Braj Holi 2023 Schedule: Holi 2023 Date in UP (Barsana, Vrindavan, Mathura)

Braj Holi Schedule 2023: Holi- the Festival of Colors, is the most celebrated festival in Hinduism. The entire country of India comes together to celebrate this colorful event. Yet in Braj, Krishna’s main city, there is a palpable Emotion for this fest. During the arrival of spring, residents of the city, Lord Krishna’s city, celebrate for a whole forty days. Its color is hidden till after Holi is buried in the temples of Braj on Holika Dahan.

Let’s check out the complete schedule of Holi in the Braj City of Uttar Pradesh. We all know that the festival of loli is celebrated differently in different parts of India. Braj is the city, which is related to Lord Krishna and is known as the playground of the god. The people of the Braj traditionally celebrate the festival of colors in their own tradition. Let’s have a look at the complete Braj Holi 2023 Schedule -Holi 2023 Date in UP (Barsana, Vrindavan, Mathura).


Braj Holi Schedule 2023

As an old tradition says that after the morning aarti in the Banke Bihari temple in Mathura on Vasant Panchami, the temple priest starts the Holi- the festival of color by putting the Gulal on Lord Banke Bihari. Lord Krishna is known by Banke Bihari’s name in the birth city of the god. The celebration goes on for 40 days till the last day of the Holika Dahan. For more details, kindly continue reading ahead.

Braj Holi Schedule 2023 Dates – Highlights
  • Braj Holi Schedule 2023
  • Holi 2023 Date in UP (Barsana, Vrindavan, Mathura)
Location Braj Dham, UP
Duration of the Holi Celebration 40 Days
Starting Date Vasant Panchami Every Year
Last Date Rang Panchami/ Holika Dahan

Braj Holi Celebration Schedule 2023

Braj Holi Celebration 2023 Schedule

Holi is the traditional religious festival celebrated in Braj Dham, UP. The festival is celebrated at the end of winter and starting of summer in India. People worship Lord Radha and Krishna with colors in the spring season. the celebration of Holi started from Vasant Panchmi but people from all over India started gathering in Braj from Fulera Duje. Below is the Braj Holi Schedule 2023 for our readers.

Braj Holi Calendar 2023 Dates

Braj Holi Calendar 2023 (Complete Schedule):
21 Feb 2023 Fulera Duj (Flower’s Holi)
27 February Laddu Mar Holi
28 February Lath Mar Holi- Barsana Village
01 March Lath Mar Holi- Nandgram
03 March Rang Mahotsava, Mathura
04 March Chhadimar Holi- Gokul
06 March Holika Dahan- Falen Village
07 March Dwarkadhish Celebration
08 March 2023 Holi
12 March Rang Panchami- End of The Celebration

How is Holi (Rangotsava) Celebrated in Braj?

Yellow flowers are used to adorn the Braj temple’s interior as the season of spring has arrived and harvests are fully grown. Large numbers of devotees make their way to Krishna’s birthplace, Braj city so they can take part in the celebration of the Holi festival. This festival last for 40 days in Braj. This special colorful festival of Indian culture is loved by people around the world.

In Mathura city of Uttar Pradesh, the festival of Holi starts with Phulera Dooj. On this day, Holi is celebrated by playing with flowers and Lord Krishna and Radha. Apart from this, there is a distinct excitement around Laddu Mar and Lathmar Holi in different locations of the Braj. On the day of Lathmar Holi, the males, and females celebrate Holi, as per female hits males with colorful sticks.

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