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Are you facing a problem due to the power shortage or the bill amount? There is no need to worry anymore. It is possible to get cut-off electricity for 25 years at the price of a smartphone. Understand, in terms of the price, you will have to spend only 167 rupees to get the electricity. It is possible through solar energy. In fact, for the promotion of alternative energy, the central government has issued an order to give a 30 percent subsidy on solar panels. In such a situation, if you have provided 120 square feet ie. 14 yards of space on the open terrace, then electricity will be available for up to fifty years at the expense of a lump sum of Rs 50000.

UP Rooftop Solar Panel Subsidy Scheme Apply Online
UP Rooftop Solar Panel Subsidy Scheme Apply Online


upneda.org.in UP Rooftop Solar Panel Subsidy Scheme

After spending one thousand rupees on installing solar power the user will get a one-kilowatt power generation capacity. Under the Alternative, the Energy Scheme the Central Govt will provide Rs 30000. However solar panel companies have announced a 10% additional rebate on the panel for a kilowatt or more capacity. In such a situation, the cost will be only 50 thousand rupees. I.e. a discount of 40 thousand rupees. One kilowatt of solar panels will get electricity for two fans and four LEDs daily.

  • 50 Thousand Rupees on Loan -:

Under the central government’s plan, arrangements for expenditure on solar panels are possible as a loan. If you install a kilowatt solar panel, the central government will provide you with a loan of 50 thousand rupees, but you have to provide the guarantor in the bank. The beneficiaries will have to return in three years. Jasmeet Khurana, Associate Director of Bridge to India, specializing in innovative energy, says that in the last 6-7 years, the price of solar modules went 85 percent down. Now the impression is also changing that only big projects can benefit from solar power financially.

  • Struggled for Power in Uttar Pradesh -:

Uttar Pradesh’s average daily demand for electricity is around 16,00 MW, but despite the shortage of power, UP is far behind many other states in the development of solar energy. According to a report, Uttar Pradesh has achieved only 13.1% of its target of installing 1.8 GW of solar power till last year March month. Therefore, there is a big challenge in this area for the new government in the state. According to the Senator of Greenpeace India, Solar Energy is economically reliable and as well as an important step in the fight against air pollution. India has an ambitious goal of 100 GW of renewable energy by 2024, and we have an important responsibility to achieve this goal above the shoulders of all citizens. However, after a few changes in policy, the government is looking to raise more interest of citizens in the Uttar Pradesh UP Rooftop Solar Panel Subsidy Scheme.

About Uttar Pradesh Rooftop Solar Panel Subsidy Scheme

The state government will subsidize the installation of solar panels in homes under the Uttar Pradesh UP Rooftop Solar Panel Subsidy Scheme. On the installation of the 1-kilowatt solar power plant, the beneficiaries will get a subsidy of Rs 15,000 from the state government and Rs 21,000 from the center. The Uttar Pradesh UP Rooftop Solar Panel Subsidy Scheme is given by the Uttar Pradesh state government for Rs 30,000. After getting this subsidy, the cost of 1 KW comes to about 70,000 rupees, it will be half. In order to increase the use of solar energy, the state government has made a provision in the new Uttar Pradesh UP Rooftop Solar Panel Subsidy Scheme. According to Additional Energy Minister Brajesh, the plant will get electricity from solar panels for 25 years.

  • The target of 4300 MW Power Generation from Rooftop Solar in UP -:

In the new policy Uttar Pradesh UP Rooftop Solar Panel Subsidy Scheme, the State Government has created, the target of 4300 MW power generation through Rooftop Solar has been set. The government will install in large-scale government offices and houses. Consumers can also sell electricity produced through this plant in the grid through net metering. The policy aims to generate 6400 MW of power from Solar Park and large power plants. The officials also said that the government will give many types of discounts to investors for promoting solar energy. The government has set a target of generating 10700 MW of power in the policy.

  • NOC for Installation of 10 KW Rooftop Solar Panel Plant in UP -:

In order to promote rooftop solar energy production for UP Rooftop Solar Panel Subsidy Scheme, the Uttar Pradesh state government has also stopped the process of taking NOC from the Electrical Safety Directorate. Now there is no need for NOC to install the solar plant up to 10 kilowatts. Apart from this, the process of application is available completely online.

  • Industries will Get Electricity at Rs 4 Per Unit Cost -:

Any major private companies and government institutions in the Uttar Pradesh state will have solar power plants installed in them, they will get electricity at the rate of 4 rupees per unit. It is necessary to have a capacity plant of more than 100 KW. According to the officials, the solar power plant will be set up by Renewable Service Company (RESPO) on government buildings and big private institutions in the UP state.

Under this, private companies will put solar power plants at their own expense for which they can get the Uttar Pradesh UP Rooftop Solar Panel Subsidy Scheme. For this, the MoU will be signed between the Uttar Pradesh state government and the institution for the procurement of power produced from this plant. For this electricity, they will have to pay 4 rupees per unit. In the case of excessive power generation, this power can also be sold.

How to Apply for Uttar Pradesh Solar Subsidy Scheme?

UP Chief Minister has initiated the Uttar Pradesh Solar Subsidy Scheme under Uttar Pradesh New and Renewable Energy Development Agency. Under the UP this time, an Uttar Pradesh Solar Panel Subsidy Scheme has been launched for the urban and rural areas. Under this scheme, the solar subsidy will be given up to 50% for the rural areas of UP. The main purpose of the Uttar Pradesh Solar Panel Subsidy Scheme is to provide them in the villages of the state. As we already know very well that in UP many villages are not having a power supply yet.

Under Uttar Pradesh Solar Plant Subsidy Scheme, financial assistance of Rs. 36,000 will be provided to the eligible and needy people of the state. This assistance will be provided in the form of a subsidy for installing a 1-kilowatt solar plant. The state government will provide financial assistance of Rs. 15,000. Whereas the Central Government will provide the amount of Rs 21,000. Thus financial assistance of Rs. 36,000 will be provided to eligible people.

In this article, we will give you detailed information about UP Solar Subsidy Scheme and how to register online.

  • Firstly visit the official website of “Ministry of New And Renewable Energy SPIN – An online application for Solar Photovoltaic Installation (Grid-Connected Rooftop)”. On this website, you can see the option “Solar Rooftop Installation Interest Form”.

Solar Rooftop Subsidy Website


  • Secondly, you will get the registration page. You will have to fill out this application form with the complete information. On this registration form fill in “Applicant Details, Installation Details, and Rooftop System Details”. Get the registration page and see the form.

Solar Rooftop Subsidy Registration Form


  • Thirdly after filling out the complete registration form submit it online and get the receipt also. Now the departmental person will contact you for the further process. You have to wait for a few days till the officials will contact you.

Uttar Pradesh New & Renewable Energy Development Agency (UPNEDA)

Here check the online services available on UPNEDA Web Portal:

  1. Solar Rooftop Calculator: https://solarrooftop.gov.in/rooftop_calculator
  2. Solar Rooftop Information: http://upneda.org.in/solar-rooftop-programme.aspx
  3. FAQs Related to Rooftop: Click Here

Contact Details & Helpline for Solar Panel Subsidy in Uttar Pradesh

  • Desk Officer Phone ⇒ No 9454412269
  • Department Helpline No ⇒ 1800-180-0005
  • UPNEDA Official Website ⇒ http://upneda.org.in/
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