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Hamza Yousaf( Scotland First Minister), Political Career, Family Details in this post.  Hamza Harron Yousaf, a senior politician of the Scottish National Party and Member of the Scottish Parliament was recently elected as the first Minister of Scotland. Scotland’s First Political, Minister Hamza Yusuf is elected, for the first time in Scotland’s history. In this post, we will share the details about the Hamza Yousaf Biography.

Recently, people are most searched for Hamza Yusuf on the Internet, who is elected as the first Muslim minister in Scotland. Nowadays, people are continuously finding Hamza Yousuf’s Biography. So, Check all the details about Hamza Yousaf Biography, Political Career, Family, and many more.


About Hamza Yusuf 

Do you know Hamza Yusuf, who is trending on the news? If no, so, don’t worry, we are here to tell you about Hamza Yusuf. These days, he becomes trending because of Scoutlad’s First Muslim Minister. Hamza Yusuf is recently serving as a minister in the Scottish Parliament. Yusuf is the first Muslim Minister, who was elected as a Scottish minister. He is a Pakistani resident and build their career in Scotland. He is also serving as the leader of the National Scottish Party. The Right Honorable Hamza Yusuf is the Member of the Scottish Parliament.

Yusuf was educated at Hutchinson Grammar School and later went on to study at the University of Glasgow. It was during his college years that he joined the SNP and also became president of the Union of Muslim Students. Yusuf began his political journey as the office manager of the SNP’s Bashir Ahmed, the first Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) of Muslim-Asian descent. Following Ahmed’s death in 2009, Youssef went on to work for other members of parliament, including Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon, both First Ministers of Scotland. See here all the information related to Hamza Yousaf Biography, Political Career, Family, And Education in detail.

Hamza Yousaf Biography

Hamza Yousaf Biography, Wiki – Highlights

Hamza Haroon Yousaf
Born In
7 April 1985 
Birth Place
Glasgow, Scotland
 38 year
Political party Scottish National Party
First Wife:- Gail Lythgoe
​(Marriage in 2010 & Divorce in 2017)
Second Wife:- Nadia El-Nakla

(Marriage in 2019)

Children 1
Parent(s) Father – Muzaffar Yousaf
Mother – Shaaista Bhutta
Residence Bute House
Graduate From University of Glasgow

Hamza Yousaf Biography & Earlier Life

Hamza Yusuf also known as Hamza Harun Yusuf is the newly elected first Muslim Scottish Minister. He was born on 7 April 1985 in a family of Mian Muzaffar Yousaf Arain( Pakistani resident). Yusuf is a Pakistani immigrant and lives in Glasgow. He is the grandson of immigrants who traveled from Punjab to Scotland in the 1960s. While his father’s family is originally from Pakistan, his mother’s family was based in Kenya.

Hamza Yousaf Family Background

Hamza Yousaf a part of a middle-class immigrant family in Pakistan and living their life in Glasgow, is the son of first-generation immigrants. His father Mian Muzaffar Yusuf was born in Mian Channu, Punjab, Pakistan, and moved from the city with his family in the 1960s, eventually working as an accountant.

Hamza Yusuf’s paternal grandfather worked in the sewing machine factory in Clydebank. His mother, Shaaista Bhutta was born in Nairobi, Kenya where she experienced racial discrimination that led her to immigrate to Scotland. His family experienced racially motivated violent attacks on several occasions over what was seen as “belonging” jobs to Africans, and they later immigrated to Scotland.

Hamza Yousaf- Education

Hamza Yusuf did his schooling at Mearns Primary School in East Renfrewshire. Joseph was one of two ethnic-minority pupils attending his primary school. Yusuf was privately educated at Hutchinson’s Grammar School, an independent school in Glasgow, where his modern studies lessons inspired him to become involved in politics.

According to him, the incident of 9/11 at the age of 16 gave him more and the world. Before the attack, Youssef was close to two students whom he sat next to in his registration class, but after the attack in New York, he claims they asked him questions such as, “Why do Muslims hate America? ” Yusuf studied politics at the University of Glasgow where he was President of the University of Glasgow Muslim Students Union. Joseph graduated as a Master of Arts (MA) in 2007.

Political Career of Hamza Yousaf

Hamza Yousaf’s political career facts are mentioned below:-

  • Hamza Yousag engaged in community work, ranging from youth organizations to charity fundraising at an earlier age.
  • He was the volunteer media spokesperson for the charity Islamic Relief.
  • He also worked for community radio for twelve years and on a project which provided food packages to homeless people and asylum seekers in Glasgow.
  • Hamza Yousaf’s father joined SNP in 1979, So, he also joined SNP in 2004.
  • Having joined the SNP in 2004, Yousaf began his political career in 2007, working as an office manager and aide for the SNP’s Bashir Ahmad.
  • Upon the death of Ahmad in 2009, Yousaf began working for a series of other prominent SNP MSPs, beginning with Anne McLaughlin and including Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon.
  • Yousaf attained his first elected office at age 26 when he was chosen as an MSP for the Glasgow region in 2011.
  • He took the oath of office in both Urdu and English, as he would in 2016 when he wore both a sherwani (coat traditionally worn by Pakistani men) and a kilt to be sworn in as an MSP representing the Glasgow Pollok constituency.
  • He served the SNP on the backbench and was a member of the Parliament’s Justice and Public Audit Committees. On 25 May 2011, Joseph was appointed as a parliamentary contact officer in the first minister’s office, which was remaining in the post till 4 September 2012.
  • In October 2013, he outlined the SNP’s plans to set out the United Nations target for overseas aid at 0.7% in an independent Scotland and accused the UK Government of going back on its promise in the 2010 coalition agreement to guarantee that level of spending.
  • On 18 May 2016, he was appointed as Minister for Transport and the Islands following the formation of Sturgeon’s second government.
  • On 26 June 2018,  Yousaf serves as Cabinet Secretary for Justice to the Scottish Cabinet. He serves also as the successor of Michael Matheson.
  • In the 2021 Scottish Parliament election, Yousaf was re-elected as the MSP for the Glasgow Pollok constituency. During this working period, he works as Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Care (2021–2024).
  • On 15 February 2024, Nicola Sturgeon announced her intention to resign from the leadership of the Scottish National Party and as First Minister of Scotland, triggering a leadership election within the SNP to elect her successor.
  • Yousaf was sworn in as the first minister of Scotland on 29 March 2024, becoming the youngest, first Scottish Asian and Muslim to hold the office since it was created in 1999.

Personal life Of Hamza Yousaf 

Joseph was married to former SNP activist Gale Litgo from 2010 to 2016. In 2019, she married psychiatrist Nadia L-Nekla and they have a child and a saddle child. In November 2016, Joseph was fined £300 and added six penalty points to his driving license, after being arrested by police without insurance for driving a friend’s car. Joseph accepted full responsibility by saying, “I fully accept the decision. I gave up the fine and told my insurers about the numbers. It was an honest mistake, and was the result of my personal circumstances during my separation.”

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