Join DMK Membership Online, ID Card Download, Youth Wing Membership Registration

Join DMK Membership Online 2024: DMK is one of the oldest political parties in South India. This political party plays a key role in the central government of India. The party was founded in 1949 by the Former Chief minister of Tamilnadu C. N. Annadurai. Dravida Munnetra Kazhgam abbreviation of DMK means “Dravidian Progressive Federation” and is the current ruling party of Tamil Nadu State of India. The online website of the DMK party is available for the supporters to give online benefits and info about political activities.

The online website of the DMK party gives many other facilities for supporters all over India. M.K. Stalin is the current president of the DMK party. Apart from DMK membership online, here in this blog post, we brought information about the process of DMK Membership Registration, ID Card Download, and DMK Youth Wing Membership.


Join DMK Membership Online

After Annadurai’s death, M. Karunanidhi followed the presidency of DMK in 1969. He led DMK for 49 years. In his political carrier, he served 25 years as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu state. He died in 2018. After his death, M K Stalin his son became the president of the party. DMK is the first regional party that became the first non-congress party in any state after India’s independence to make government in Tamilnadu state.

Key Highlights of DMK Membership ID Card Online Registration:
Name of the Party DMK (Dravida Munnetra Kazhgam)
Blog Post Subject How to Join DMK Membership Online
Founded 1949
Founder C N Annadurai
Political Functioning Area Tamil Nadu State
Membership facility Both Online/ Offline modes
Official Website
DMK Membership ID Card Online Apply Online Membership Registration
Official Portal for DMK Youth Wing

DMK Membership Registration Online

DMK Membership ID Card Apply Online தமிழ்நாடு

This party needs people to visit the DMK website. They also go together. The DMK wants to improve the living standards and equality of people in the state. DMK wants religion and caste to be treated the same. This page talks about how to join a party and who can join.

Here below are simple steps to get registered as a member of the DMK party – apply for dmk application online:

  1. Visit the official website of DMK by clicking on the following link => Membership ID Card Apply
  2. Click on the online membership option given on the homepage of the website.
  3. Enter your personal details like Name, Age, Address, Contact Number, etc.
  4. Upload your passport-size photo.
  5. Enter the captcha given below.
  6. Click on the submit tab given below
  7. Enter the OTP which you will receive on your personal mobile number.
  8. You will get your registration ID on your mobile number.
  9. Save your Registration ID for your future reference.
  10. That’s how you do DMK Membership ID Card Apply Online தமிழ்நாடு.

Ellorum Nammudan Register now DMK

Udhayanidhi Stalin is the Young Workers’ Group secretary for the DMK. As a member, you’ll get news and event invites sent to your phone and email. This subscription gives you access to the latest news and updates about healthcare outreach programs in Tamil Nadu, as well as opportunities to volunteer at free clinics.

As we all know that all the political parties organized their social work activities to get their support in various locations of the country. Here you must have to become a registered member of a political party. As the oldest political party in Tamil Nadu, DMK organizes lots of social work and other political events in the state. Where only registered members of the party can participate. Every citizen who wants to be a member can online apply for Ellorum Nammudan Register now DMK through the official website.

DMK Membership ID Card Download

Here in this section, we will discuss the Membership ID card of the DMK party. As we all know that be an active member you must have to participate in various political activities of the DMK Party. and Identity Card is very important for all the members. So, you don’t have to worry about getting your id Card. DMK party management has given an online facility to download ID cards for new and old members online. Now, you can download your ID card online from the official website. There are simple steps you have to follow few simple steps to get your id card.

By following the below steps you can easily download the DMK Membership ID Card online:

  1. Click on the ID card download tab on the official website of the DMK party.
  2. Give your registration reference number in the section given on the next page.
  3. Enter the top you will receive on your personal Mobile Number.
  4. You will have a PDF of your membership ID card on the computer screen.
  5. Click on the download option right on the top of the computer screen.
  6. take a printout of it, now you can use this as your DMK Membership ID card.

Procedure for DMK Youth Wing Membership Registration Online

Indian and foreign political parties have membership programs for their youth wing. They recruit youth with this program. Like other political parties, DMK has a membership for the youth wing. Here we discuss DMK Youth Wing membership 2024 online applications. We provide DMK Youth Wing ID Card download instructions. Registration yields the ID card.

DMK Youth Wing Membership Registration

Below are the details of the process of the DMK youth membership registration:

  • First, visit the official web portal of DMK Youth Wing.
  • Or directly Click Here for the official website of DMK youth wing.
  • Fill up the membership application form for the youth wing with proper information as required.
  • Upload your identity cards like Aadhar cards or Ration Cards.
  • Give your social media profile links. as given in above mentioned Image.

Here we conclude this blog post with DMK Membership ID Card Apply Online தமிழ்நாடு topic. Feel free to connect with us through below given comment box. We will revert you back ASAP!!

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