Wagah Border Amritsar Online Booking, Registration, Ticket Price & Timing

Wagah Border Amritsar Online Booking, Registration, Ticket Price & Timing details are shared here with you in this blog post. A visit to the Indian border at Wagah is a need of any trip to Amritsar. It is the line dividing Pakistan, a neighboring country of India. Additionally, a flag ceremony is done here every evening at sunset, after which the gates are shut for the day.

This Wagah Border Retreat ceremony is just as captivating as a drama on stage. Soldiers ceremoniously lower the flag as they march in unison. Women and children dance to nationalistic songs before the event, boosting patriotism among the audience. The Wagah Beating Retreat Ceremony is an emotional occasion, complete with patriotic cries and displays of army discipline. Thousands of people, including tourists, wait in line to watch the show at Wagah Border Attari. Both a source of amusement for everyone and a display of pride in one’s country.


Wagah Border Amritsar Online Ticket Booking

You don’t need to do any ticket booking or registration to witness the Wagah-Attari Border show. It’s a national pride show, free for all. No entry fee is required for Wagah Border Amritsar (Seating and entry is on First Come First Served Basis). Located on the Grand Trunk Road is Wagah Border. On the way to Lahore, in Pakistan, is the village of Wagah. Near the Indian town of Attari, the Wagah Border with Pakistan is located around 30 miles from Amritsar.

The history of the Wagah border dates back to 1947 when the British ruled the Indian subcontinent. It was created after the nation was split into Pakistan, which has a majority of Muslims, and India, which has a plurality of Hindus. Today’s Wagah Border between Pakistan and India is a military installation. To know more about Wagah Border Amritsar Entry Fee, Online Registration, Booking, Timing, etc, kindly continue reading ahead.

Wagah Border Amritsar Online Booking Registration

Wagah-Attari Border show Online Registration Details

Name of the Show Wagah Border Retreat ceremony
Location Attari Village, Amritsar (Punjab)
Online Registration No Ticket Booking
Entry Fee Free of cost
Wagah border helpline number NA
Timing All days (From 10 AM to 4 PM)
Wagah Border Amritsar Address Wagah, Hardo Rattan, Amritsar, Punjab – 143001 (India)

NOTE – Relations between the two countries have long been tight. The daily ceremony, however, has been carried out by the army ever since. Attari-Wagah is one of Pakistan’s main entry points. There are a tonne of eager and patriotic Indians at the show. The celebration closes with everyone singing the national song and applauding the military.

Procedure for Wagah Border VIP Pass Booking Online

By the way, you do not need to do any ticket booking or registration to witness the Wagah-Attari Border Show. But you can get Wagah Border VIP pass booking online. For this, you have to contact the concerned officer of Wagah Border Amritsar. For the rest, the seating and entry are done on a first come first serve basis.

To book VIP passes/ tickets to watch the Wagah Border show, one needs to visit permission from the officials. In the below section, check Wagah Border Ceremony details:

  1. The ceremony for the Wagah Border march lasts for 30 minutes. With a procession, the event gets started. Soldiers from both nations- the Pakistan Rangers and the Indian Border Security Force perform it. When marching, soldiers elevate their legs as high as they can.
  2. Carefully selected soldiers march through the Wagah Border. They have also received particular training for the Beating Retreat ceremony. Each soldier takes it very seriously, and they all keep their motions in sync.
  3. The event is a complex display of strength and comradery. Women and children danced to patriotic music and waved the national flag before it. They receive raucous “Jai Hind” and “Vande Mataram” chants from spectators.
  4. The flags of both countries are then simultaneously lowered after the parade. The border gate is opened as the flags are folded and lowered.
  5. A quick handshake between soldiers from both sides marks the conclusion of the ritual. The border is formally closed at that point till sunrise. To sing the National Anthem and to support the soldiers, people take a standing ovation. There is a strong sense of pride permeating the atmosphere.

Wagah Border Timings and Entry Fees

The Wagah Border is open from 10 AM to 4 PM. The ritual begins at 4.15 PM and ends at 5.15 PM in the winter (in summer). And the entrance starts between 2:00 and 3:30 PM. On a first-come, first-served basis, seats are offered.

Here check the Day to Day Timing:

  • Monday 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Tuesday 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Wednesday 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Thursday 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Friday 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Saturday 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Sunday 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Entry Fee – No entrance tickets or passes are required. It is a formal meeting of two countries that you can attend on any day, including a holiday. When relations between the two nations are tense, entry may occasionally be prohibited.

Best time to visit Wagah Border, Amritsar

The most significant time of year to visit Wagah Border Amritsar is during the winter. Beginning in November and lasting until March is winter. Winter is the finest season for outdoor activities. The daylong temperature remains pleasant. The sunset ceremonial at the Wagah Border lasts roughly 45 minutes.

Additionally, get there early to obtain the best seats. Consequently, the event will take two to three hours. Even better, you can arrange a day trip to Wagah Border while traveling there.

Observations to make when visiting Wagah Border;

  1. Political motives might cause the entry to be prohibited.
  2. For the ceremony, arrive at least an hour early.
  3. Keep your ID on hand, preferably a passport.
  4. Seats near the VIP corner are available for foreign visitors.
  5. There are no mobile phone services in the region.
  6. You must store carry-on luggage in the lockers.
  7. The show is open for photography.

How to reach Wagah Border from Amritsar?

28 kilometers separate from Amritsar from the Attari-Wagah border. Both the bus stop and the Amritsar train station are 30 kilometers away. Additionally, Wagah Border is 35 kilometers away from Amritsar Airport. The many routes to the Wagah Border at Amritsar are as follows:

  • By Bus => From Amritsar, it’s simple to board a Wagah Border bus. The majority of buses stop at Attari, where you must take an auto-rickshaw or cycle-rickshaw to the entrance gate.
  • By Taxi/ Cab => To travel to Wagah Border Amritsar, you can reserve taxis from the best car rental services in the city. They offer the most convenient means of travel. You may also hire a Wagah Border taxi for the day so you can see all the neighboring tourist attractions.

Wagah Border Amritsar Online Ticke Booking & Price

Activities in Amritsar close to the Wagah Border

  1. Take in the Beating Retreat ceremony => The Wagah Border trip focuses on Beating Retreat. The Beating Retreat ritual is an entertaining once-in-a-lifetime event. During the ceremony, you may watch a carefully organized parade between Pakistani and Indian soldiers. And anyone can get into a patriotic mood thanks to the songs, dance, and raucous cheers.
  2. War Memorial & Museum => This memorial is another wonderful location to see en route. It highlights Punjab’s lengthy history as well as the valiant people who fought in numerous conflicts. The gallery is filled with numerous images, objects, and weaponry. A 45-meter stainless steel sword honoring the sacrificed Sikh soldiers is also on display.
  3. Enjoy a typical Punjabi dinner =>  Following the ceremony, visit a nearby eatery for a genuine Punjabi feast. If you want a more conventional experience, you can also visit Sadda Pind resort. It’s a theme hotel where you may play entertaining activities and eat in a traditional Punjabi village setting.

FAQs about Wagah Border Amritsar

Q.1 What role does the Wagah Border ceremonial play?
The Wagah Border ceremonial is a display of strength and comradery. It was launched as a show of goodwill and represents both the nation’s competition and its fraternity. However, this Beating Retreat border ceremony has evolved into a combative and hostile one over time. The armies of the two nations compete with one another.

Q.2 How do I reserve a spot at the Wagah Border ceremony?
A solemn ceremony is held at the Wagah Border between India and Pakistan. No reservations are required. On a first-come, first-served basis, seats are offered.

Q.3 Is the Wagah Border and Attari the same?
The Wagah Border and Attari Border are identical. On either side of the border, in Attari (India) and Wagah (Pakistan), respectively, they bear their names.

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