as a K-pop Idol

  32. Sir ,I am Mohammad Ali.I wants to audition for singing. I live in dist lakhimpur in UP.So I will wait for your call.My contact no.7458884***

  33. Hii I am Annu from india I’m 15 years old and I’m a good singer well in acting our dancing I really won’t to be a great K-pop idol I promise if I got the chance to show my talent I can be a K-pop idol and I just won’t to say that I just won’t your help thanks for reading I hope you can reply me

  34. Shraddha thakur

    Hii I am shraddha thakur me surat se hu muje singing karni please hme lejye hme kuch kr dikhna hai muje kuch ban kar meri maa ka sar garb se ucha krna please meri help kre 🙏🙏

  35. Shraddha thakur

    Hii I am shraddha thakur me surat se hu muje singing karni please hme lejye hme kuch kr dikhna hai muje kuch ban kar meri maa ka sar garb se ucha krna hai plz hme koi bhi singing so me lejye plz 🙏🙏

  36. My Name is Kim Kanon. I’m from Bangladesh 🇧🇩
    I’m good dancing acting Sinning .
    Plz take Me kpop idol plz

  37. 에스테르 멘도사

    안녕하세요 참여하고싶은데 20살이에요 해보고싶은데 영상 정확히 어디로보내야할지모르겠어요 한국말은잘못하지만 영어나스페인어로변호할수있어요 제 메시지를 무시하지 마세요. 저를 믿으세요. 잘 할 수 있습니다.

  38. Assalamualikum/Hi Big hit I am Faritha from India can you please announced the audition date because I am 20 year old I am good at singing one request is to big hit I like to ring with the hijab and my dream to be sing atleast one song with BTS SIRS atleast as a background singer please give me a chance announced the online audition date and please select mee 🥺

  39. Hii everyone this is Sonam form India …
    I am a good singer and dancer and I perfume on many stag shows …and also I learn k-pop dance style and singing style. ..
    And I want to give audition in bit hit…
    so I wish you guys helps me …
    lates grow together….’fighting’

  40. Hi bighit I’m Charlyn from Phillipines and I’m 16 years old I can sing and I can also dance,I want to be part of this kpop idol girl group

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