Sarpa Samskara Pooja Online Booking Price, Fees/ Cost for Sarpa Samskara Puja

Sarpa Samskara Pooja Online Booking Price, Fees/ Cost for Sarpa Samskara Puja are the main points to discuss with you here in this article. As you know that this pooja is performed at the Kukke Subrahmanya Temple, Kannada. Thousands number of devotees visit the temple, especially for this pooja. The Kukke Subramanya temple is especially known in India to perform this pooja. The devotees here come to get rid of the Sarpa Dosha in their Kundali.

The Pooja is performed at the ancient temple Kukke Subhrahmanya Temple Kannada. This temple has an ancient legacy with Parashurama. The boys who are not getting the perfect bride due to Sarpa Dosha in their Kundali visit here to perform the Sarpa Samskara Pooja. Some couples who are facing conceiving problems in their married life, also come here to perform the pooja as advised by the astrologer. In the next section, we are going to discuss the price/ cost for Sarpa Samskara Pooja Booking 2023 online at and other aspects of the topic.


Sarpa Samskara Pooja/ Ticket Booking Online 2023

Temple Name Kukke Shree Subrahmanya Temple
Performance Sarpa Samskara Pooja
Timings of Temple 5 AM to 8 PM every day
Pooja Timing As Suggested by the Brahmin according to your Kundali Yoga
Purpose of visit Performing Sarpa Samskara Pooja
Location of the temple Karnataka
Online Pooja Booking Available, through the official website of Temple Trust
Important Saves
Official website of the temple

Sarpa Samskara Pooja Booking Online Price

Note – Sarpa Samskara is one of its kind of pooja that is only performed in the Kukke Subramanya Temple, Karnataka State of India.

How to Book Sarpa Samskara Pooja Online?

In this section, we brought authentic information about the online process of booking the Sarpa Samskara Pooja at the Kukke Subrahmanya Temple. This ritual is performed in the temple under the instruction of Brahmin. All the methods of the pooja we will discuss later in the below sections. Here we have the key points about the actual process of booking online through the official website of the trust of the temple.

  1. Visit the official website of the temple trust that is
  2. On the web homepage, click on the Sarpa Samskara Pooja Booking option.
  3. Provide the time and date of the pooja.
  4. Fill up your personal details with your active phone number and email id.
  5. Go to the make payment option to make payment online.
  6. After completing the payments, you will receive the information about your booking by SMS and email.
  7. The information you will get will contain the date and time with the assigned Pandit’s name who will perform all the rituals of the pooja.

Cost/ Price for Sarpa Samskara Pooja Online Booking

The trust of the temple has fixed the rates of the Sarpa Samskara pooja. The pooja is performed by the registered Pandit of the temple trust. The total cost of the pooja includes the share of pandit and others. Altough before the trust started the administration of the Temple trust fixed the price for different slots of pooja performance. The devotee has nothing to pay to the pandit at the time of pooja, just only follow the process of Sarpa Samskara Puja according to the rituals.

The trust of Kukke Subhramanya Temple has fixed Sarpa Samskara Pooja Fee as Rs 3,200/- for one devotee at one time.

Sarpa Samskara Pooja Benefits for Devotees

The Sarpa Dosha like our mythological books makes so many bad conditions in a person’s life. There are so many problems that come in the life of the person who has the Sarpa Dosha in his Kundali. The pooja performed at the temple gives relief from the bad condition happening in the life of the person.

  • After performing the Pooja the person gets rid of not finding the perfect match for marriage.
  • After performing this pooja the couples who have conceiving problems will soon receive the good news of parenthood.
  • However, some devotees perform this Sarpa Samskara Puja for the good blessing of the deities.

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That’s all we have in this blog post. Your Quries and Suggestion are welcomed regarding Sarpa Samskara Pooja online booking process. Feel free to drop your question in below given comment box. We will reply each peson ASAP!!

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