Pathan Box Office Collection, Day-wise Earning Report, India & Worldwide

Pathan Box Office Collection, Day-wise Earning Report, India & Worldwide details are shared here with you on this post. “Pathaan” starring Shah Rukh Khan, has smashed a number of records at the box office in its first two or three days. The earnings from Pathan’s sixth day at the box office in India and throughout the world, ticket prices, and more can all be found in this article. In just two days, it topped the charts as the most successful film of all time, grossing 215 crores. Featuring Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, and John Abraham, Pathan was a smashing success at the box office on Day 6. Read this article ahead to know more about Pathan Box Office Collection (India & worldwide) and the day-by-day earning report.


Pathan Box Office Collection 2023

Here check the Pathan Box Office Collection Day 5, 6, 7, and Earning Report for upcoming days. We’ve written this piece to fill you know about the sixth day’s earnings for Pathan at the box office. If you want to know how much money Pathan made on its 6th day, you’ve come to the right place. Everything you need to know will be shared with you. The Pathan Day 6 Box Office Collection has smashed all previous records within two days.

Pathan’s sixth-day box office total suggests it will have a record-breaking weekend. In just two days, Pathan earned approx ₹215 crores. If Pathan’s success continues, it will become one of the few films to achieve a Day 6 Box Office Collection of over 600 crores.

Pathan Box Office Collection, Day-wise Earning Report, India & Worldwide

Pathan Day 5 Collection and Earning Report – Overview

Article about Pathan Box Office Collection
Release Date 25th January 2023
Category Day-wise Collection of Pathaan movie
Budget 250 crores
Opening day collection Approx 100 crore (Worldwide)
Box office collection to date 550 crores (Estimated)
OTT Release date Announced Soon
Online Platform Not declared yet

Pathan Day 6 Box Office Collection World Wide

Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, and John Abraham have been waiting a long time to make their long-awaited Pathaan Day 6 Box Office Collection World Wide with the action thriller. The Badshah of Bollywood has a legion of adoring fans. Pathan Day 6 Box Office Collection 2023 should be quite successful for the film because of the positive feedback it has already received from audiences.

It also recorded the names of early ticket buyers. According to recent sources, Pathan’s opening day earned approx ₹100 crores at the box office worldwide throughout days 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. The Pathaan movie review, the Pathaan pre-booking collection in India and around the world, and the Pathaan day 6 box office collection worldwide are all covered in detail here.

Pathan box office collection day by day

When “Pathan” finally premiered on January 25, 2023, throughout India and around the world, it was the most awaited film of SRK’s career. If you want to see the inaugural showing of Pathan and know you want to get tickets in advance, you may do so through the BookMyShow App or through Paytm. Starting on January 20th, 2023, fans of Pathan Movie Total Collection Day Wise could get their seats with an online reservation. The film’s narrative revolves around a nefarious scheme by a band of terrorists to invade India.

The members of the organization are collaborating to detonate many explosions simultaneously. Everyone in the gang is being well compensated for their involvement in this assault. After that, it’s obvious that India’s Defense Group became aware of the plot and began making preparations to prevent it at all costs. Shahrukh Khan was brought in to assist with the strategy due to his expertise in the field.

Pathaan Movie Record & Prediction

The Pathan Movie Record has shattered every previous record for Indian cinema, and it would be difficult for future films to top this impressive total. After Pathan’s Day 6 collection, it would have broken every previous Bollywood movie’s record for daily box office earnings in excess of 50 crores (about $6.5 million), which it set on Days 1, 2, and 3.

Global box office receipts increased after the release of the Pathan Movie Record. The film is predicted to earn over ₹500 crores in its first week at the box office in India and over ₹600 crores in total worldwide. There have been predictions that the film will shatter all box office records for Bollywood movies.

Pathan Box Office Day-wise Earning Reports

  1. You may predict the Pathan Box Office Day 6 Earnings after learning what critics thought of the film.
  2. According to public opinion, the film will have a better opening weekend than “The War Movie” did.
  3. There was such a huge demand for tickets to the premiere on opening day that the filmmakers are anticipating a historic opening for Pathan Box Office Day 6 Earnings.
  4. The opening day earnings are expected to be around Rs 100 crore.
  5. Some have speculated that the film’s earnings will exceed Rs 1,000 crore.
Day Earnings (Worldwide)
Day 1 ₹105.6 crore
Day 2 ₹71.7 crore
Day 3 ₹34.80 crore
Day 4 ₹53.73 crore
Day 5 ₹48.68 crore
Day 6 Will update soon

Pathan Advance Booking Details

You can see how many people have purchased tickets to see Pathan movie in the table below:

Particulars Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Advance Booking 32 Cr 33 Cr 13 Cr 23 Cr 30 Cr.
Total Collection Approx 100 cr 72 cr 35 cr 54 cr 49cr

If all goes well on day six, it will have broken the record set on day one. We sincerely hope that you were able to find the specifics of the Pathan Advance Booking that you were looking for. Please feel free to peruse further articles on our site, such as those looking for other entertainment news such as:

FAQs about Pathan’s sixth-day box office earnings

Q.1 What is the release date of the Pathan movie worldwide?
On January 25, 2023, theatres all over the world began showing the Pathan film.

Q.2 What is the budget for making of Pathaan movie?
The budget for Pathan is a whopping Rs 250 crore.

Q.3 How much is the Pathan Day 1 Collection made?
On opening day, the Pathan movie probably made approximately 100 crores.

Q.4 Will the Pathan film reach the Rs 1000 crore milestone?
Yes, according to the Prediction, the film will touch the figure of ₹1000 crore by the next weekend.

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