Top 10 Best Wine Brands in India, Best-selling Wine with Price List 2023-24

Top 10 Best Wine Brands in India 2023-24: Here comes a useful blog post for you, in which we are going to give complete information about the best wine brands available in India. The question is very simple for everyone, but we all know that when we face a situation like this, we offer the best wine to our loved one. Which wine will be the best for the special date or party time?

Here this post will give you the best idea about the list of available best options for you. We all think about wines are the best option for males and females in any celebration and party if you through for your friends and relatives. Wine is always available in Red wine and White wine options. Although there is not too much difference in the price of red and white wine. Here below table contains information about the Top Ten Best Wine Brands in India and the Price List of the Best available wines in India.


Top 10 Best Wine Brands in India with Price List

Below is a summary of the best wines with a price list available in India. Also, check the Top 10 Best-selling Wine Brands in India along with the current price list for the years 2023-24.

Serial No Brand Name Winery Price in Delhi (Approx)
1 Sula Sula Vineyards ₹895
2 Sette Fratelli Vineyards ₹1,700
3 Merlot Big Banyan Wines ₹750
4 Barrique Reserve Four Seasons Vineyards ₹1,000
5 La Reserve Grover Zampa Vineyards ₹1,050
6 Tempranillo Charosa Winery ₹1,500
7 York Arros York Winery Nashik Valley ₹950
8 Reveilo Reveilo Winery Nashik Valley ₹1,500
9 KRSMA Hampi Hills ₹1,800
10 Myra Myra Vineyards Nashik Valley ₹1,500

Top 10 Best Wines in India- With Price

Sula- No#1 Best-selling Wine Brand in India

Whenever wine is included in the menu of the bars or any celebration in India, Sula became the first choice of all wine lovers. The Sula Brand is owned by Rajeev Samant as Sula Vinyard or Sula in Nashik, Maharashtra. The Brand Sula Was Launched in India in 1999. Over time this brand became the top most-selling wine brand in India. Below are the details of the Sula wine.

  • Best Wine –  Sula
  • Winery – Sula Vineyards- Nashik
  • ABV- Red Wine- Cabernet Shiraz By Sula- 13%
  • ABV- White Wine- Kadu Chenin Blanc- Sula – 12%
  • Sula Red Wine Price in Delhi- Rs. 895/-
  • Sula White Wine Price in Delhi- Rs. 795/- App

Sette-Fratelli Vineyards- No#2 Best Wine India

Fratelli- The Italian Word which means brothers, came into existence as a winery with a collaboration between the Italian Secci brothers and Sekhari, Mohite-Patil brothers in 2006. Sette became one of the top-listed best Premium wines in India.

  • Premuim Wine Brand- Sette by Fratelli
  • Winery – Fratelli Vineyards- Akluj
  • ABV- Red Wine-Sette by Fratelli- 14%
  • ABV- White Wine- Sette by Fratelli – 13%
  • Sette Red wine- Price in Delhi- Rs 1700/-
  • Sette White Wine- Delhi- Rs 1599/- App

Merlot by Big Banyan- No#3 Wine Brand in India

Merlot is one of the best wine brands in India. The premium quality of red wine is loved by wine lovers all over India. Big Banyan winery is located in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Niche taste and quality make the brand the best wine available in India.

  • Best Wine Brand-Merlot by Big Banyan
  • Winery – Big Banyan Winery- Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • ABV- Red Wine- Merlot- 14%
  • ABV- White Wine- Merlot – 13%
  • Merlot Red Wine Price in Delhi- Rs 2100/-
  • Merlot White Wine Price in Delhi- Rs 2000/- Appx.

Barrique- No#4 Finest Wine Brand India

  • Name of the Indian Wine Brand-Barrique by Four Seasons
  • Winery – Four Seasons Vineyards, Baramati MH
  • ABV- Red Wine- Barrique by Big Banyan- 13%
  • ABV- White Wine- Barrique by Big Banyan – 12%
  • Red Wine –  Barrique Price in Delhi- Rs 1090/-
  • White Wine – Barrique Price- Rs 999/- Appx.

La Reserve by Grover Zampa Vineyards- No#5 Wine Brand

  • The Wine Brand-La Reserve by Grover Zampa Vineyards
  • Winery – Grover Zampa Vineyards, Karnataka
  • ABV- Red Wine- La Reserve- 14%
  • ABV- White Wine- La Reserve-  13%
  • La Reserve Red Wine Price in Delhi- Rs. 1050/-
  • La Reserve White Wine – Rs. 950/- Appx.

Tempranillo No#6 Best Wines Brand in India

  • Name of the Brand- Tempranillo by Charosa Winery
  • Winery – Charosa Winery Village- Charosa Maharasthra
  • ABV- Red Wine- Tempranillo- 13%
  • ABV- White Wine- Tempranillo- 12%
  • Tempranillo Red Wine Delhi- Rs. 1500/-
  • Tempranillo White Wine Price in Delhi- Rs. 1400/- Appx.

No#7 York Arros by York Winery

  • Brand Name of the Wine- York Arros by York Winery
  • Winery – Charosa Winery Village- Charosa Maharasthra
  • ABV- Red Wine- York Arros by York Winery- 13.3%
  • ABV- White Wine- York Arros by York Winery- 12.0%
  • York Arros Red Wine – Rs. 950/-
  • York ArrosWhite Wine Price in Delhi- Rs. 850/- Appx.

Reveilo – No#8 Best Wines in India

  • Name of the Brand- Reveilo
  • Winery – Charosa Winery Village- Charosa Maharasthra
  • ABV- Red Wine- York Arros by York Winery- 14%
  • ABV- White Wine- York Arros – 13.0%
  • Red Wine –  York Arros Price in Delhi- Rs. 1500/-
  • White Wine – York Arros White- Rs. 1450/- Appx.

No#9 KRSMA- Best Indian Wine Brand

  • Brand Name- KRSMA
  • Winery – Hampi Hills
  • ABV- Red Wine- KRSMA by Hampi Hills- 14%
  • ABV- White Wine- KRSMA-  NA
  • KRSMA Red Wine Price – Rs. 1700/-
  • KRSMA White Wine Price – Rs. 1700/- Appx.

Myra by Myra Vineyards – No#10 Best-selling Wine

  • Brand- Myra
  • Winery – Myra Vineyards, Nashik Mh
  • ABV- Red Wine- Myra- 13%
  • ABV- White Wine- Myra White  NA
  • Myra –  Red Wine Price – Rs. 1900/-
  • Myra -White Wine Price – Rs. 1500/- App

Important Notice – All the maximum retail prices are subject to change according to the policy of the excise department of the Central Government and the States Government of India.

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