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Andhra Pradesh has always been at the forefront of implementing e-governance, leading popular projects like CARD, e-Seva, Mee Seva, and e-Procurement. To take the development of e-governance to the next level, it is necessary to have AP State Enterprise Architecture provide better services to citizens and businesses. e-Pragati is a framework for providing integrated services to citizens through the free flow of information, and to usher in an era of good governance, characterized by good governance, effectiveness, transparency, and foresight. E-Pragati is a large program with a long-term vision to create a sustainable ecosystem of e-governance, which was attempted on such a scale by very few governments in the world, such as Korea, Estonia, and Singapore. The approach of e-Pragati is explained below.


Andhra Pradesh State Enterprise Architecture Scheme 2024

Moving beyond the e-Pragati Administrative Borders, there is a new paradigm in governance based on the entire govt structure. It adopts a mission-centric approach in its design and implementation and seeks to realize the vision of Sunrise AP 2022 by delivering citizen-centric services in an integrated, integrated, efficient, and equitable manner.

e-pragati AP State Enterprise Architecture Scheme

Dept of IT, Electronics and Communication, Govt of Andhra Pradesh (e-Pragati)

e-Pragati (ఇ-ప్రగతి పోర్టల్ ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్) is a huge program covering 33 large departments and 315 agencies and so far around 745 services have been identified. The services are divided into 72 projects (45 greenfields and 27 brownfields) and bundled into 14 packages for ease of procurement and implementation. It is the largest e-governance program approved by any state with a total outlay of Rs 2398 crore, out of which the government CAPEX will be up to Rs 1528 crore. The program is scheduled to be implemented within 2 years. The e-Pragati vision document has been released by the Honorable Chief Minister on 9 October 2015. RFP for 14 packages is planned to be released by February 2013.

Andhra Pradesh Govt’s e-Pragati Development Program

E-Pragati is a catalyst to increase the effectiveness of implementing various development projects and welfare schemes undertaken by the government. Planning and monitoring of public sector plans and projects to leverage GIS and satellite imaging technologies is essential for development.

(I) e-Pragati Aspiration

  • AP e-Pragati is an effective tool for understanding the aspirations of Andhra Pradesh.
  • E-Pragati will be rated among the best in the world and will help Andhra Pradesh achieve the top rank in the Global e-Governance Development Index.
  • Andhra Pradesh focuses on the quality of life of its citizens with special emphasis on education, health, skill development, agriculture, infrastructure, and quality of services.

(II) e-Pragati Citizen Centric

  1. Citizens and businesses have a seamless interface with the government.
  2. To enable the departments and government agencies to interact easily and provide integrated services to citizens and businesses.
  3. To make the paper medium work in all G2C, C2G, G2B, B2G, and G2G interactions.

(III) e-Pragati Inclusive

  • The digital divide must be adequately addressed, especially to leverage mobile technologies.
  • E-progress to enhance the attainment of participative and inclusive governance.
  • Civic engagement must be accomplished with ease and cost-effectiveness.

(IV) AP e-Pragati Technical

  1. Government and citizens will be enabled to take advantage of state-of-the-art technologies such as SMAC and emerging technologies.
  2. The principles of open data, open standards, and open APIs will all be incorporated into information systems development.
  3. E-Progress to ensure the right balance between information security and privacy of personal data.

Contact Details for Digital AP (e-Pragati Portal)

  • Office Address: – 3rd Floor NTR Administrative Block, Pandit Nehru Bus Station,
  • NH 65, Vijayawada (520001), Andhra Pradesh

For more information about e-Pragati (ఇ-ప్రగతి పోర్టల్ ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్), please visit the official website of Information Technology, Electronics & Communication Dept, Govt of Andhra Pradesh. The link is mentioned below.

 Click Here for e-Pragati Portal

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