Jowai & Ladrymbai Teer Result 2023 – FR/ SR Target Hit Number Today

Jowai and Ladrymbai Teer Result 2023 Today FR/ SR Target Hit Number is announced daily after the game, you may also be interested in playing this gambling game. The TEER (Archery) game is played in Meghalaya, India. It is a type of lottery game where an individual can win a prize of around ₹8,000 to ₹11,000 depending upon the bets. If you have played this lottery game and are looking for the Jowai Ladrymbai Teer Today Result or Previous Result then you have to keep reading this article ahead, because we have shared the result-checking procedure as well as Today’s Jowai Ladrymbai Teer Hit Number.


Jowai Ladrymbai Teer Result 2023 Today

Results for the Jowai Ladrymbai Teer Lottery game are announced on the same day, the first round at 4:30 PM and the second round at 5:00 PM respectively. There are two rounds of this gambling played on weekdays. The game is usually played every single day of the week excluding the weekend (Sunday), more about this gambling game is that the TEER game is governed under framed rules of the Meghalaya Amusement and Betting Tax Act.

Note – Jowai & Ladrymbai Teer Result Today (29 November 2023) direct checking link is available below. Here you can also check Jowai Ladrymbai Previous Result for guessing Today’s Teer Target Number and Public Hit Number.

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Jowai & Ladrymbai Teer Today Result 2023

Date Result (FR/ SR Target Hit Number)
Jowai (4:30 PM) Ladrymbai (5:00 PM)
29.11.2023 23 37
28.11.2023 63 20
27.11.2023 61 24
25.11.2023 64 86
24.11.2023 46 80
23.11.2023 08 34
22.11.2023 33 59
21.11.2023 46 15
20.11.2023 54 14
18.11.2023 03 14
17.11.2023 23 1
16.11.2023 98 20
15.11.2023 23 70
14.11.2023 01 88
13.11.2023 61 95
12.11.2023 Off Off
11.11.2023 63 14
10.11.2023 61 62
09.11.2023 86 19
08.11.2023 63 80
07.11.2023 82 15
06.11.2023 69 82
05.11.2023 Off Off
04.11.2023 74 12
03.11.2023 46 96
02.11.2023 97 29
01.11.2023 40 31

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  1. To check the individual who has bought the lottery ticket for the TEER Gambling game can visit the official website of Meghalaya Teer i.e.
  2. On the web homepage, scroll down and find about the Jowai Ladrymbai Teer Result Today.
  3. The Teer session is played at Polo Ground in Jowai and Ladrymbai, and about 5000 ticket booking centers are available throughout the 11 districts of Meghalaya.
  4. Tickets selling start from 10:00 AM to 03 PM on every day of the week excluding Sunday.
  5. The lottery price is around ₹300 to ₹500, the game is played at Polo Ground, Meghalaya where archers gather and the game starts at 04:30 PM.
  6. Usually, 50 archers shoot 30 arrows (TEER) toward the aim which is at a 50-meter distance, the number of archery hits to the target is the lucky number, and whoever has that number in the lottery ticket is the winner.

Jowai Ladrymbai Teer Result Live – Overview

Jowai Ladrymbai Teer Result Today

Article Jowai Ladrymbai Teer Result
Game TEER (Archery)
State Meghalaya
Authorized by Under the Amusement and Betting Tax Amendment by the Meghalaya Government
Game played Polo Ground, Jowai Ladrymbai
Today’s date 29 November 2023
Start time 4:30 PM – 5:00 PM
Result Declared As per availability and update by the club
Lottery Ticket price ₹300 to ₹500
Lottery winning amount ₹8,000 to ₹11,000

How Jowai Ladrymbai Teer game is played?

As we have told you above 50 archers shoot the arrow to hit the target, this is done in two rounds. For the first round, archers hit 30 arrows and for the second round, 20 arrows hit the target. The Round 1 and Round 2 result is announced on the same day by 04:30 pm and 05:oo pm respectively, the result of the game is announced through the online mode as well as the official mode.

An individual who has bought the lottery ticket for the Jowai and Ladrymbai Teer gambling game will be able to check the result by visiting the respective portal. Few are confused about the game, and some think about the number chosen. According to locals who continuously participate in this TEER game, people think of the number itself randomly and some also dream about it.

  • If an individual sees a man in the dream, then the lucky number is 08.
  • Similarly, if an individual sees a woman in the dream, then the number is 05.
  • If an individual sees that a man and a woman are quarreling then the number is 03, 08, 13, 37, 40, 73.
  • In case anyone sees an erotic dream then the number is 17 or 14.
  • Seeing a Cow, Goat, or Buffalo in the dream the lucky number is 12, 18, 19, 22, 24, 34, 42, and 54.

However, no calculation formula or forecast is 100% accurate. Because the number randomly appeared as per the hit of archery at the target. To guess the Teer result number, one has to play a lot and gain experience. If you’re lucky enough for the day, you might win otherwise, you may lose your hard-earned money.

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