Dry Days in India 2023: Check the Full List of All No-liquor Days (Updated)

Dry Days in India 2023 – Check the Full List of All No-liquor Days (Updated): Here we are with the complete and updated list of dry days in India. Dry days mean all the liquor shops in India will remain closed because of the ban on alcohol by the government. As per the Government of India and the excise department of the state government sale of the liquor will be prohibited in India on a dry day. On a dry day, selling liquor is prohibited in restaurants and pubs in India.

Although, there are different policies made by state governments for the dry day in the individual states of India. But states must have to follow the rules of the central government on dry days. Liquor lovers in India must want to know about the upcoming dry day and they basically search online for the info about the next dry day in their state. That is the main reason we are publishing a complete and updated List of Dry Days in India 2023 as per the government.


About Dry Days in India 2023

Here comes a question why do we need to know about the declared dry day in India? As we all know that all the year lots of festivals are celebrated in India. Every festival has its own significance with religion. Consuming liquor at the festival is prohibited by the religious guru in India. Sometimes government and police authorities would like to prevent society from drunk people at festivals or events. Below are the details of the Dry Day List in India 2023.

List of All Dry Days in India 2023 – Overview
The Subject of the Discussion Dry days in India
Publisher of dry days Government of India
Authority Excise Department
Date of publishing Dry day list January 2023
Starting of Dry days Rule in India 1996
Total Dry Days in India 2023 Year 18
Types of Dry Day 3

List of the Dry Days In India 2023

Reason Behind Dry Days in India

India is a land of diversity with different religions. All religions have different beliefs about consuming liquor. Consuming liquor is prohibited in lots of religions. There are my peace days we celebrate in India like Independence day, Republic day, Gandhi Jayanti, etc. The government declared a dry day on some festivals to peace in society also.

National Dry Days in India 2023-24

The government of India declared dry days on national holidays. These are the festivals that are celebrated nationally in India. So, as per the government orders liquor sale is not allowed all over India on national holidays.

Below is the list of National Dry Days in India 2023-24:

  1. Republic Day => 26 January, Every year
  2. Mahavir Jayanti & Ambedkar Jayanti => 14 April*
  3. Independence Day => 15 August, Every year
  4. Gandhi Jayanti => 2 October, Every Year

Full List of Dry Days in India 2023 (Updated)

According to the Hindu calendar, the date of the Hindu festival is celebrated on different days every year. That’s why the government of India every year publish a new list of dry day according to the date of the celebration of the festivals.

Here check the Full List of All No-liquor Days 2023 PDF Download:

List of Dry Days in India 2023 (No Liquor Day List in India)
Date Holiday Day
26 January 2023 Republic day Thursday
8 March 2023 Holi Wednesday
30 March 2023 Ram Navami Thursday
4 April 2023 Mahavir Jayanti Tuesday
7 April 2023 Good Friday Friday
22 April 2023 Id-ul-fitr Saturday
5 May 2023 Budha Purnima Friday
29 June 2023 Id-ul-Zuha Thursday
29 July 2023 Muharram Saturday
15 August 2023 Independence Day Tuesday
7 September 2023 Janmashtami Thursday
28 September 2023 Milad-un-Nabi/Id-e-Milad Thursday
2 October 2023 Gandhi Jayanti Monday
24 October 2023 Dussehra Tuesday
12 November 2023 Diwali Sunday
27 November 2023 Guru Nanak Jayanti Monday
25 December 2023 Christmas Monday

Types of Dry Days in India

There are three types of dry in India. These are divided as per the central government orders, state government orders, and other special occasion dry days. The election commission is also responsible to release GO for special occasions a dry day in selected areas of cities.

Below is the list and details of the types of dry days in India:

  1. National Dry Days
  2. State-Level Dry Days
  3. Special or Other Dry Days

NOTE – The legal age for consuming alcohol is 21 years in Delhi NCR. While in some states, the legal age for drinking is as low as 18, a few have it at the upper limit of 25. Always carry a valid ID proof while visiting a pub/ bar lounge in order to avoid inconvenience.

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