TN CM Free Mask Scheme 2023 for Ration Card Holders – தமிழ்நாடு இலவச மாஸ்க் திட்டம்

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu has launched the ‘CM Free Mask Scheme 2023’ for ration cardholders. Under which 2 masks will be distributed free to every citizen of the state. The main goal of writing the article is to provide you with complete information about this scheme so that you can know what is the Chief Minister’s Free Mask Scheme for ration card-holders? What is its purpose? How much does it cost how will the govt distribute masks? What would be the masks? Other important information like this, we will reach you through this article. So let us know in detail the தமிழக முதல்வர் இலவச முகமூடி திட்டம் for the ration cardholders.


Tamil Nadu CM free Mask Scheme 2023

The Govt of Tamil Nadu has implemented the Chief Minister Free Mask Scheme 2023 for the ration cardholders in the state. State Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami launched the free mask distribution scheme in the state. As you know, not only India but the whole world is fighting with Coronavirus at this time. Not being able to produce any medicine of COVID-19 till now makes it even more dangerous. Because of which a dreadful picture has been formed in the minds of people about this disease.


On the one hand, the unlocking process has been started in India; on the other hand cases of coronavirus are increasing rapidly. One way to protect you from COVID-19 is to protect yourself, such as wearing a mask. Keeping this in view, the Tamil Nadu government has also taken a decision, under which free masks will be distributed to citizens who are ration cardholders across the state. Seeing the increasing cases of corona in the state, the state government decided that each citizen should be given two masks. And these masks are made of clothes so that they can be reused after washing.

TN CM Free Mask Scheme 2023 – Highlights

Name of Scheme CM Free Mask Distribution Scheme
Language தமிழ்நாடு இலவச மாஸ்க் திட்டம்
State Tamil Nadu
Started By Chief Minister Mr. Edappadi K Palaniswami
Objective To reduce coronavirus infection
Beneficiary Each ration cardholder family of the state
Status Active
Official Website

TN CM Free Mask Scheme for Ration Card-Holders

Recently, the Tamil Nadu government introduced the Chief Minister Free Mask Distribution Scheme 2023 for the state’s ration cardholders. Here check the key features of the scheme;

  • Under this scheme, masks will be distributed to the people of the state through ration shops.
  • In the first phase of the scheme, more than 69 lakh families of the state will be benefitted.
  • The Chief Minister launched the scheme by distributing masks to 5 people in the Secretariat.
  • A total of 4.44 crore masks with a total cost of Rs 30.07 crore will be distributed by the government under the Tamil Nadu Free Mask Distribution Scheme.
  • The government has also ensured that the masks are of good quality and can be reused so that users can use them once they are washed after use.
  • 2 masks will be distributed to each member of the family.
  • The govt has made it mandatory to wear meat throughout the state to control the transmission of coronavirus and also to make every citizen of the state aware of COVID-19.

There are a total of 2.08 crore ration cardholder families in the state including 6.74 crore citizens. Tamil Nadu government wants to distribute free masks to every citizen under this scheme. It was not possible to distribute so many masks in one phase, so the government has decided to complete this work in different phases.

Aim of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Free Mask Scheme

The increasing cases of coronavirus is a worrying topic, which is why the Tamil Nadu government wants every person in the state to be aware and take all possible measures to avoid COVID-19 infections. Because of the non-availability of medicines for this virus “Protection is Safety”, keeping this in mind, the Tamil Nadu Govt started the Chief Minister Free Mask Distribution Scheme 2023 in the state and all ration cardholders in the state under this scheme decided to distribute masks to families. Wearing masks is mandatory to protect against coronavirus and the state government has also made it mandatory for everyone to wear masks.

So 2 masks will be distributed to each citizen and these masks will be reused after washing. To control the cases of growing COVID-19 in the state, it is necessary to be aware of the people of the state, and it is also very important to go everywhere with a mask so that the coronavirus cannot spread its foot in the state. Keeping these things in mind, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu launched the CM Free Mask Distribution Scheme 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Many questions must be arising in your mind regarding this scheme, let us know briefly the answers to those questions.

  1. What is the free monthly distribution scheme 2023 for ration cardholders?
    The Tamil Nadu government will distribute free masks to every person from the ration card holder families of their state and two masks will be given to each person.
  2. How will the government distribute masks?
    The government will make monthly distributions through ration shops, in the same way, that ration is distributed through ration cards; masks will be distributed in the same way.
  3. What kind of masks will be there?
    The mask to be distributed by the government will be made of cloth and can be reused after washing once used.
  4. Where will the masks be distributed?
    Except for Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC), Panchayat, Municipality, and Municipal Corporation will distribute the mask everywhere else.


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