Rajasthan Pratapgarh Viral Video Download Link, Twitter, Telegram, Youtube

Hello, readers welcome to our Post which is regarding the new viral video news. A new incident has occurred in Rajasthan after Manipur in the same full condition for our country which occurred in Rajasthan. Today’s article is all about the Rajasthan Pratapgarh Viral Video Download Link which is now circulated on Twitter, Telegram, and YouTube. All the details are discussed in an article in depth.


Rajasthan Pratapgarh Viral Video

राजस्थान के प्रतापगढ़ जिले के गांव की एक दिल दहला देने वाली घटना सामने आई है। जहाँ एक 21 वार्षिये एक लड़की को उसके पति और अन्य रिश्तेदारों द्वारा सर–ए–बाज़ार बिना कपड़ो के घुमाया गया। यह मणिपुर कि घटना जैसी समान घटना है। यह घटनाएं लगातार भारत की प्रतिष्ठा पर चोट कर रही है। इस घटना ने प्रशासन और महिला सुरक्षा जैसी अनेक समस्याओं पर सवाल उठाये हैं। यह राजस्थान वायरल वीडियो इंटरनेट पर तेज़ी से ट्रेंडिंग हो रहा है।

An incident in a village in Pratapgarh district of Rajasthan in which a 21-year-old woman was stripped and paraded naked by her ex-husband Kana and other relatives. The video of this incident is becoming increasingly viral on social media. People are shocked and continuously searching for the Download link of the Video. So, here you all get the Download Link of Viral Video of Rajasthan. Just read the article to get the complete details about it.

Rajasthan Viral Video Download Link – Overview

Article About Rajasthan Pratapgarh Viral Video Download Link, Twitter, Telegram, Youtube
Language Hindi & English
Posted on Twitter, Telegram, Facebook and Youtube
Virla Victim & Accused Husband & Wife of a Village of Pratapgarh District.
Incident Date 31- August -2023
Viral On Friday Night, 1-Sep- 2023 (midnight)
Type Nacked Video Women Prade
Location Partapgarh Dist, Rajasthan
Video Format MP4 (5MB)
Rajasthan Women Nacked Viral Video Link Download Here
Post-Category Trending Viral News

Rajasthan Women Naked Parided

The same full incident has been acquired in the Pratapgarh district of the Rajasthan Here husband of a woman and their family members traded a movement net or without clothes on the road and the market. Design shameful incidents and controversial topics for India just not about Rajasthan.

Some months ago similar incident was also in the news in which a woman paraded naked. This incident which occurred in India has immersed the questions on human rights and the freedom of dignity life and other fundamental rights. Is this acceptable for us in a democratic country to defeat and harass a woman for baseless reasons? This incident shocked many people and NGOs all over India. And started a debatable topic and controversy among people and government.

Rajasthan Viral Video Case Study

Do you know about the sensational news that it a cured in Manipur on 31st August? Another shocking incident like Manipur has come to the force in the ward police station area of Pratapgarh district.

The video of the village of the district has gone viral on social media after the 31st of August. In this video a man who is the husband of the victim and some relatives stripping a woman and also nacking her. After that, she was paraded throughout the entire village. This has become trending news on the internet, and people have to raise many questions to the government. This is a great failure and a shameful condition for our country, and society. It is not a failure of Law and order, it’s also about the failure of Society and Culture.

Administrative Action on Rajasthan Viral Video

After viral of this post on the internet, Many people are continually raising questions. This video of this incident went viral on Friday night. After which there was a panic in the administration. After the top officials were seen coming into action, SP along with the collector reached the spot.

Rajasthan police have investigated the whole incident and the name of the accused and victim has not been disclosed yet. Any reasons about this case and facts are also not disclosed. As soon as we get any kind of update we will inform you further through this article.

Rajasthan Pratapgarh Viral Video Link On  Twitter, Telegram, Youtube

On a Friday night, this video is posted on Twitter and after that, it is circulating and various social media accounts.

Many people and NGOs are raising questions about government and women’s security. According to the people NGO administration has taken strict and rapid action against this whole incident. Many people are searching continuously about the social media links of the Rajasthan viral video. This video is continuously spreading on various social media handles like Twitter Telegram YouTube and Facebook. People are asking for the link so we will provide in this article a Rajasthan viral video download link on Twitter Facebook and Telegram. Don’t click on any other link it is harmful to you.

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