[Fact Check] Meesho Lucky Draw 2023 Fake or Real? Precautions, Winner List, Number

[Fact Check] Meesho Lucky Draw 2023 Winner List: With the help of this article, we are going to guide you about whether the Meesho Lucky Draw 2023 is Real or Fake. As many of you already know scams and frauds are happening in the name of various types of lottery or lucky draws. Therefore, this post will educate you about the different types of lottery fraud, and preventive measures that you must know. Also, you will get to know where you can find the real and original sources of information related to Meesho.

Apart from that, many people are curious to know about the Meesho lucky draw coupon, winner list, Prize money, etc. So here, we have mentioned all the necessary details related to the Meesho Lucky Draw 2023 Fake or Real. Keep in touch and continue reading this article in order to know the real truth about these offers.


About Meesho Lucky Draw 2023

Whenever we hear about any kind of lotteries, lucky draws, cash prices, etc. we all get excited. In that excitement, some people don’t even think if it’s a scam or real. There are many fake companies in the market that give catchy offers to people that are very attractive such as a luxurious car, a cash prize, an all-sponsored trip to an exotic place, and many more. However, these lottery or lucky draw offers are made by scammers to trap innocent people share their personal details. And as soon as people share their bank details with them all money gets withdrawn immediately. Meesho Lucky Draw 2023 Winner List is one of the fraud schemes that came to light recently.

Meesho Lucky Draw 2022 Winner List Fake or Real

Nowadays, modern fraudsters are more tech-savvy and have found many latest ways to execute these crimes. However, you need to take appropriate measures to check if the offers given by the websites are real or fake. Make sure 100 percent sure about the genuineness of the sender or websites.

Otherwise, fraudsters can take advantage of your eagerness to claim the reward. And ultimately, the scammers get successful in trapping you in their fake lucky draw offers. Below in this blog post, we have discussed the precautions and measures against these online crimes i.e. Meesho lucky draw winner 2023 fake or real. So, make sure to check out the complete article carefully as it is for your own safety.

Meesho Lucky Draw Winner List 2023 – Highlights

Article About Meesho Lucky Draw 2023 [Fact Check]
Company Name Meesho
Winner List 2023 Online
Year 2022-2023
Beware Scams and Frauds
Types of Lottery Frauds
  • Scratch Card
  • Lucky Draw Contest
  • Social Media
  • Winner List
Official Website https://www.meesho.com/
Post Category Beware Against Online Frauds | Fact Check

Meesho Lucky Draw is Fake or Real?

As we told you above the Meesho Lucky Draw Winner List is completely fake and there is no proof of such Winner Draws. Meesho also released a blog where the company discusses the types of lottery frauds going on these days, which include scratch cards, lucky draw contests, and others. Hence, the letter claiming to be from Meesho- an online shopping platform, is a fraud and the claim of users winning 12.5 lakh rupees via scratch card is FALSE. It is a clickbait attempt by fraudsters to collect the personal details of the users, so beware of such letters.

They also mention the ways to avoid these frauds which include not paying fees for prizes, rewards, or lotteries and reporting them as soon as possible. Therefore, the official blog post of Meesho can be visited by clicking on this link => https://www.meesho.com/legal/anti-phishing-alert

Types of Online Lucky Draw or Lottery Frauds

There are many online ways through which these scammers target people, some of the online frauds we have mentioned below;

  1. Through Social Media Platforms => Nowadays, everyone uses social media for enjoyment and fun, but we are not aware of the scams on social media. In this, the scammers share posts of exciting offers with high discounts, and as we click on those links we are redirected to their fake websites. However, on those websites, you will see so many free prizes and rewards. And their fraudsters ask for personal details such as bank account details, debit/credit card information, etc. And in the excitement of free prizes and rewards people provide them with all this information. As a result, they get your bank account details and they take your all money.
  2. Lucky Draw Contests => It’s a lottery ticket scam where the scammers set up a lucky draw contest. They reach out to their target through physical posts/letters or text messages. And the message says to the recipient that they have won a lucky draw contest. But to claim the reward, they must share their bank information and transfer a processing fee or pay applicable taxes on the lottery amount in advance. And many people even fall for these kinds of scams easily.
  3. Scratch Card => In this type, fraudsters share scratch cards with customers via physical posts/ WhatsApp messages/ SMS. The physical post usually has a form attached. They ask the user to share their bank account and personal details on the pretext of paying for some applicable taxes or token/processing fee in advance to claim the Meesho Lucky Draw reward.

Meesho Preventive Measures Against Online Frauds

Below, we have mentioned the measures you can take to prevent lottery scams effectively, especially in the case of the Meesho Lucky Draw 2023 Winner List, read them carefully;

  • Firstly, never respond to links asking you to update your user account or password.
  • Secondly, do not pay fees for prizes, rewards, or lotteries.
  • Important, Meesho never asks for OTPs or personal information (name, phone number, email, bank details) over calls/ emails/ posts.
  • Additionally, you will never be contacted personally by Meesho about unauthorized offers, lotteries, contests, or schemes that promise money for such participation.
  • Avoid paying any money or deposit funds to any person wrongfully claiming to be Meesho’s representative or job consultant.
  • Neither Meesho’s representatives nor authorized recruitment consultants take money or any other payment for employment at Meesho. That even includes the enrolment on the supplier panel at Meesho.
  • Moreover, if the caller asks you to click on an unknown link. By clicking on the link, you are at risk of sharing your personal information. So, be cautious about such situations and try to avoid them.

Meesho Lucky Draw Winner 2022-23 (Final Words)

People are searching for the Meesho Lucky Draw 2023 List PDF, however, they know that Meesho Lucky Draw Winner 2023 is fake and not real. Because these scammers know that now people have become smart and they search on Google before trusting anyone. That’s why these scammers/ fraudsters create duplicate websites to trap users. In some cases, they have managed to create some fake Meesho Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles of Meesho Lucky Draw head office, etc. They have also created a fake profile on the Crunchbase website by the name of Meesho Lucky Draw Contact Number Head Office.

So we are urging all our users to be careful and aware. Please don’t trust these fraudsters and don’t lose your hard-earned money in any of these so-called Meesho lucky draws.

Note – If you find any suspicious activity on the name of Meesho Lucky Draw, then report it to Meesho’s legal support at [email protected].

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      1. naku vachindhi post 4% money pay cheyali anta first 1% anthr 11k pay cheyandi 30 minlo 1100000 vestham anaru

        1. today I received msg.. dear.. then call bhi aaya..see.its fake or not
          Congratulations you are winner of {Meesho} company online shopping you win lucky prize {TATA SAFARI} and amount Rs({12,60,000.00}) Registration service charges Rs {Pay}TR PAPER Charges {Megha Offers}. Details contact for you helpline no{9051437823} website {https://www.meesho.com/} Rp LUC

  1. I too received some post from Kolkata saying Mr lucky draw but I haven’t reacted. Please don’t react to search fraud letters. Nothing is coming free for anyone so please be aware of her fraudsters

  2. Hi i also got post from Kolkata and they called me for bank details i was sent and they asked me to pay 5500rps for TAX i have send and again they are asking 16800rps for GST but i am not paying

  3. Today (on 15-12-2022) I got call from this number 8585058061 . He was saying I am calling from meesho and you have won Tata Safari of worth 1280000/- .To register this car he asked to pay 4200/- registration fees. I instantly blocked and report his number.
    Guys please be aware of these scammers.

  4. i got call from 8884048560 speed post guy .he was very rude in talk..i got scratch card,in that mentioned to fill bank details .i got phising so called to meesho customer care they cleared my doubt.meesho is not entertaining this activity stuff .so please be aware guys ….it’s totally fake !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I got a call saying I was selected for lucky winner prize n won a car worth 12,80,000. Was asked to share details through whatsApp like driving license adhaar pan card etc. She spoke frm Odissa n said there no local branches for meesho.

    1. Trimukhe Preethi

      Today(Feb 2 2023)I got a post from meesho certificate of achievement and scratch card worth 8,20,000.what I have to do asking to share bank details and all .I should share?

  6. Hi i have also received call and saying u r 1st winner of meesho anniversary lucky draw and u won Tata Nexon … or cash within 20min anta………waste time even i ended the call also they are recalling again and saying that need decision from our end……..

  7. Hi even i got a post from meesho saying they are celebrating 6th anniversary lucky draw and i have won Rs. 7,30,000/- . Beware of these fraudsters.

  8. +917558380639 got call from this number that I won prize money of 12lakh or 12lakh worth car…..saying that I have to pay money 12000…they money will be transferred to my account….


    I received a courier yesterday by post in which I got 950000 draw for lucky coupon which I called and I inquired so this is total fraud and also another letter came today evening in which I got shift car 2-2 draw together this is complete fake

  10. ‪+91 97182 69817‬
    +91 92053 43572
    I got a call from tis numbers today(4.1.2023). They were asking to shop for rs. 3000 in meesho and make payment to below account number. very clever play..Beware. These r scam.

    A/C No.- 919792593678
    IFSC – PYTM0123456

  11. After receiving my real order i got a text talking about the lucky draw, I ignored it. then I received a call from kolkatta saying that I won the 1st prize which is either a card or rs 7.5 lac. he asked me to pay a registration fees and then the amount will be credited to my account in 10 mins. complete fraud which is made to look real. i almost fell for it. thank god I realised its fake.
    the number which contact – kapil bharti – +919163290948

  12. i have got a message from Message from Meesho saying that i have won 12,60,000 or TATA SFARI
    His name is Dayashankar mishra Meesho employee id 15843256 and Adhar card no: 5845 5443 8212 and PAN CARD NO: CLUPM0440B
    Please take action on this fraudster…..


  13. I have received fraud call saying dat i have won maruti suzuki desire worth rs 7 lakh 800000in a lucky draw yesterday he was askin about my personal detail nd acount no nd they also send a text msg from any website

  14. I have received call from 8250931260. he is tell meesho varification call. and send one speed post leter from advance customer:his id 3000045617, p.d.s enterprise1A, S.N. Banerjee road saying dat i have won RS13 lakh 50000in SCRATCH CARD. he was askin PAY THE Advance TAX AMOUNT INTREST IN 1PERCENT of rs 13500. & den pay 3percent intrest after credit the amount in ur account. about my personal detail nd acount no nd they also send a text msg from watsup. his adress MEESHO ONLINE SHOPPING PVT LTD. VIKAS ROYAL ARCADE, SAINT NAGAR DELHI, RANI BAGH, PITAM PURA, DELHI 110034. HELP LINE & Watsup 7699886945 web :www.meesho.promo letter sl no:VNAP12646

    Please take action on this fraudster…..

  15. 15.3.2023 day la phone pannga naga true enne nethu cash deposit panni amount rate 12800 katteyathsu but amount transfer charges 25600 annupa sonnaga naga seuvathu theriyala

  16. This is not real please don’t give your personal details .
    Please contact with meesho helpline in the meesho app.

    1. This is not real please don’t give your personal details .
      Please contact with meesho helpline in the meesho app.

  17. Satta Matka originated in India in the 1960s and gained immense popularity over the years. It started as a form of betting on the opening and closing rates of cotton transmitted from the New York Cotton Exchange to the Bombay Cotton Exchange. Over time, the game transformed into a number-based gambling activity with its unique set of rules and a vast array of markets to cater to players’ preferences.

  18. Vellore. TamilNadu. today i receive the scratch card for winning First Price 1100000 rs,
    I call Help Line many time’s. not response. what i have to do?

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