Top 5 Inspirational & Motivational Stories for Students/ Kids to Work Hard

Top 5 Inspirational & Motivational Stories for Students/ Kids to Work Hard:- Hello Parents! As we experience the changes in the behavior and personality of our kids with the growth every month. We start understanding the traits of our children and would like to educate them for their better future and development. Kids are always got inspired by the things happening in the family, in school, and other small things around them. The progress of your child is counted every day. Here today we brought this blog post to help you give a better way to develop moral, Social, and other values of life through the stories.

Let’s have a look at the Top 5 Inspirational & Motivational Stories for Students, Kids to Work Hard below in this blog post. Keep on reading this article ahead.


Top 5 Inspirational & Motivational Stories 2023

Stories are the base of the learning and understanding of the values of the society in which your child will be at the age of responsibility. there are lots of stories available for kids online or offline for your kids. The charm of the Inspirational stories for your kid’s developing the personality of your kids. Overall the personality of your kids makes him be a responsible part of society in the future. These kinds of stories with inspirational thoughts develop social values, moral values, and habitual values in life.

Top 5 Inspirational & Motivational Stories for Students/ Kids to Work Hard

List of Top 5 Inspirational Stories 2023 for Kids, Students

  1. The Ants and the Grasshopper
  2. The Dog at the Well
  3. The Three Fish
  4. The Mouse and the Lioness
  5. The Turtle and the Hare

1) The Ants and the Grasshopper

As a parent, we have been well-versed in the moral and inspirational stories we have read or told to us by our grandmother. This is a very inspirational and morale-boosting story for your kid about an ant and a grasshopper.

Once there was a grasshopper and an aunt lived in a garden. Ant was very hardworking and she work hard for his livelihood and always keep collecting food from the garden and keep it stored in his home. Grasshoppers always see her working hard by sitting over a branch of a tree in the garden. Time was running and the ant was keeping his work harder to collect food by roaming in the garden all day. While the grasshopper keeps singing and watching the ant every day.

Ant was also wise to see also daily watch grasshopper. and she thought the grasshopper did not want to work and only want to sing sitting on the tree. Time passed away and this practice keep repeating as Ant works hard the grasshopper keeps singing all day without doing anything.

By the time the summer season was up and the rainy season started. Ant started working harder and Grasshopper keep singing. Here comes a heavy rain and the garden was filled up by the water everywhere. The ant was very happy besides grasshopper was looking for food. By the day grasshopper was unable to find food for several days. Then he decided to borrow some food from Ant. He asked the ant to give him some food.

Ant asked the grasshopper. What he was doing in the summertime?

Grasshopper replied. I was too busy singing all day for you.

Ant replied in return to his answer politely Ohh you are a good singer, now you must have to dance to the songs which you were singing.

Moral of The Story:- Work and leisure are key factors in our lives. We can always find a little spare time to indulge in our hobbies all our life, but we must not give most of our time to hobbies. We must make the most of our time by hardworking, productive, and constructive actions. Because it is valuable at the end of the day.

2) The Dog at the Well

We all know that kids have a natural curiosity to do the things that parents asked them not to do in their daily life. This is the story of the same concern for your kids.

Once there was a dog living with her three puppies near a well in the farmer’s ground. The dog loves her puppies too much and works hard to feed them and care for them. The mother dog always asks all the puppies not to go near the well or play around the well, it is very dangerous for the puppies. The curiosity of the kids sometimes ends in dangerous situations and may harm the kids.

One day the mother dog was out in search of food and the puppies are playing at their home. One puppy was very active and curious among those three. He saw the well and marched towards the well by overcoming curiosity. He forgot that his mother asked him not to to the well. But he decided to explore the well.

He claimed on the top of the well and saw his own image in the water down in the well. Then he thought that it is another puppy and want to fight him. So he decided to fight with him and jumped into the well. But he did not find any puppy there. He understand his mistake and started barking to get help from someone. The farmer listen to his barking and rescued the puppy from the well.

Moral of The Story:- Kids always follow the way their parents and well-wishers ask them to do. Elders have more experience in life, they always guide you to choose the right path in life.

3) The Three Fish

This is a beautiful story of the three fish in a pound. the story is most inspirational for young kids. Also gives a great lesson of life to your kids.

Once there was three little fish living in the pound. they all are very good friends. They all usually play and roam around the pound all day. Their life was going very happily with each other. One day a fisherman was roaming around and noticed that there are lots of finish in the pound. He planned to fix the net to catch the fish the next day.

One wise fish understand that they all are in danger. He calls both her friends and said we must have to search for another pound as our new home. Let’s move out from this pound. one fish agreed with him but the third fish did not agree with both of them.

They tried much to convince him to come with them and go to a safer place. The third fish said this pound is our home and we must not leave this. They tried to convenience the fish again but the fish refuse to go out of the pound.

Both fish decided to leave the pound and go to another pound to live. At next day the fisherman come back and cast his net in the pound to catch the fish, and the third fish was caught and the two fish escaped from the pound. The caught fish was unable to understand the coming danger to him.

Moral of the Story:- We must have to be wise to understand the problem we are going to face in the future. There are different problems you will face in life and all problems have different solutions.

4) The Mouse and the Lioness

Here we brought a classic story for your kid about a mouse and a lioness of the jungle. this story teaches us a wonderful lesson in our life.

There was a fierce lioness living in a jungle. They used to kill and eat the small animal of the jungle cruelly. One day she was roaming around the jungle proud of being more stronger than the small animal of the jungle. She was roaming and did not worry about the thorn being spread on the ground. she suddenly feel that a thorn pricked her paw but she did not care about it.

She kept roaming around the jungle with a throne-pricked paw. By the time she started feeling weaker but proud, she did not ask for help.

Lioness started feeling a lot of pain at her paw. and she decided to lie under the tree in a jungle. There was a humble mouse roaming in the jungle. He shows the lioness in pain. Though the mouse was scared of the lioness, he wanted to help the lioness.

Courageously he decided to ask the lioness to help her. The lioness agrees with the little mouse because she was suffering from pain. Somehow, the little mouse managed to pick the throne out of the lioness’s paw. Lioness was feeling better now.

Although, the lioness was stronger and bigger, at the end of the story a little mouse come to give the relief from the pain she was feeling.

Moral of the Story:- Never be proud of being bigger and stronger. Everyone has their own value, even he is smaller in this world.

5) The Turtle and the Hare

Friends this classic story we have heard and listened to over the years but still, at the present time, the moral values that we learned from this story remain the same.

So, this was a story of a turtle and where in a jungle. they both are living happily in the jungle as a friend. One day the hare feels that he is faster than the turtle and started feeling proud of being faster and more beautiful than the turtle. Once he argued with a turtle that he is stronger than him and the argument ended with the decision of a race between turtle and hare.

Hare was very happy because he was very confident that he will win the race because he can run faster than a turtle. So he gone to his home and slept in confident of winning the race the next day. On the other side turtle also slept with no worry about the race the next day.

The next day the race started between the turtle and the hare. Hare ran faster and left the turtle behind. He stopped and thought that title is too slow for him and will never win the race. So, he thought let’s have rest for some time before completing the race. He sat down under the tree and fall asleep.

The turtle keep up as fast as he can run and did not stop before reaching the finish point. On the other hand, the hare was sleeping. Suddenly the hare woke up and run faster to finish the race but he found the turtle finished the race first. The turtle was declared the winner of the race.

Moral of the Story:- Steadiness and determined people always be successful in life. So never give up facing stronger opponents.

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