Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) Apply Online/ Login & Required Documents

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) Apply Online: PCC means police clearance certificate, it is a certificate that you have no criminal records covering when the time period of stay in the country. It is a valid police clearance certificate which means the applicant does not involve in illegal activities. This document requires when you apply for an immigration visa to any country.

PCC cannot be issued for persons going abroad on a tourist visa if applicants have been involved in an unlawful activity or were arrested due to harming or damaging something/somebody physically. The issuing country will appear with special notes on the applicant’s PCC. A Police Clearance Certificate is an official document that proves that the applicant doesn’t have any crime/complaint/court case. Here in this blog post, we brought complete information about the PCC Apply Online, log-in, required documents, and other info.


Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) Apply Online

A police clearance certificate is basically provided to passport holders who are wise to go abroad for work, study, long-term stay, or residential purposes. In short, having a Police Clearance Certificate shows that a person is ethical and responsible. the applicant does not have a criminal record or illegal activity.

Certificate’s Name Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)
Authority PSP Division
Governing Body Ministry of External Affairs, Govt of India
Official Website URL https://passportindia.gov.in/
PCC Login Online Click Here
Validity Time Period of PCC Up to 6 Months
Application Fee Rs 500/-
Age Limit for Applicant No age limit
Verification Period
  • Emigration- 7 working days
  • Employment- 21 days

Police Clearance Certificate Online Application

Mandatory Documents Required for Police Clearance Certificate

The process above can also be done by first downloading an e-form from the website, and filling and saving it in XML format. Applicants follow the same steps as above given. A police Clearance certificate is required in case of immigration, aborad long-term stay, and job purposes. PCC can not apply which is going abroad as a tourist.

Below is the list of the documents required for PCC Online Application/ Login:

  1. Passport in an original plus self-attested copy of the first 2 and last 2 pages of the passport.
  2. Address proof if a change of address form is given in the passport.
  3. Copy of the Visa

List of other documents which the applicant can use as the address proof:

  • Electricity Bill by the name of applicants
  • Telephone Bill
  • Water Bill
  • Updated Aadhar Card
  • Valid Voter ID
  • Bank account details passbook (photocopy) of applicant’s current account
  • Rent Agreement. the rental agreement must be by the name of the applicant.
  • The rent agreement should be registered under section 17 of the registration Act 1908.
  • Spouse’s passport
  • For minors, a copy of their Parents’ Passports is required.

How to apply for Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) online?

Here in this section, we brought the complete process of Online Application for the Police Clearance Certificate. Applicants can apply online for PCC to avoid the queues at the registration counter and save time. You can save time by applying online for PCC Login.

  1. Register on the Passport Seva Portal and log in to your account.
  2. Or directly clicking on the following link => PCC Apply Online/ Login
  3. Then click on the link “Apply for Police Clearance Certificate”.
  4. Fill up the form detail carefully and submit it
  5. Next, browse to view the saved/submitted application option on the screen and click on the option “Pay”.and Schedule the APPOINTMENT.
  6. You can make Payment online, by credit card/debit card, internet banking of SBI and associated banks, or SBI Bank Challan.
  7. Now you have to Print the application receipt for your future reference. Please save the Application Reference Number or Appointment Number.

Passport Seva Police Clearance Certificate Verification

After applying for a Police Clearance Certificate Verification by local police and CFC, in the case of emigration. The verification period will be 7 working days and in the case of employment verification period will be 21 days. PCC has the authority to cancel/ withdraw without notice if found misused. PCC is valid for a period of six months and has no age limit for Passport seva Police Clearance Certificate.

  1. The Police Clearance Certificate Application Form is for you.
  2. You can search police clearance certificate application form online Passport Seva website. The form can be filled up online and submitted through the website.
  3. A police clearance certificate of good conduct is an official document issued in case of immigration for the applicant, long-term stay abroad, and professional purposes, not exceeding the age limit of the applicant.
  4. PCC of good conduct is not mandatory for you if you want to go abroad but it is mandatory in case of immigration, long-term stay, and work purposes.
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