RIIMS SSA Assam Portal Login 2024 Registration Online @sikshasetu.assam.gov.in

RIIMS SSA Assam Portal Login 2024 Registration Online @sikshasetu.assam.gov.in:- The government of Assam and the central government of India recently launched sikshasetu.assa.gov.in portal under the initiative of the Indian government one of the biggest educational programs “Sarva Siksha Abhiyan”. This portal is basically developed for the daily activities in all the government schools of the state which include the attendance of the staff of the education and students. This portal was launched in April 2024 and all the hardware and other training related to the use of the portal have already been done by the government officials.

The government also launched an application with the name RIIMS for the subordinate staff to use the application online and offline. The RIIMS mobile application is totally based on AI (Artificial Intelligence). The motive behind launching this application is to ensure the correct and real-time data of the students, teaching, and non-teaching staff. Let’s have a look at the important information about RIIMS SSA Assam Portal Login 2024, Registration, and sikshasetu.assam.gov.in below. Kindly continue reading this blog ahead till the end.


About RIIMS SSA Assam Portal Login 2024

RIIMS which stands for Real-time Identification and Information Management System. This is an AI-based Mobile application which is launched in support of the sikshasetu.assa.gov.in portal for all the government schools in Assam state. This portal will manage all the real-time data about attendance at government schools. This attendance management system will ensure the attendance of teachers, Non-teaching Staff, and students through facial recognition in real-time.

RIIMS SSA Assam Portal Login 2023 Registration Online @sikshasetu.assam.gov.in

This AI-based application will record the attendance even if the systems are offline. The initiation of Sarva Siksha Abhiyan and Assam Government’s Axom Sarva Siksha Abhiyan both launched this portal this portal will be operated by the basic school staff online. and the government will use the real-time data of the students for the betterment of students and achieve the goal behind the scheme. Let’s check out the key highlights of RIIMS SSA Assam Portal Login & Registration in the below section. Keep scrolling down below.

RIIMS SSA Assam Portal Login & Registration – Highlights

  • RIIMS SSA Assam Portal Login 2024
  • RIIMS Registration @sikshasetu.assam.gov.in
Portal Launched by Government of Assam
Launch Date April 2024
Purpose Real-Time Attendance Management at Schools
Governing Body Education Ministry of Assam
RIIMS App (Application) Link Download Here
Official Website URL https://sikshasetu.assam.gov.in/
RIIMS Helpline Number 7207830969, 7032564969
Official Emai ID NA
RIIMS SSA Portal Login Click Here

Procedure for RIIMS SSA Assam Portal Login Online

Here the government employees of the educational department of the state government can only have access to this portal. The user id and password will be allotted by the admin’s head to the employees. Every school will have access to the portal and users can update the information online through this portal.

Below is the step-by-step process for RIIMS SSA Assam Portal 2024 Login;

  1. Government employees will be facilitated with the user ID and Password by the admin of the portal.
  2. Search for RIIMS SSA Assam Portal Login on Google or click the following Link to open the web portal=> https://sikshasetu.assam.gov.in/.
  3. On the home page of the portal, you have the option to enter your id and password with a given captcha for authentication.
  4. After entering details click on the login tab given below.
  5. Now you are on your online RIIMS portal online. Now you can update any information related to your service like your attendance and leaves.
  6. In case you forgot your password you can reset the password through your registered Mobile Number.

Steps for RIIMS SSA Assam Portal 2024 Registration

The registration process for login through the RIIMS portal is totally an internal matter of the education department of Assam state. Here all the employees will be facilitated with their own personal login ID and password by the admin department of the portal. This portal is designed for the comprehensive use of the real-time data of the schools, staff, and students to improve the overall performance of the department and students.

The government of Assam is destined to make the Sarva Siksha Abhiyan successful in terms of basic education in the state. The teachers and non-teaching staff can use this portal to update their activities during their services for the education department of the government.

Steps to download RIIMS Mobile Application (RIIMS App)

Rimms is a mobile application of the RIIMS SSA Assam Portal for easy access to the portal for employees. All the teachers and nonteaching staff can download this app and use the app to update the data of their schools. The app is compatible with Android devices and iOS devices. The employees who are using Android devices can download the application from the google play store on their mobile devices. If you are using iOS or Apple mobile devices you can download it from iTunes app store. Below is the link to download RIIMS Application.

Download RIIMS Mobile App (Application) Link

RIIMS SSA Assam Portal Login @sikshasetu.assam.gov.in

  1. SSA is the countrywide scheme launched and promoted by the government of India with the help of all the state governments.
  2. The central government is destined to ensure basic education for every single child in India.
  3. This portal is launched by the government to use the comprehensive data of all the schools of the state for the betterment of the basic education facility in the state.

FAQs related to RIIMS SSA Assam Portal

Q.1 What is the purpose behind launching this online portal?
This portal is launched to manage real-time data of the school students, teachers, and nonteaching staff for the development of education and the launch of better schemes.

Q.2 How to log in to the RIMMS SSA Portal?
The government employee of the Education Department can log in using sikshasetu.assam.gov.in through the computer or RIIMS mobile application.

Q.3 How the portal will work?
This portal is basically developed to collect data on the attendance or leaves of the Students, Teaching Staff, and Nonteaching Staff of Every School in the state.

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