PRI Paymanager Rajasthan Portal 2023 – Employee Salary Slip, Login, Download App

PRI Paymanager Rajasthan Portal – Employee Salary Slip, login, and download app-related details are now available on this page. In today’s article, we are going to help you with the information about PRI PayManager Portal. Here check the complete facilities and information on Rajasthan salary bill payment status, leave, pension details, loans, etc. All the facilities available on this portal are only for the government employees of the state. Information related to how the state employees can get the benefit of the paymanager portal is available further in this article, so continue reading ahead.


PRI Paymanager Rajasthan 2023-24

The Government of Rajasthan has recently started the PRI Paymanager Portal under Panchayati Raj for employees. This portal is maintained by NIC (National Informatics Centre). It is basically a payment receipt preparation system designed for all state government employees in Rajasthan. Designed to show all the details regarding the payment of people working under the government.

This platform allows a popular, non-discriminatory way to make transactions transparent. Many services are available for state government employees i.e salary slips, leave, pension details, loans, etc on this portal. Information related to Rajasthan DDO, Bank, and employees’ payslips is also available. Apart from this, all government employees working in Rajasthan are also paid here.

PRI Paymanager Rajasthan Portal

Services available on Paymanager Rajasthan Portal

Under this, we have mentioned all the services provided by PRI Paymanager Portal;

  1. Helps to make the Bills
  2. Employee Salary Slip (Monthly)
  3. Digitally signed PDF and File by the Bank
  4. Medical Bills of the Employee
  5. HOD/Sub HOD login
  6. Bank Registration

What is PRI PayManager?

Paymanager is a payment invoice preparation system which means for Rajasthan government employees. It provides a common and integrated platform for billing payments to employees. The Software (program) not only provides the facilities for billing of payments but also the preparation of overdue DA invoices, bonuses, arrears, and vacation disbursements.

Pre-pay manager and Pri paymanager are also part of the Panchayati Raj Portal. These portals have been provided for the government employees of the Panchayat area of the state of Rajasthan. All the functions of this portal are also similar to the login website. Employees can get all the benefits of an online facility by logging on to this portal.

PRI PayManager Portal 2023 – Overview

Portal Name (PRI) Pay Manager
State Rajasthan
Launched By State Government of Rajasthan
Department Finance Department
Objective Providing Online Services to State Govt Employees.
Beneficiaries Only State government employees
Official Website Links

Main Purpose of Paymanager Online Portal

  1. The 164.100 PRI paymanager online portal has been released by the Rajasthan Finance Department.
  2. Through this portal, all the employees of the state can easily get information about Pay Manager salary slips, pensions, loans, etc by sitting at home only.
  3. Paymanager 2 raj nic in. Apart from salary slips, pension, and loan information through this portal, employees of the state can now apply for leave online as well.
  4. You can get the benefit of all the facilities by logging in to the Paymanager Rajasthan online portal.

Benefits of the PayManager Portal

The information related to what benefits can be availed by the state employees of the Pay Manager Portal and which facilities can be availed by the citizens is available below.

  • Many facilities are available for the employees of Rajasthan on the Paymanager portal.
  • Now the employees of the state can get the benefit of online facilities like salary slips sitting at home.
  • You can take advantage of all the facilities by logging on to the Pay manager Rajasthan portal.
  • Other facilities like HOD registration, Bank registration are also available on this portal.
  • You can get information about Paymanager salary bills only.
  • Due to this portal being online, the time of the employees of the state will also be saved.
  • Now the employees of Rajasthan state will not need to go to any government office or go to the bank.

Requirements for Pay manager/ Pripaymanager Login

Before you log in, to the Portal, you must then know the requirements for the scheme, given below;

  1. Official ID
  2. Concept/ Checker Concept
  3. DDO Username & Password (Initially NIC provides the pay manager-employee login ID & pay-manager employee login password of all employees.)
  4. Budget header
  5. Good Quality Network Connection
  6. Internet Browser
  7. If old data, then the first time is required. The size of the old data should not exceed 15 MB.

Procedure to Login on PRI PayManager Rajasthan Portal

If you want to login on to the portal then you need to follow the procedure given below;

  1. Firstly, the applicant has to go to the official website of the Paymanager portal.PRI Paymanager Rajasthan Login
  2. Paymanager’s website home page will open where you will see the login option.
  3. In this login option, you have to enter the asked information.
  4. Enter username, password, and captcha code and click on the login button.
  5. In this way, you can log in to Rajasthan paymanager, Paymanager2, pre manager.

Note – In case you forget pri paymanager password then don’t worry you can reset it by simply visiting the official website forgot password.

For any technical help, send an email at [email protected] or call complaint helpline number 0141-5111007.

Employees Paymanager Salary Slip (Payslip)

Now all the government personnel in Rajasthan can easily check out all the information about their salary through this website. Employees do have access to the portal as well using their unique login username and password. The employees of Rajasthan state have limited access to the portal to view their payslip details from the employee page, managed by the DDO officer.

Here, we have given the detailed step-wise process to download the Rajasthan employee salary slip.

Rajasthan Employee Salary Slip Download

  • Visit the PayManager official website using your browser URL
  • Select DDO/ Employee Login link shown below the login option.
  • Enter the User Name and Password of your employee account.
  • Type the Captcha code as shown in the above box. Select Employee from the List of options.
  • Click on the Login button. See your Login ID with your name at top of the page.
  • Select Employee Corner and click on the Pay Slip option.
  • Then select the Month and Year of the Slip from the drop-down. Click on Submit
  • A file may download and allow you to save it in your downloads folder or path selected
  • Visit the Download folder and click on the file to explore your Pay Slip.

Download PayManager Employee Details App

  1. First of all, you should go to the app download link at
  2. Now the Play Store page will open as shown in the below image:
  3. PRI Paymanager Employee Details AppYou should find the Install button and click on it.
  4. Now you must fill out the online process by registering in this app.
  5. After downloading the mobile app, you will continue to receive information related to any updates.

Paymanager Salary Bill Payment

  • When you will log in paymanager official portal then click on the DDO dashboard.
  • Select Bill No Allocation, and a new form will come up such as;
    1. Bill type,
    2. Monthly Salary,
    3. Bill Date,
    4. Bill Number
  • Click on submit option.
  • You can easily modify this Paymanager Salary Bill status process.

Employee Details of PRI Paymanager GA55

  1. Firstly, open the PayManager Dashboard or Logging by Username and Password.
  2. You will see the Employee tab and under it, you can click GA 55 option.
  3. And you need to choose the year.
  4. Your name is shown on the screen.
  5. Choose the estimated/ non-estimated option.
  6. Select format type PDF or Excel.
  7. Data will be downloaded into your system.

If you have any problem or any kind of queries regarding the Rajasthan PRI Paymanager Online Portal. You can contact on below given helpline information.

Please Call at 0141-5111010, 0141-5111007

Email Support: [email protected]

Thank you for visiting our website www. We hope you have got all the information related to PRI Paymanager Rajasthan Portal. Keep on visiting our site for more important updates.

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