Kerala Liquor Price List 2024-25: Rum, Whiskey, Vodka, & Beer Rate List

Kerala Liquor Price List 2024-25: Rum, Whiskey, Vodka & Beer Rate List (New): Here in this article, we brought the complete information about Kerala State Liquor prices for the financial year 2024. As per the state government rule, all the authorized Liquor shops will sell the beverage as per the prices finalized by the state government’s Excise Department.

As we all know that all the beverages Rum, Whiskey, Vodka, and Beer prices are different in Kerala State. This includes the Jack Daniels Price, blenders Pride price,  black dog whiskey price, signature whiskey, price of royal stag Premium whiskey, teachers Malted Whiskey, red label Schotch price, Chivas regal Whiskey price, and price of Kingfisher Beer in Kerala state. Here below we are giving the complete List of Liquor Prices in Kerala State 2024-25.


Kerala Liquor Price List 2024-25 PDF

As we all know that liquor rates are governed by the excise department of the state. Every state has the right to make changes in the prices. That facility managing the rates makes the Liquor Prices different in every state. Here in this section, we give a complete price list of all the liquor available in Kerala state. Here we state that we are not selling any liquor, this article is only for Information about the prices of Whiskey, Rum, Vodka, and Beer.

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Governing Body Excise Department of Kerala State
Official Website
Contact Number 0471-2322825
Official Email ID [email protected]
Head Office Address Excise Commissionerate Vikas Bhavan P.O. Nandavanam Thiruvananthapuram – 695 033
Head of the Department S. Anandakrishnan
PDF Download Link Kerala Liquor Price List PDF Download
Office Phone Number 0471-2332632

Kerala Liquor Price List 2023-24 PDF Download

Kerala Whiskey Price List 2024-25

Whiskey is The most important Beverage in Kerala State. All the parties or celebrations are not complete without the presence of whiskey. Below is the list of the available whiskey with prices. You can choose from the below whiskey brand price list for your reference.

Kerala Whiskey Brand Names Price (INR) Quantity by Volume
Mcdowell’s Green Label No1 Whiskey 660 750 Ml
Bagpiper Whiskey 1270 750 Ml
DSP Black Whiskey 980 750 Ml
McDowell’s No.1 900 750 Ml
Royal Challenge Select Premium Whiskey 1210 750 Ml
Radico 8 Pm Smooth Indian 690 750 Ml
After Dark Deluxe Whiskey 1650 750 Ml
Bottoms Up Whiskey 910 750 Ml
Teachers Blended Scotch Whiskey 2555 750 Ml
Chivas Regal Blended Scotch Whiskey 2950 750 Ml
Paul John Single Malt Whiskey Brilliance 5650 750 Ml
Officer’s Choice Blue Whiskey 620 750 Ml
Bagpiper Gold Premium Whiskey 350 750 Ml
Antiquity Blue Ultra Whiskey 1590 750 Ml
Rock dove Premium 1190 750 Ml
1943 Black & Gold Rare Premium Whiskey 1250 750 Ml
Black Dog Centenary Black Reserve 2660 750 Ml
Paul John Single Malt Whiskey Edited 5930 750 Ml

Kerala Beer Rate List 2024-25 New

Beers! is the most famous beverage among the youngsters of Kerala. Chilled Beer attracts all the young boys and Girls. here below we are publishing the complete list of beer with the price available in Kerala State. This list includes all imported beers also.

Beer Brand Name available in Kerala Quantity (ml) Price (INR)
Bira Boom Blonde Summer Lager 650 240
Bira Boom Gold Wheat Strong 500 165
Budweiser Beer 330 125
Budweser Golbal King Can 550 170
Budweiser Magnum Beer Bottle 500 230
Carlsberg Strong Beer Can 650 175
Prince 6000 Premium Strong Can 650 140
Prince 6000 Premium Beer 500 120
Tuborg Green Premium  Bee 330 95
Tuborg Strong Beer can 330 95

Vodka Price List 2024-25 in Kerala

Cocktail lover always needs vodka to rejuvenate themselves. Here is the list of the largest available vodka brand in Kerala. we all know that vodka is also very popular among ladies also, Females really love and enjoy the taste of Vodka.

Available Vodka Brand Name in Kerala Price (INR for 750 ML)
Magic Moments Premium Grain Plain Flavor Vodka 999
Smirnoff Vodka Bottle 1150
MGM Orange FlavorVodka 545
Magic Moments Flavoured Vodka Orange 1025
Magic Moments Verve Vodka Chocolate 999
DDL’s Freeze Vodka- Orange 545
Romanov Vodka Orange Flavor 750
Smirnoff Green Apple Flavor 1250
SNJ Orange Flavor Vodka No.1 495
DDL’s Freeze Vodka Spearmint flavor 999
Old Habit 845
Muscovy Vodka 540
Flip Vodka Coffee Flavour 650
Clock Tower Vodka 1099
Muscovy  Vodka 630
Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka 1215
Flip Vodka 650
MGM Apple  Vodka 499
White Fox Vodka 799
Invincible Vodka 1550

Kerala Rum Price List 2024-25

The beverage Rum is very famous for the army personnel in India. Here is a list of all available brands of Rum in Kerala.

Kerala Rum Brand Name Price Per 750 ML
Officer’s Choice XXX Rum 650
Old Monk Select XXX Premium Rum 770
Xo Old Port Rum 510
Classic Grandee Matured XXX Rum 510
Jamaican Magic Rum 490
Everyday Gold XXX Rum 500
McDowell’s No.1 Luxury XXX Rum 520
Normandy’s Daddy Wilson Pure Blended Rum 560
Old Pearl No.1 Matured XXX Rum 530
Mc Ocr Premium Rum 540
Bacardi Limon Original Citrus Rum 1290
Hercules Special Reserve 3’X’ Rum 680
Bagpiper Deluxe XXX Rum 540
Bacardi Guava Original Guava Rum 1390
Peace Maker Rum 510
Johar’s XXX Rum 460
Radico 8 PM Bermuda XXX Rum 460
Bacardi Carta Blanca Classic Superior White Rum 1280
Jolly Roger Premium XXX Rum 820
Old Monk White Rum 900
Rare Honour Premium Rum 560
Old Habit XXX Rum 710
SNJ NO.1 Premium XXX Rum 510
999 Power Star Fine Rum 510
Bacardi Classic Black Original Premium Crafted Rum 980
Contessa White Rum 450
Oasis classic Rum 530
Bacardi Orange Original Orange Rum 1280
Le Habana Matured XXX Rum 540
Madison Xo Rum 630
Hercules Special White Rum 750
Old Cruize Matured Superior Cane Rum XXX 970
Golden Dale Regural XXX Rum 510
Companion Matured XXX Rum 670
Combination Matured Dark Rum 520
Malabar House Premium XXX Rum 580
Murano Rum 910
Armstrong Premium Coffee Rum 760
Nicol’s Coco Carib Coconut Rum 1100
Bull Fighter XXX Rum 910
Pluton bay Rare Exotic Rum 1120
Special Reserve Aristocrat White Rum 540
Old Port Deluxe Rum 460
Magic Blend Reserved XXX Rum 670
Nicol’s Coffee Rum 1100

NOTE – Above given prices are subject to change as per government rules and liquor manufacturing. Please go through the official website for the Liquor Price List/ Rate List in Kerala.

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