Bannerghatta National Park Ticket Booking, Ticket Price, Safari Timings

Bannerghatta National Park Ticket Booking: Hello Friends! Bannergatta National National park is located in Bengaluru city of the Karnataka State of India. this is one of the famous national parks for forest safari in Karnataka State. Here you can enjoy your safari ride with nature and plenty of the wild animals around you. If you are an Animal and Nature lover then you must visit and enjoy the charm and beauty of the Bannergatta National Park.

The park was founded in 1970 by the state government and it was declared a national park in 1974 by the state government. Apart from the wild animal, there are ancient temples inside the national park. Lots of the devotees also visit the temple in the hills of Anekal. We are going to discuss the Bannergatta National Park Ticket Booking, Ticket Price, Timings of the park, and nature safari in the Bannergatta National Park.


Bannergatta National Park Ticket Booking

Enjoy your safari adventure in the company of exotic wildlife and beautiful landscapes.  the area over more than sixteen rural villages inside the national park. If you’re the kind of person who gets warm and fuzzy thinking about animals and the great outdoors, you must give a chance to yourself to see the beauty that is Bannergatta National Park. The adventurer and safari lover can enjoy and experience the life and time of the rural villages of Karnataka state.

The park is spread over more than 65000 acres of hill area which give a wide range of adventure at every point the visitor reaches in their safari. all the arrangements for the safari were made by the forest authority at the point of the entrance gate. Besides the offline facility, the forest authority also launched an online website to book entry tickets, and safari and provides other information about the terms and conditions

Check out the complete highlight of Bannergatta National Park Ticket booking and other services

Bannergatta National Park Ticket Booking

Overview- Bannergatta National Park Ticket Booking

Name of Zoo Bannergatta National Park
Governing body Ministry of Environment and Forest, Govt of India
Established 1974
Total Area 6500 Acres
Location Bengaluru
Opening 9.30 AM
Closing 5.30 PM
Ticket Booking Online/ Offline
Ticket Price Rs 30.00 to Rs 6000/-
Official website
Contact Number 080 29776466

Bannergatta National Park Ticket Booking- Procedure

Let’s have look at the online ticket booking process of the Bannergatta National park. The park provides panty of opportunities for visitors to enjoy the wildlife. check out the different facilities available inside the Bannergatta National Park. Check out the Bannergatta National Park ticket Booking procedure for different facility

Zoo Ticket Booking- Bannergatta National Park

There is a special zoo established inside the Bannergatta national park. Here you can enjoy the beauty of nature with more than 100 species of wild animals. The ticket prices are different for visiting the Zoo at Bannergatta National Park.

Bannergatta National Park – Zoo ticket booking URL- Click Here

Butterfly Park Ticket Booking- Bannergatta National Park

Visiter can book tickets online as per their requirement. You can miss the rest of the options which you don’t like to visit besides giving more time to the option which you like most. You can use the below official URL Link to book tickets online for the Butterfly Park inside the Bannergatta National Park.

Butterfly Park Ticket Booking- Bannergatta National Park- Click Here

Bannergatta National Park Safari Booking

The most exciting and adventurous thing which mainly the youngster visit here and enjoy is the Jungle Safari. There is plenty of option according to the budget of the group of visitors. They can choose from a non-AC jeep safari to an AC bus safari as per the requirement. The safari will start in the morning and end at the exit gate at the time of closing the gate.

Bannergatta National Park Safari Booking Official URL- Click Here

Bannergatta National Park Ticket Price

Here you have to book the safari in the Bannergatta National Park online through the official website of the National park. The tariff of the safari range from Rs 330.00 to Rs 6000.00. There are lots of option are available online for visitors.

The below table contains complete and authentic information about the Bannergatta National Park Ticket Booking

Particular Ticket Price( INR) -Monday to Friday Ticket Price( INR) -Sat/ Sun
Zoo (Kids) 50.00 50.00
Zoo – Adults 100.00 100.00
Butterfly Park- Kids 30.00 30.00
Butterfly Park- Adult 50.00 50.00
Bus Safari( Non AC) 330.00 380.00
AC Bus Safari 650.00 700.00
Jeep Safari 3500.00 3800.00

Note- Check out the complete Tariff Rates for the BAnnergatta National Park online through the Official web link Below.

Bannergatti National Park Jungal Safari Booking Teriff – Click Here

Bannergatti National Park Timings

Once you will enter Bannergatta national park you will not like to miss any of the adventurous opportunities available in the park. In the other words, one day trip is not enough to roam around the complete park. There are accommodation facilities available inside the park you can book and spend the night inside the park. Check out the timings of the Bannergatti National Park below.

Bannergatta National Park- Opening TIme 9.30 AM
Bannergatta National Park- Closing Time 5.30 PM
Weekly Holiday None
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