FF Max Advance Server Activation Key for OB38 Update, App Download Link

FF Max Advance Server Activation Key for OB38 Update and Application download link is now activated and available on this web page. The most popular battleground game in India country is called Free Fire Max. This battleground game was released in India on 28 September 2021 after the banning of Garena Free Fire. Now all FF game lovers can download this Free Fire Max from the official website or App Store. Garena FF has launched a new server for those who wish to try out the game for a brief period of time. All players can easily register for Free Fire Max OB38 New Update.

As you know that players want FF Max Advance Server Activation Key/ Code to play this game before its official release. An advanced server platform is a place where Youtubers, Professional Gamers can play Free Fire Max and then submit their feedback/ suggestions about the new update. It allows all those interested in this battle royale game to register for Free Fire Max Advance Server.


FF Max Advance Server Activation Key

Advance Server is a player who is extremely connected to Free Fire Max, and the entire process of playing FF Max on such a server is outlined on the Indian server. Those who want to experience Free Fire Max in a short amount of time and see what goes on within the game can register for Free Fire Max Advance Servers and play the game. And now, the battle royale video game Free Fire has also launched a similar platform where players can test upcoming game features before the game’s official release.

The free fire advanced server’s previous update OB37 was performed on 3rd January 2024. Now free fire max advanced server’s new update OB38 will be performed on January 2024. Following the free fire, there will be a number of enhancements, as well as the release of new skins, such as the Colorful Sword and Colorful Katha Na Baith, among others. Additionally, different skins for various types of granite will be provided.

free fire max advance server ob37 registration

Free Fire Max Advance Server OB38 Update – Overview

Article about FF Max Advance Server
Company Garena (111 DOTS STUDIO)
Game Name Free Fire/ FF Max
Version OB38
Advanced Server Open Date January 2024
Close Date N/A
Activation Key/ Code Available Below
Application Link Download Here
Rewards Free 2K to 5K Diamond on every play
Process Find bugs, report, and earn diamonds
Registration Link https://ff-advance.ff.garena.com
Post-category eSports Latest News

Garena FF Max Advance Server OB38 Release Date – January 2024

Free Fire or FF Max is the most popular and most-played battle royale game in India. This game is played through an online mode in which gamers must select different types of maps and then they can also play with close friends. In this game, a maximum of four players can join, and after joining, they can play the game on your own map.

This battleground game is played online on mobile devices by simply downloading the game from Google Play Store or App Store. In this game, there are various types of firearms, beds, katanas, swords, and freebies, as well as various types of tools. Kids enjoy playing the Free Fire Max video game. Now gamers can also play Free Fire Max OB38 update before its officially released by login into Free Fire Max Advance Server. In the below section, we will cover all the aspects related to the FF Max Advance Server OB38 Registration/ Login Procedure.

How to register for Free Fire Max Advance Server OB38?

  1. To register for Free Fire Max Advance Server, gamers must visit the official website for Garena FF Max.
  2. The official website of FF Max Advance Server is ff-max-advance.ff.garena.com.
  3. After clicking the above link, you will reach the Garena Free Fire Max Portal.free fire max advance server ob37 activation key and code
  4. Now login with the mentioned options i.e Facebook, Gmail, Google Play ID.
  5. Once you log in, you will be prompted to enter information such as your email address, phone number, etc.
  6. After entering the information, Free Fire Max Garena will provide you with a category; enter it.
  7. Therefore, users who register for the game will receive a Free Fire Max Advance Server code, as Garena will only permit a restricted number of players access to the Free Fire Advance servers.

Advanced FF Max Server Registration/ Login Procedure

  • Register via Facebook or Gmail/ Google Play Id on the official Garena FF Max website.
  • Copy “ff-advance.ff.garena.com” and paste it into your browser’s address bar.
  • The website for FF Advance will be loaded. Additionally, there is a “LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK” button.
  • Login with any “India Server” is required of players. The update will first be available on the server in India. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Play Store.
  • After logging in, players must enter the information listed below.
  • You can enter Any Name, a valid email address, and a mobile phone number. After entering your information, click the “JOIN NOW” tab.

Free Fire Max Advance Server 2024 OB38 Application Download

Additionally, you can also download the free fire max advance server ob 38 Application from the official website. Sometimes, Garena FF Max Indian Advance Server is not working properly then you can change the Country Server from the settings option. Here are some major FF Max Country Servers that you can use if the Indian Server is not working.

  1. Russia Server
  2. Taiwan Server
  3. Europe Server
  4. Indonesia Server
  5. Thailand Server (Free Fire-Mexico server)
  6. Malaysia Server
  7. Bangladesh host
  8. Vietnam server

Middle Eastern FF Max Advance Server Application + Activation Key

The FF Max Advance Server OB38 Application file will be downloaded to your browser after joining. When you click the download link, the file will be downloaded automatically to your mobile device. Download and install the Application file on your mobile device.

  • 1st Code: MGYPMWO59O3OCEQB (New)
  • 2nd Code: 2UT140DL1VBGLNSQ (New)
  • 3rd Code: XEZEYO05JJGOVZ9Z (New)
  • 4th Code: 01C5BU16HWO8ZO
  • 5th Code: XHVES9EF99BNZEYO

The Garena FF Company has introduced the free fire max advance server game, which offers numerous advantages to players. The players will have the chance to engage in a Royal battle.

Grand Prize for participating in FF Max Advance Servers:

  • Principal Contributor for 1 Individual: 3000 Diamonds
  • Contributor for 2 Individuals: 2000 Diamonds
  • 3 Individuals’ Contributions: 1000 Diamonds

Advantages of playing Free Fire Max Advance Server

There are numerous advantages to using the Free fire max advanced server game, as this is a program launched by the FF Garena company to give all Royle Battle gamers the chance to test out new modes or to receive upcoming updates first on YouTube. Below, we will also list the exclusive FF Max Advance rewards that are available to you:

  1. Players can communicate directly with the FF Max Garena Developer teams and provide feedback.
  2. The players will have free access to the latest updates and leaks of all upcoming OB38 Updates.
  3. In addition to reporting game bugs and glitches, players can also receive rewards such as Gun Skins, Free Diamonds, Title, Outfit, and others.
  4. If a player reports a bug or error, they will receive free diamonds.
  5. Moreover, players will receive a free Mythic outfit, room, character, gun skins, and a number of free executive Premium rewards.
  6. If a player discovers a significant bug in one of the upcoming OB38 Updates, they will be added to a special team.
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