10+ Short Stories in English with Moral for Kids (May 2023)

10+ Short Stories in English with Moral for Kids (May 2023):- Hello Parents!! Here today we brought a general discussion on one of the most essential parts of the age of four growing kids. Kids always learn from the things happening around them and moral stories are the base to make your kids more intellectual in their life. The stories not only entertain kids but also there are lots more life-changing impacts on the character of your kids. All our social values like honesty, greediness, cheating, kindness, respect, and other moral values which impact their lives are easy to learn from moral stories. Let us check a bit more about the Top 10 Short Stories in English with Moral for Kids in the below sections. Keep scrolling down below.


Top 10 Short Moral Stories in English

Kids who hear the moral tales gain Meaningful life lessons that they may accordingly apply to their own situations in their life. Children always find it easier to understand morals in their own lives through these stories. Lots of the stories are available for kids and parents may pick any of them that are not only suitable and according to their child’s age but also reinforce the life lessons they want them to acquire for their future. These tales, especially moral stories assist families to bring up their kids to be model citizens who are well-versed in the moral values of the good life.

10+ Short Stories in English with Moral for Kids (May 2023)

The stories also help the kids to be more responsible for the society they are going to face in their life. So, every parent must have to tell moral stories to their kids to become a perfect model for society. We all know that at this time when everyone is busy and families are not like the families at an early age when the grandmother tells the moral stories to their kids and make them more sincere about society and moral value. So, dear parents let’s have a look at the benefits of the 10+ Short Moral Stories in the life of your kids.

Benefits of the Moral Stories for Your Kids

Every story has at least something to learn about. So in terms of moral stories for kids, the benefits of moral stories had a wide impact on the life and mind of the kids.

1:- Help kids become Strong

Moral stories impose a greater impact on the character of the kids. We all always think that our kids will be more storm to make good decisions in their life. Moral stories always develop the character and value in the flexible mind of kids to be enough strong to go for the valuable and good decisions in their life rather than not being resilient in their life.

2:- To Become a Role Rodel in the Society

After all your kids have to face and stay connected with society and will be responsible for their role in society. Moral stories make your kids much more aware of their role in society. Your kids will learn to make good decisions by being a part of society in their life through moral stories.

3:- Understanding Good and Bad in life 

Moral stories teach your kids to be aware of the good and bad in their life. Good and bad about their responsibility in society, their personal decisions, Moral values in their life, and many other situations of life.

List of 10+ Short Stories in English for Kids

  1. The Golden Touch
  2. The Lion and the Mouse
  3. The Boy Who Cried- Wolf
  4. Count Wisely
  5. The Fox and the Stork
  6. The Proud Rose
  7. The Milkmaid and Her Pail
  8. The Fox and the Grapes
  9. The Tale of the Pencil
  10. The Bear and Two Friends
  11. A Bundle of Sticks

1) The Golden Touch

This Short moral story teaches a life lesson to your kid. you must have to tell this story to your ward in their life. The story is about a ready rich man from a village. The greedy man loves the gold besides having a lot with him. Always has an eye on the gold of other villagers. he loves his daughter much more meanwhile a fairy comes into the story. fairies hair was trapped with a tree and she was unable to get rid of the situation. The greedy man helped her to with greed to become richer with the help of a fairy to make his wish come true. His wish “All I will touch will become gold” is granted by the fairy.

He was very happy with his wish and collected more gold. One day he touched his daughter and she turned in gold. The greedy man started crying and tries a lot to bring his daughter back but he can not do that. After that, he understand how greedy he was and his greediness converted his daughter into gold.

Moral of the Story => Never be greedy, Greediness will lead you to become a bad person.

2) The Lion and the Mouse

This is a short moral story of a lion and a mouse in a jungle. They both live in a jungle. One day the lion was sleeping under a tree and the mouse started playing over the lion’s body and this act made the lion awaken. The lion gets angry with the mouse. The mouse was desperately requested by the king of the jungle to leave him. He said to the lion if he will leave him, one day he will help him too.

The ion left him and after some time the lion got captured and tied by the rope by the hunters. Here comes the mouse who saves the lion.

Moral of the Story => Kindness is always awarded

3) The Boy Who Cried- Wolf

This is one of the famous stories of our time. In this story, there was a boy who lives alone far up on a mountain from a village. One night he started crying Wolf, Wolf, Wolf… Villagers thought the boy alone is in danger and they climbed up the mountain to save the boy but they did not find any wold there. The boy started doing the same thing for several nights. Every night villagers come and found no Wolf there. Villagers understand that the boy is making fools of all the villagers.

One night a real Wolf came and the boy again cried Wolf, Wolf, Wolf… Villagers did not take his crying seriously and the wolf attacked the boy.

Moral of the Story => Never lie, once u lost trust no one will trust you again. Be truthful in your life.

4) Count Wisely

This is the moral story of Witty Birbal. One king Akbar asked courtesans to count and tell him how many crows are flying in the city and said if the counting will be wrong then he will be punished. All the courtesans were puzzled and went to Birbal. They told the situation to Birbal and asked him to help them all. Witty Birbal started thinking and answered to the king that 20415 crows are flying in the sky.

King Akbar said to recount the crows and find if the answer is right or wrong. Witty Birbal immediately replied to King that if they found fewer crows than the figure I have given then the rest of the crows have come to visit their relatives in the other city and if the counting is above then there are some relatives of the crow are visiting their relatives from another city.

Moral of the Story => You must have a clear explanation with your answers.

5) The Fox and the Stork

This short story is about the selfish fox who once invited a stork to his house for dinner. stork was very happy to receive an invitation from the fox. In the evening she went to the fox’s home. Fox welcomed her and took her to the dining room. Fox offered soup to the stork in a shallow bowl and the stork was not able to drink the soup.

Stork did not get angry with this behavior and invited Fox for dinner the next day. The next evening when the fox visited his home the stork offered him soup in a narrow neck vessel. Fox was unable to drink the soup because of the narrow neck of the vessel. Then Fox realized his mistake and promised to never do this again.

Moral of the Story => Selfishness is a bad habit

6) The Proud Rose

This is a short story about a rose in a garden kids. In this story, there was a beautiful rose on a rose plant in the garden and the rose was feel proud of its beauty. There was a cactus plant near him and Rose always insult the cactus for his ugliness. All the plants always tried to the Rose to stop behaving like this with the plant. But Rose did not stop bullying Cactus.

Suddenly in the summer season, the well in the garden dried up and Rose started losing his color and beauty. But Cactus remains the same as he was earlier. Rose dipped his beak in the cactus to stay alive with water. He understands the importance of Cactus

Moral of the Story => Never Judge anyone by how they look.

7) The Milkmaid and Her Pail

This is a short moral story of Pally Milkmaid. One day she milked her cow and have two buckets of creamy cow milk. She soon moved ahead to the market to sell the milk to earn some money for her livelihood. On the way to the market, she started thinking about money and wealth. She thought about how much she will earn money with this milk. She keeps thinking she will buy a chicken with the money she will earn and then the chicken will give egg and she will have more chicken. Soon she will start selling eggs and will make more money and buy a new home for her.

She was dreaming about her journey to become rich with two buckets of milk in both hands. Suddenly she fell down and all the milk spread on the ground. She started crying and crying louder. Then she said no more dreams!!

Moral of the Story => Never Count your Chicken Before they Hatch

8) The Fox and the Grapes

There was a fox in a jungle. In summer the fos was wandering inside the jungle and he was very hungry. Suddenly he found a bunch of grapes hanging on a vineyard nearby. He was desperately searching for food because he was so hungry. Fox checked around for any danger and get ready to eat grapes. He jumped up to catch a bunch of grapes but failed.

He tried again and again to get the grapes to eat but he was not able to reach the height of the bunch of the grapes. After trying several times he decided not to try again and decided to leave the vineyard hungry. On the way back to the jungle he thought and convenience himself by saying “Sure those grapes were sour to taste”.

Moral of the Story => Never pretend to hate something if not accessible to you.

9) The Tale of the Pencil

This short moral story is about a boy called Raj. Raj was very sad about his performance on the English subject test. He was sitting in his room sadly. His grandmother came and sit beside him and asked why he is so sad. Raj tells her all about his English test. His grandmother confronted him and gave him a pencil but Raj refused to take a pencil and said, I can not take the pencil because my performance in the test is not good.

His grandmother explained to him that there are so many problems that come in our life when we became sad same as this pencil. This pencil also faces the same situation when we painfully sharpen the pencil. But after sharpening this pencil became perfect to write the whole good things of the world. However, take this pencil and this pencil will help you to be a good student and also will help you to perform better in the next test.

Moral of the Story => Never give up on the failures, we all have enough strength to do what we wish to do.

10) The Bear and Two Friends

This is a story about trust. There were two best friends stuck in a dangerous jungle. The Sun started to set and they all grabbed each other’s hands and keep walking back to their home. Suddenly they saw a beer roaming near them. and suddenly the bear started walking toward them and both get scared. they started running away from the bear and one friend climbed into a tree. Other friends do not know how to claim a tree.

He thought and lay down on the ground and pretended to be as dead. The bear comes and sniffed around his head. the boy who was sitting on the tree see as the bear whispered something in the ear boy. Soon bear left his friend and then became down and asked his friend what the bear whispered in his head. The boy said Bear said, “Never trust friends who never care for you”.

Moral of the Story => A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

11) A Bundle of Sticks

This a very old short moral story about the strength of unity. Once there were three farmers who lived in the village and work hard in their fields to get their crops. They were having problems with their crops. Every day they come up with different ideas to get rid of the problem they are facing. They have tried various methods but nothing happened at all.

One day the village head come up to visit them and gave the farmer a stick each. then he said to break the stick. The farmer easily breaks the stick. Again he gave a bundle of sticks to the farmer to break, but none of them was able to break the bundle of sticks. Then he said you don’t work separately, work together to get rid of the problem you are facing. Farmer understood the logic and together they solved the problem.

Moral of the Story => Strength in Unity

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