Petrol & Diesel Price Today 2023 in India – State/ City-wise List for Petrol, Diesel Rate

Petrol & Diesel Price Today 2023 in India – State and City-wise List for the latest petrol and diesel rate are now available on this page. Get an updated price list for ongoing petrol and diesel through this article. As you all know currently, petrol and diesel prices are increasing very rapidly in the world due to the war situation. And now the impact of war is started to be seen in India also. Because the prices for petrol and diesel are increasing at a very high pace. In the last 15 days, the prices are up by Rs. 9.20 per liter after the 13th hike. Now, you can get an idea of how quickly the prices for petrol and diesel are increasing day by day.

In this writing, we are going to provide you with all the information related to petrol and diesel price today 2023 along with State and city-wise list of prices. Also, we will explain to you the reason for the rapid increase in the prices of petrol and diesel in India. So all the readers continue reading this article ahead to get updated about the price list today 2023.


Petrol and Diesel Price Today 2023

Every day, the prices for petrol and diesel are revised at 6.00 am in the country. This makes sure that even a minute’s variation in global oil prices can be transmitted to fuel users and dealers. However, there are various factors that impact the price of fuel. These include the Rupee to US dollar exchange rate, cost of crude oil, global cues, demand for fuel, and so on. So in the context of this, when international crude oil prices increase, prices in India also go up.

Petrol and Diesel Price Today in India (Latest News)

Petrol and diesel prices today April 2023, Every State-owned fuel retailer hiked the rates of petrol and diesel by 80 paise on Tuesday, the 13th increase in the last 15 days. Therefore, the rates vary from state to state depending on the incidence of local taxation. Metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, etc have higher fuel prices in the country. According to reports, the latest hike has taken the overall increase since the ending of a four-and-half-month in-rate revision to ₹9.2 per liter. If you want to know all the state and city prices for petrol and diesel today 2023. Read the below-mentioned price list for petrol and diesel today 2023.

State Wise List For Petrol And Diesel Price

Following is the list of today’s (April 2022) fuel prices state-wise in the country:

Andhra Pradesh 87.24 ₹/L 80.21 ₹/L
Assam 104.77 ₹/L 90.56 ₹/L
Bihar 115.40 ₹/L 100.26 ₹/L
Chhattisgarh 110.64 ₹/L 102.02 ₹/L
Gujarat 104.16 ₹/L 98.49 ₹/L
Haryana 105.22 ₹/L 96.45 ₹/L
Himachal Pradesh 105.05 ₹/L 88.89 ₹/L
Jammu And Kashmir 107.75 ₹/L 91.22 ₹/L
Jharkhand 107.85 ₹/L 101.14 ₹/L
Karnataka 109.82 ₹/L 93.61 ₹/L
Kerala 114.49 ₹/L 101.42 ₹/L
Madhya Pradesh 117.28 ₹/L 100.37 ₹/L
Maharashtra 117.53 ₹/L 102.17 ₹/L
Odisha 111.64 ₹/L 101.39 ₹/L
Punjab 104.19 ₹/L 91.59 ₹/L
Rajasthan 117.15 ₹/L 100.11 ₹/L
Tamil Nadu 110.55 ₹/L 100.65 ₹/L
Telangana 118.59 ₹/L 104.62 ₹/L
Uttar Pradesh 104.41 ₹/L 95.98 ₹/L
Uttarakhand 102.95 ₹/L 96.53 ₹/L
West Bengal 114.28 ₹/L 99.02 ₹/L
NCT Of Delhi 104.61 ₹/L 95.87 ₹/L

City Wise Petrol And Diesel Rate List

Following is today’s  fuel prices list city-wise in the country:

Agra 104.23 ₹/L 95.78 ₹/L
Ahmedabad 104.28 ₹/L 98.60 ₹/L
Allahabad 104.53 ₹/L 96.11 ₹/L
Aurangabad 121.29 ₹/L 105.53 ₹/L
Bangalore 110.25 ₹/L 94.01 ₹/L
Bhopal 117.27 ₹/L 100.34 ₹/L
Bhubaneswar 111.64 ₹/L 101.39 ₹/L
Chandigarh 103.96 ₹/L 90.09 ₹/L
Chennai 110.09 ₹/L 100.18 ₹/L
Coimbatore 110.57 ₹/L 100.67 ₹/L
Dehradun 102.95 ₹/L 96.53 ₹/L
Delhi 104.61 ₹/L 95.87 ₹/L
Erode 110.58 ₹/L 100.68 ₹/L
Faridabad 105.37 ₹/L 96.60 ₹/L
Ghaziabad 104.46 ₹/L 96.02 ₹/L
Gurgaon 105.06 ₹/L 96.30 ₹/L
Guwahati 104.77 ₹/L 90.56 ₹/L
Hyderabad 118.59 ₹/L 104.62 ₹/L
Indore 117.30 ₹/L 100.39 ₹/L
Jaipur 117.15 ₹/L 100.11 ₹/L
Jammu 105.69 ₹/L 89.47 ₹/L
Jamshedpur 107.82 ₹/L 101.09 ₹/L
Kanpur 104.14 ₹/L 95.72 ₹/L
Kolhapur 119.69 ₹/L 102.41 ₹/L
Kolkata 114.28 ₹/L 99.02 ₹/L
Kozhikode 114.49 ₹/L 101.42 ₹/L
Lucknow 104.45 ₹/L 96.03 ₹/L
Ludhiana 104.42 ₹/L 93.09 ₹/L
Madurai 110.67 ₹/L 100.78 ₹/L
Mangalore 109.44 ₹/L 93.25 ₹/L
Mumbai 119.67 ₹/L 103.92 ₹/L
Mysore 109.77 ₹/L 93.57 ₹/L
Nagpur 105.40 ₹/L 96.62 ₹/L
Nashik 119.99 ₹/L 102.68 ₹/L
Noida 104.67 ₹/L 96.23 ₹/L
Patna 115.40 ₹/L 100.26 ₹/L
Pune 119.14 ₹/L 101.85 ₹/L
Raipur 110.64 ₹/L 102.02 ₹/L
Rajkot 104.05 ₹/L 98.38 ₹/L
Ranchi 107.89 ₹/L 101.18 ₹/L
Salem 110.85 ₹/L 100.95 ₹/L
Shimla 105.05 ₹/L 88.89 ₹/L
Srinagar 109.80 ₹/L 92.97 ₹/L
Surat 103.37 ₹/L 97.68 ₹/L
Thane 118.97 ₹/L 103.20 ₹/L
Thiruvananthapuram 115.45 ₹/L 102.26 ₹/L
Trichy 109.79 ₹/L 99.90 ₹/L
Vadodara 103.14 ₹/L 97.43 ₹/L
Varanasi 104.47 ₹/L 96.03 ₹/L
Visakhapatnam 118.25 ₹/L 103.97 ₹/L

Petrol, Diesel Price Today In Metro Cities

Nowadays, it becomes really hard for common people to deal with the higher prices for fuels in the country. Especially in the metro cities or big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, etc. Because in these cities the prices for petrol and diesel are very high right now. Therefore, many people are living in these cities because of work as the maximum number of companies are situated in these cities. For the purpose of employment, people across the country come to these big cities. Now the fuel prices are increasing on a daily basis so people are finding it very expensive to survive. As everything is connected to fuel prices, the moment prices for petrol and diesel go up, everything becomes expensive in the country.

List of Petrol and diesel prices today in metro cities:

City Petrol Price (₹/L) Diesel Price (₹/L)
CHENNAI 110.09 100.18
DELHI 104.61 95.87
KOLKATA 114.28 99.02
MUMBAI 119.67 103.92

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