Karnataka Maralu Mitra App to Book Sand Online, Check Status & Application Features


Karnataka government is going to launch a mobile app called ‘Maralu Mitra App’. With the help of this app, online booking and shopping of sand can be done. Let’s know in detail what is Maralu Mithras app. How to download it? How to book and buy sand through this app? Where to check your booking status? What is the purpose of this app? And what is the information related to other features and your upgrade? Let’s know in detail about the Karnataka Maralu Mithra app (ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ ಮರಳು ಮಿತ್ರ ಆಪ್). Please continue reading ahead.


What is Karnataka Maralu Mitra App 2023?

The State Govt of Karnataka is going to launch a new app; they have named this application Maralu Mitra App. With the help of this app, one can easily book sand online and also purchase it. Soon, citizens of Karnataka can book and buy sand online, in the same way, that we book clothes and other things and shop online. Very soon this app will also be available on Google Play Store and users can use it.


With the help of this app, any customer will book the sand online, then make digital payment and get the delivery of the sand sitting at home. No charge will be levied for booking the sand through this app, and the value of the sand that will be purchased will also be significantly lower. The objective of the Government of Karnataka is that once these apps are launched, the sand can be sold for a maximum of Rs 1500. It will be sold at the price of per ton, which is much less than the market price there because the market price of sand is Rs 3250 to Rs 3550 per ton.

How to download the Maralu Mitra App?

The Karnataka Maralu Mithra application can be downloaded directly from the Google Play store. This app has not been launched yet by the Government of Karnataka is changing the Sand policy there. After that, the app will be available for download on Google Play Store, which can be downloaded and installed by Android mobile users to book sand online.

Karnataka Maralu Mitra App (Application) – Highlights

Name of the App Maralu Mitra App (Application)
State Karnataka
Financial Year 2023-2024
Purpose To booking sand online
Download App Click Here
Official Website https://karnataka.gov.in/
Concerned Dept Karnataka State Govt

How to use the Karnataka Maralu Mitra App?

After the launch of the app by the Government of Karnataka, people of the state can book and buy online sand through this app. To book sand through this app, the following information has to be given by you:

  • Buyer Name => Whoever is buying sand will have to put their name in this app.
  • E-mail ID => Anyone who wants to buy online and through this app will have to enter their E-mail ID and mobile number in this app.
  • Address => The address where the send is to be delivered has to be entered in the app.
  • Quantity of Sand => The quantity that the customer wants to sand must be marked with the quantity.
  • Quality of the Sand => The app needs to provide information about the quality of the sand (बालू रेत की गुणवत्ता) that the customer wants like like coarse, fine or medium.
  • Type of Sand => This type of sand will be given by the app to the customer like (M-sand / River).

After giving all the information, the nearest place where the sand is available will be selected by itself and from there the transport charge will be added to your house and the amount you have to pay will be shown online. After selecting, you have to pay, for which you are given the option to pay through the app.

How to check online Sand Booking Status?

After booking the online sand, you can find the status of your online booking through the app, for you will have to open the Karnataka Maralu Mithra App and check your booking status. For this, an option will be given in the app, by clicking, you will be able to check the status of your booking.

Other Features & Up-gradation of the app?

The state government is bringing a feature in the way of making the Maralu Mithra App better so that the place from where the Sand KO is being raised can be seen through the app. The transporter will be registered so that the customer can talk directly, the transport can be tracked.

Aim of the Maralu Mitra Application (App)

The objective of the Government of Karnataka was to bring transparency in the purchase of sand, for which they created an app. Through which sand can be booked and purchased online as well as payment can be done digitally. Will also be seen online so that the customer does not face any problems later. After the launch of this app, illegal mining happening in the state will also be stopped.

While illegal mining in the state is harming the government, on one hand, nature is also being exploited, which is very important to control. Second, the people of the state have to pay a higher price for sand, which is causing a loss to the public. The aim of the state government was to bring this app so that cheap sand can be given to the people and illegal mining can be controlled.

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