Dhirendra Krishna Shastri Biography, Contact Number, Bagheswar Dham Controversy

Dhirendra Krishna Shastri or “Bagheswar Dham Sarkar” Bio: Dhirendra Shastri is a well-known name for every Indian nowadays. We are publishing the complete bio of Dhirendra Shastri today in this blog post. We all know he is the head of the renowned Hindu temple Bagheswar Dham. Bagheswar Dham temple is situated in Chhattarpur Ganj, Madhya Pradesh.

The Bagheshwar Dham temple is one of the famous temples of Sri Balaji. Thousand of devotees visit here to get rid of the spiritual problems of their life. Nowadays this temple has become very famous because of the controversy raised against the head of the temple. Here below is the complete Biography of Pandit Dhirendra Shashti, head of Bagheswar Dham Sarkar.


Dhirendra Krishna Shastri Biography

Pt. Dhirendra Krishna Shastri, organizes his darbar in “Bageshwar Dham” Every Tuesday and Saturday in Madhya Pradesh. He has created a stir in the Internet world and social media these days. Lakhs of devotees watch the videos shared by him on social media. He knows what is in people’s minds without telling them what made Dhirendra Shastri a miraculous Baba nowadays.

Full Name Dhirendra Krishna Shashtri

धीरेंद्र कृष्ण शास्त्री

Nick Name Bagheshwar Dham ‘Sarkar’
Name of the Temple Bagheswar Dham
Affiliated to Sri Balaji Maharaj
Position Chief Priest and Peethdheeswar
Date of Birth 04 July 1996 (26 years)
Profession Priest and Kathawachak
Official Website Pt.dhirendrashashtribio
Social Media (Official Insta page) instagram.com/dhirendrakrishnashastri
Contact Number NA

Dhirendra Krishna Shashtri Biography, Age, Family, Net Worth

Dhirendra Shashtri ‘Bagheswar Dham Sarkar’ Bio (Wiki)

Born in July 1996, Dhirendra Shashtri or Bagheswar Dham Sarkar started his education in Hindu religious education early in his childhood. He studied the Bhagwat Gita, Vedas, and other religious epics of the Hindu religion at an early age. Below is the complete bio of Pandit Dhirendra Krishna Shashtri.

Pt. Dhirendra Krishna Shashtri Bio, Age & Family Details
Birth Place Chhatarpur, MP India
Father Name Ram Kripal Garg
Mother Name Saroj Garg
Grandfather Name Bhagwan Das Garg
Siblings One younger Brother and a sister
Marital Status Single
Age 26 years
Friends Sheikh Mubarak,
Education Graduate-B.A
Languages Sanskrit, Hindi, English, Bundeli
Profession कथावाचक, सनातन धर्म प्रचारक, दिव्य दरबार प्रमुख बागेश्वर धाम
Guru Shri Dadaji Maharaj or Sanyasi Baba
Bageshwar Dham Gada Ganj, Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh
Dhirendra Shashti Physical Bio
Weight 65 to 70 Kg (Approx)
Hair Color Black
Body shape Fit
Body color Fair
Height 5′ 8″ Feet

Dhirendra Krishan Shashtri Early Age

On 1996 July 4, a baby boy was born in the family of Ram Kripal Garg and Saroj Garg. The boy was named Dhirendara Garg. Dhirandra Garg was very intelligent from childhood and inclined to religious activity in his early days of life. the Boy Dhirandra Garg became Dhirendra Krishna Shashtri by getting religious education and spiritual education he adopted from his grandfather.

Contact Number (+91) 89828-62921
Email ID [email protected]
Official FB Page facebook.com/bageshwardhamsarkarofficial
Youtube Channel youtube.com/c/BageshwarDhamSarkar
Website URL www.bageshwardham.co.in

Dhirendra Krishna Shashti Education

Dhirendra Krishna Shashtri started his early education at the government school of his village. After primary education, he joined another government school 7 km away from his village for higher education. He was very much fond of Hanuman from his teenage. He started studying Mahabharata, Ramayana, The Bhagwat Gita, and other Hindu religious epics with his graduation and attained the siddhi of God Hanuman.

Bagheshwar Dham Sarkar- Pandit Dhirendra Shashtri

After seeing the interest of his young grandson in Hanuman he started giving him spiritual education at Bagheshwar Dham. Here young Dhirendra started studying religious education and got siddhi with the wish of Sri Balaji. His grandfather held darbar for the devotees at Bagheshwar Dham. After getting siddhi his grandfather allowed him to take over the darbar of Shri Bagheshwar Sarkar. Day by day he became very famous among the devotees of the country for his siddhi and his capability of solving the spiritual problems of the people.

Bageshwar Dham Sarkar Token Booking & Contact Number

Dhirendra Krishna Shastri Bageshwar Sarkar Controversy

Dhirendra Krishna Shashtri holds his court every Tuesday at Bagheswar Dham temple as Peethadhiswar of the Balaji Temple. Here he listens to the problems of every devotee and gives the permanent solution to the personal and spiritual problems of the people. He knows everything about the person who came to visit him regarding his/her problems. This made Dhirendra Shashtri a famous priest in India.

He gained fame at a young age, and lots of people started talking about Dhirendra Shashtri and the siddhi he got from Sri Balaji Maharaj. Lots of people started alleging him for spreading the superstition. A campaign against him started on social media about his ability. Mr. SHyam Madhav, a Member of AndhSraddha Unmulan Samit Aggeled him of making superstition and making people fool. He gave a challenge of Rs 30 Lakhs for holding the court at Nagpur, but Dhirendra Shashtri did not accept his challenge.

Pt. Dhirendra Krishna Shastri Contact Number

Peethadishwar of Sri Balaji temple Bagheswar Dham, Dhirendra Shashtri holds his darbar every Tuesday in the Balaji temple. Here every person can visit to listen to his Katha free of cost. If any person wants to get a solution to his problem from Peethadiswar can drop a paper slip of his name at the drop box. Dhirendra Shashtri opens the slip and gives the solution to the person without knowing and meeting the person. Dhirendra Shashtri has not disclosed his contact number to the public.

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