Rajasthan University President List 2023, Check RU All Presidents, General Secretary List

Rajasthan University President List 2023, Check RU All Presidents, General Secretary List:- Hey friends!! Here today we brought the topic to discuss your queries related to the Rajasthan state university election and the list of former president list. All we know is that just after the summer vacation the admissions process will start. Same time the students will start campaigning for the next presidential election of the University. Student politics and the birth of young politicians in Indian history start from state university politics.

The national political parties also have their student cells active in university politics. ABVP and NSUI are the top student cell of the national political parties. So, all the students who start their first day at the university will be more excited about the new aspects of their student life at the university. Below in this blog post, we brought the information about Rajasthan University President List 2023 for your reference.


Rajasthan University President List 2023

The Student Union is the independent educational union created by the election in the universities of India for the welfare of the students on university campuses. The league is an independent body that is established in the all-state universities of India. The election of the association is done under the election body of the university. The elected candidates of the unions responsible for working for the welfare and other campus created problems for the state.

Rajasthan University President List 2023, Check RU All Presidents, General Secretary List

In the Rajasthan university every year the presidential election of the student union is held. The president and other members are elected for one year of working period. The Student Union is always available as an active body for every student of the university in the matter involved regarding educational problems. Below are the Rajasthan University presidents list, including All format presidents, and General secretary lists are included in this article.

Rajasthan University/ RU All Presidents 2023 List – Highlights

Blog post Rajasthan University President List
  • RU Student’s Union Election 2023
  • All RU President’s list 2023
  • RU General Secretary List 2023
Type of Election University Student Union Election
State Rajasthan
Year 2023
Date N A
Term of Election Yearly
Election For
  1. RU SU President
  2. RU SU Vice President
  3. RU SU Genenral Secratary
  4. RU SU Loint Secretary
  5. RU SU Research Representative
Academic Year 2023- 24
Eligibility Students of the University

Rajasthan University Constituent Colleges List

The Rajasthan University is constituted of several different colleges together. The head Office of the Rajasthan University is in Jaipur. The administrative office solely manages all the colleges under the law and governance of the Educational Ministry of Rajasthan State. Below is the list of Constituent Colleges under Rajasthan University.

  1. University Commerce College
  2. University Maharani College
  3. University Maharaja College
  4. University Five Year Law College
  5. University Law College
  6. University Law College CENTRE-II
  7. University Rajasthan College

Rajasthan University Office Bearers List 2022-23

1 RUSU President Nirmal Chowdhary
2 RUSU Vice President Amisha Meena
3 RUSU General Secretary Arvind Jajara
4 RUSU Joint Secretary Dhara Kumawat
5 Research Represenatative Mr. Ramswroop Ola

List of Rajasthan University Presidents 2023

The Rajasthan University was established in 1956 by the state government and the university is claimed as the oldest university of the state. It was established in 1947 but the current name was given to the university in 1956. The university was established in Jaipur, Pink City in 700 acres of the area. The student union election of the university was started in 1956 and since then every year the university administration organise the student election in the university.

The student union of the university is an independent body for the welfare of the students. The leader or representatives are elected by the students in a fair election through voting in the university. The head of the university is the president of the student union. all the subordinates were actively involved in the welfare of the students under his presidency.

  1. Rajasthan University Student Union Current President=> Nirmal Chowdhary
  2. Download or Check Rajasthan University President List=> Click Here

Rajasthan University General Secretary List

In the Hierarchy of the student union member list, the second highest hierarchy of the union is General Secretary. Lots of the students compete for this position in the university elections. The sports division of the University every year organizes the sports event in the university with the help of the Student Union. The general secretary has an important role in all the cultural, social, and other activities happening at the university. Below is the link to the complete list of the General Secretaries of Rajasthan University Till Now.

  1. Rajasthan University Student Union Current General Secretary=> Arvind Jajara
  2. Download or Check Rajasthan University General Secretary List=> Click Here
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