Pradhan Mantri Sangrahalaya Ticket Booking Online, Entry Tickets Price & Timing

Pradhan Mantri Sangrahalaya Ticket Booking Online, Entry Tickets Price & Timing – Pradhanmantri Sangrahalaya was Inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi on the birth anniversary of Dr. BR Ambedkar on 14 April 2022. The Sangrahalaya is located on the Teen Murti Estate, which was the house of India’s First Prime Minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. Later this place was the Nehru museum or Nehru planetarium. After renovation, the Government changed this place to the Pradhanmantri Sangrahalaya (Museum). This gives you a glimpse of the life and time of the all prime ministers of India till now.

Apart from the life and times of the prime minister, this place allows you to see the lights and sound show, a virtual ride on the helicopter with your favorite PM, Selfie with the PM, and much more. You can visit the room in which India’s first Prime Minister Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru Died. Being the house of India’s first prime minister this place is the best place to make Pradhanmanti Sangrahlaya.


Pradhan Mantri Sangrahlaya Online Ticket Booking

You can get all information about the life and time of the prime ministers of India. This Sangrahlaya has all the information like details with videos of the blast of the Pokharan atomic test operation which was named Operation Shakti at the time of former Prime Minister Shree Atal Vihari Bajpayee. Below is the overview of Pradhanmantri Sangrahlaya Entry Tickets Booking & Price for your reference.

Name of the Museum Pradhanmantri Sanghrahlaya “Museum”
Inaugurated on 14 April 2022
Inaugurated by PM Shri Narendra Modi
Owner of the Museum Ministry of Culture, Government of India
Governing Body NNML Society
Opening and Closing Time 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Entry Ticket Booking Both Online and Offline modes
Closed on Every Monday and Gazetted Holidays
Official Website
Official Contact Number 011-21410360, 011-21411626

Pradhanmantri Sangrahlaya Tickets Booking Online

Pradhanmantri Sangrahlaya Tickets Booking & Price

India’s Best of its kind museum “Paradhanmantri Sangrahlaya” at Teen Murti State, Central Delhi, India is open now for visitors from 14 April 2022. Here you will find all the information related to the all prime ministers of India. This Sangrahlaya has glimpses of the life and working time of the prime ministers. The facility of online entry ticket booking for Pradhanmantri Sangrahlaya through the Official Web Portal.

This modernized place has every piece of information about the prime minister’s important decisions they took for the development of the country. The visitor has the special facility to take virtual selfies with their favorite Prime Minister. There is a facility for the visitor to give their views about where they want their country to be in the year 2047. As India will celebrate their 100th year of Independence.

Procedure for PM Sangrahlaya Ticket Booking Online

Below is the complete process to book an entry ticket for Pradhanmantri Sangrahlaya:

  1. Visit the official portal of the NNML Society by clicking here.
  2. Click on the Book Now tab given on the top right of the home page of the web portal.
  3. You will be directed to the ticket booking page of the web portal.
  4. Select the package from the given packages on the ticket booking page.
  5. Plan your Visit on the next page after selecting your package.
  6. Select your add-on daily events from the list given in the next section. (Please go through the details of the Add-on given in the below section of this blog post).
  7. Enter your personal information on the next page.
  8. Review your ticket booking order on the next page with the total amount you have to pay.
  9. Make a payment on the next page by selecting feasible options from the given options.

Pradhan Mantri Sangrahlaya Entry Ticket Price

There are plenty of interesting events and add-ons for you inside the PM Sangrahlaya. The entry ticket price of every add-on is different from the entry tickets. The authority gives the choice to choose the ticket for the event as per your choice. The ticket price amount of add-ons will be added to your entry ticket price.

Below is detailed information about the ticket pricing structure of PN Sangrahlaya:

PM Sangrahlaya Entry Ticket Price
Above 12 years Rs 50/- Per person
Chile 5-12 years Rs 40/- Per Child
Kids Below 5 years Nill
Foreign Nationals Rs 750/- Per person
Child-Foreign National (Age 5-12 years) Rs 375/- per Child
Add-ons Ticket Price of PM Sangrahlaya
Handwritten letter from Pm for you Rs. 50/- Per Letter
Virtual Walk with Prime Minister Rs. 50/- Per person
Selfie with PM Rs. 50/- Per person
VR Helicopter Ride Rs. 100/- Per person
Audio Guide on rent Rs. 50/- Per person
Mobile phone Audio guide with earphones Rs. 50/- Per person
Light and Sound Show (In Hindi only) Rs. 50/- Per person

Timing for PM Sangrahlaya “Museum” in Delhi

India’s modern story begins with the fight for independence and the creation of a great Constitution. The Sangrahalaya goes on to talk about how our Prime Ministers led the country through different problems and made sure the country improved in all ways. There is a message for young people in this story.

Below are the timing details of opening and closing timing, holidays, and various available add-ons inside the PM Sangrahlaya:

Pradhanmantri Sangrahlaya Timing Details:
Daily Opening Time 10 AM
Closing Time 6 PM
Weekly Holiday Every Monday
Other Holidays Closed on Gazzeted Holidays
Light and Sound Show Timing 6:00 PM onwards
Timing Helpline Number 0112-1411626

Pradhanmantri Sangrahlaya Add-on Details

The Sangrahalaya is a seamless blend that starts at the renovated and remodeled Nehru Museum building, which now has completely updated and technologically advanced displays about the life and work of Shri Jawaharlal Nehru. In one part of the new panorama, rare gifts that he received from all over the world but never showed to the public are shown. There is plenty of add-on events for visitors.

1: Handwritten letter from PM

Take a letter with your name on it, signed by the Prime Minister of your choice, You can take the printout of the letter for your future reference.

2: Walk with PM

You have the opportunity to walk with the prime minister of your choice and take the recorded video to your home. Walk with your favorite Prime Minister and keep the video.

3: Selfie with PM

Make it a point to get your picture taken with the PM of your choosing. This Sangrahalaya is filled with many wonders, and that is just one of them.

4: Bhavishya Ki Jhalkiyan (VR Helicopter Ride)

This add-on will take you into the future of India. Visitors really enjoy the first of its kind of virtual rides.

5: Audio Guide Device for Hire (Excluding Earphones)

If you do not possess an Android phone, you should consider hiring an Audio Guide.

6: Earphones for Mobile

Earphones that are hardwired and can be used with the Audio Guide App on a mobile device.

7: Light & Sound Show in the Hindi Language

A breathtaking presentation of India will give the visitor a glimpse of India’s various space endeavors.

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