vivo Pro Kabaddi 2022 Season 9 Points-table, Overall Standings & Qualifier Teams

vivo Pro Kabaddi 2022 Season 9 Points-table, Overall Standings & Qualifier Team details are shared here with you. Season 9 of the Pro Kabaddi League 2022 is at its peak. Now it’s time for all the teams to look at the point table. After starting on the 7th of Oct 2022 with the match between Dabang Delhi vs U Mumba.

All the fans are eying the position of their favorite team for the next level of the matches. Which team will enter the next level of the Pro Kabaddi League 2022? That will be decided by the number of points scored by the teams. Below is the important information about the current Points Table of Pro Kabaddi 2022 Season 9.


vivo Pro Kabaddi 2022 Season 9 Points-Table

If you’re a fan of PKL and seeking information about Pro Kabaddi 2022 Points-table and standings then you came to the right web page. Here in this blog post, we are going to publish all the information about PKL season 9 2022. We will give updates on a daily basis. As the fans of PKL know every team has played 11 games till now. We have the current position of all the team with us now. The competition of being in the top 4 positions is at a high level.

Pro Kabaddi League was started in 2014 in India. Now in 2022, the 9th season of the game is going on. Year by year this game is gaining popularity in India. Tamil Thalaiva, UP Yoddha, Telugu Titans, Haryana Steelers, and Puneri Paltan are teams who have never been a champion till now. The team of Patna named “Patna Pirates” is the team that became champion 3 times.

Pro Kabaddi League 2022 Points Table and PKL S-9 Standings

Key Highlights of Pro Kabaddi 2022 Point-table “Overall Standings”

Championship Pro Kabaddi 2022-Season 9
Organizer Marshal Sports
Official Partner Vivo Mobiles
Official Broadcaster Star Sport Network
Opening Date 7th October 2022
Date of Final match 17th December 2022
Official Website URL
Event Schedule of the Full Schedule download link
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vivo Pro Kabaddi League Point table Given Below

Current Updated Points Table- Standings of Vivo Pro Kabaddi League 2022

Here in this section, we will give total and updated information about the standing of PKL Season 9.

Position Name of Team Played Won Lost  Tie Point
1 Jaipur Pink Panthers  21 15 6 0 79
2 Puneri Paltan  21 14 5 2 79
3 Bengaluru Bulls 20 12 7 1 68
4 U.P. Yoddhas   20 11 7 2 66
5 Tamil Thalaivas   20 7 7 4 61
6 Dabang Delhi K.C.     20 9 10 1 55
7 U Mumba  20 9 11 0 51
8 Haryana Steelers  20 8 10 2 51
9 Gujarat Giants 20 8 11 1 51
10 Bengal Warriors  20 8 10 2 50
11 Patna Pirates  20 7 10 3 49
12 Telugu Titans 20 2 18 0 15

Bengaluru Bulls and Dabang Delhi Ride up in the point table to ensure for Eliminator round-

 Match-wise Summary of Winning Team in PKL S-9 Points Table

Date Matches Winner of the Match Scores
14-Oct Tamil Thalaivas VS U Mumba U-Mumba 25-18
14-Oct  Haryana Steelers VS Jaipur Pink Panthers Jaipur Pink Panther 47-37
14-Oct Gujarat Giants VS Puneri Paltan Gujarat Giants 31-44
15-Oct Jaipur Pink Panthers VS Gujarat Giants Gujarat Giants 25-18
15-Oct  Telugu Titans VS Dabang Delhi K.C. Delhi 26-46
15-Oct Bengal Warriors VS Patna Pirates Bengal Won 54-26
16 Oct Puneri Paltan VS U Mumba Mumbai 30-28
16 Oct U.P. Yoddhas VS Bengaluru Bulls Bengaluru 44-37

 Match-wise Summary of Winning Team

Date Matches Winner of the Match Scores
17 Oct Tamil Thalaivas VS Patna Pirates Patna 33-32
17 Oct  Dabang Delhi K.C. VS Haryana Steelers Delhi 38-36
18 Oct Bengal Warriors VS Jaipur Pink Panthers Jaipur 24-39
18 Oct  Telugu Titans VS Puneri Paltan Pune 25-26
19 Oct Gujarat Giants VS U.P. Yoddhas Gujrat 51-45
19 Oct Bengaluru Bulls VS Tamil Thalaivas Bengaluru 45-28
21 Oct U Mumba VS Haryana Steelers Mumbai 32-31
21 Oct  Puneri Paltan VS Bengal Warriors Pune 27-25
21 Oct Patna Pirates VS Dabang Delhi K.C. Patna  37-33
22 Oct U Mumba VS Bengaluru Bulls Bengaluru 32-42
22 Oct Jaipur Pink Panthers VS Telugu Titans Jaipur 51- 27
22 Oct Haryana Steelers VS Gujarat Giants Gujarat 38- 42

Prokabbadi 2022 Winner Report Match Wise

Date Matches Winner of the Match Scores
23 Oct Bengaluru Bulls VS Patna Pirates Match Tied 31-31
23 Oct U.P. Yoddhas VS Tamil Thalaivas UP 41- 24
25 Oct Puneri Paltan VS Jaipur Pink Panthers Pune 32- 24
25 Oct Telugu Titans VS Haryana Steelers Haryana 24- 43
26 Oct Gujarat Giants VS U Mumba Mumbai 29- 37
26 Oct Dabang Delhi K.C. VS Bengal Warriors Bengal 29- 37
28 Oct Tamil Thalaivas VS Jaipur Pink Panthers Tamil Nadu 38- 27
28 Oct Haryana Steelers VS Puneri Palta Match Tied 27-27
28 Oct Patna Pirates VS U.P. Yoddhas Patna 34-29
29 Oct Bengaluru Bulls VS Dabang Delhi K.C. Bangaluru 47- 43
29 Oct Telugu Titans VS Gujarat Giants Gujrat 19- 30
29 Oct Bengal Warriors VS U Mumba Mumbai 25- 36
30 Oct Jaipur Pink Panthers VS Bengaluru Bulls Bengaluru 31-37
30 Oct Tamil Thalaivas VS Dabang Delhi K.C Tamil Nadu 49- 39

ProKabaddi Match Winner Today

Date Matches Winner of the Match Scores
31 Oct Gujarat Giants VS Patna Pirates Patna  28- 34
31 Oct U.P. Yoddhas VS Telugu Titans UP  43- 24
1 Nov Puneri Paltan VS Dabang Delhi K.C. Pune  43-38
1 Nov Haryana Steelers VS Bengaluru Bulls Haryana 29- 27
2 Nov U Mumba VS Telugu Titans Mumbai 40-37
2 Nov Bengal Warriors VS Tamil Thalaivas Match Tied 41-41
4 Nov Patna Pirates VS U Mumba Patna  34- 31
4 Nov Dabang Delhi K.C. VS Jaipur Pink Panthers Jaipur 40- 45
4 Nov U.P. Yoddhas VS Puneri Paltan Pune  31- 40
5 Nov Gujarat Giants VS Bengal Warriors Bengal 40-45
5 Nov Tamil Thalaivas VS Telugu Titans Tamil Nadu 39-31
5 Nov Haryana Steelers VS U.P. Yoddhas Match Tied 36-36
6 Nov Bengaluru Bulls VS Gujarat Giants Gujarat  44-46
6 Nov Pune VS Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu 34-35
7 Nov U Mumba VS Jaipur Pink Panthers Jaipur Pink Panthers 39-42

Match Summary Daily ProKabaddi Matches

Date Matches Winner of the Match Scores
7 Nov Patna VS Haryana Patna  41-32
8 Nov Bengal Worriers VS UP Yodha Match Tied 41-41
8 Nov Dabang Delhi VS Telague Titans Dabang Delhi 40-33
9 Nov Bengaluru Bulls VS Haryana Steelers Banglore Bulls 36-33
9 Nov Tamil Thalaivas VS Puneri Paltan Puneri Paltan 34-35
13 Nov U Mumba vs Patna Pirates U Mumba 36-23
13 Nov Tamil Thalaivas vs Bengaluru Bulls Bengaluru Bulls 34-40
14 Nov Bengal Warriors Vs Puneri Paltan Puneri Paltan 27-43
14 Nov Gujarat Giants Vs Haryana Steelers Haryana Steelers 32-33
15 Nov Jaipur Pink Panthers VS U Mumba Jaipur Pink Panthers 32-22
15 Nov Telugu Titans Vs Bengaluru Bulls Bengaluru Bulls 38-49
16 Nov Patna Pirates Vs Tamil Thalaivas Match Tied 33-33
16 Nov Dabang Delhi Vs UP Yodhas UP Yodhas 50-31
18 Nov Puneri Paltan Vs Haryana Steelers Puneri Paltan 41-28
18 Nov Bengal Worriers Vs Telugu Titans Bengal Worriers 36-28
18 Nov Gujarat Giants Vs Bengaluru Bulls Bengaluru Bulls 38-45
19 Nov Up Yodhas Vs Jaipur Pink Panthers Jaipur Pink Panther 29-42
19 Nov Telugu Titans Vs U Mumba Telugu Titans 32-26
20 Nov Haryana  Steelers Vs Dabag Delhi Dabang Delhi 30-42
20 Nov Bengaluru Bulls Vs Puneri Paltan Pueri Paltan 33-35
21 Nov UP Yodhas Vs Tamil Thalaivas UP Yodhas 35-31

Match Detail Today- Vivo Pro Kabaddi 2022

Date Matches Winner of the Match Scores
21 Nov Tamil Thalaivas VS BAngaluru Bulls Tamil Thalaivas 35-30
22 Nov U Mumba Vs Tamil Thalaivas U Mumba 20-34
22 Nov Telugu Titans Vs Patna Pirates Patna Pirates 35-36
23 Nov Jaipur Pink Panther Vs Puneri Paltan Puneri Paltan 31-39
23 Nov Bengal Warriors Vs Bengaluru Bengal Warriors 41-38
25 Nov Jaipur Pink Panthar Vs Tamil Thalaivas Jaipur Pink Panthar 41-26
25 Nov Haryana Steeler Vs Patna Pirates Haryana Steelers 33-23
26 Nov U Mumba Vs Bengal Worriers U Mumba 49-41
26 Nov Up Yodhas Vs Patna Pirates UP Yodhas 35-33
26 Nov Puneri Paltan Telugu Titans Puneri Paltan 38-25
27 Nov Tamil Thalaivas Vs Gujrat Titans Tamil Thalaivas 42-39
27 Nov Dabang Delhi Vs Bengaluru Bulls Bengaluru Bulls 49-52

The above-given table contains the match-wise summary till the current date of the Pro Kabaddi League with an updated Point Table for the fans of the PKL. We will keep this table updated every day for the Fans. You can bookmark our website for information on updating.

Expected Qualifier for Eliminator & Semi-Final Level Matches

Here a curiosity of the fans is on the terms of eliminator matches of Pro Kabaddi League 2022 (PKL). Who will be the 4 teams of the next level? The Game begins more interesting now as day by day the excitement of the fans rises up for their teams. The first eliminator will be played on December 13th, 2022. The venue of both matches is still not announced by the organizer. We all are waiting for the venue and teams who will play the eliminator matches.

Jaipur Pink Panthers and Puneri Paltan are leading the points table. As of now, it is not decided which team qualified for Eliminator and Semi-Final rounds. The Semifinal matches will be played on the 15th of December 2022. That day will declare the finalist teams of the tournament.

As of now, that’s all we have for the fans of PKL on the Points table, Overall Standings, and other info. Fans are welcome to any query regarding the PKL season 9 2022. Please drop your query in the below-given comment box. We will revert back ASAP.

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