Jallikattu Online Registration 2023 for Bull/ Bull Tamer, Check Guidelines & Rules

Jallikattu 2023 Bull/ Bull Tamer’s Online Registration Form – Jallikattu is the most famous festival in the Tamil Nadu state of India. This game is organized on the 3rd day of the four days Mattu Pongal harvest festival. This festival became the most controversial festival in India. Supreme court has banned this game in 2014 on a plea by the Animal Welfare Association of India. 

Supreme court lifted the ban on this sport in 2019 after the high protest by the people and Tamil Culture Tradition for Well-being. The Jallikattu started once again in 2019 at the Mattu Pongal festival in India. The game was managed by the event organizer earlier but now after restarting the festival, the Tamil Nadu government gave the facility to register the Bull and the tamer of the bull for the bullfighting game. Here in this blog post, we have got some essential information and authentic links to Jallikattu bull registration and Bull Tamer registration.


Jallikattu Online Registration 2023

Let us know that the “Jallikattu” word is basically derived from the Tamil word “Calli”- which means ‘Coins’ and “Kattu'”- which means ‘Tie’. The participants fight with the bull for the tied coins on the bull’s horn. Although this game is very dangerous, still the tradition and fame of this game are too high in the Tamil Nadu state of India.

Key Highlights for Jallikattu Registration Online 2023 Dates
Name of the Festival/ Event Jallikattu Bull-fighting
Organized on The event organized on 3rd day of the Pongal Festival
Organized by Local Tamil Cultural Welfare Association
Registration for the event Online Registration is mandatory through the official website of the Tamil Nadu Govt
No of the day of the event One day
Pongal Festival Dates 15th January to 18th January 2023
Jallikattu Game Date 17th January 2023
Participants Only registered participants can take part in the event
Official Website-Jallikattu Bull Registration www.madurai.nic.in
Official Website-Jallikattu Bull Tamer Registration https://serviceonline.gov.in/
Jallikattu Registration Official Website Link www.perambalur.nic.in
Helpline Number 1070

Jallikattu Registration Online- 2022-23

NOTE – Jallikattu Online Registration for Bull and Bull Tamer will starts on January 2023 and the game will be played on January 17th, 2023. In the below section, check the Jallikattu Registration Link, Guidelines & Rules.

How to fill Jallikattu 2023 Bull Online Registration Form?

Participants must have to register themselves and the bulls with the owner’s detail online. Any of the participants are not allowed to take part in the game as per the guidelines by the Supreme Court in 2019. As we all know that the game is very dangerous and can harm the participants.

Below are the process and required documents listed for the Jallikattu Online Registration Form:

  1. In the very first step, you have to visit the official website of the Tamil Nadu Government.
  2. Click on the link for Bull Registration on the web homepage.
  3. Select the District Name in which you want to participate.
  4. Then fill up owner details with Name, Aadhar number, address, email-id, contact number, etc.
  5. Check the mark on the bull’s bread in the bull’s details section.
  6. Fill up the detail like the bull’s height, length, color, Horn length, Etc.
  7. Upload the bull’s medical certificate, certified by the authorized veterinary Doctor.
  8. Upload the bull’s Photograph with the owner and assistance.
  9. Finally, click on the ‘Next’ tab at the bottom of the web page.
  10. Enter the OTP and get your registration form online on screen, you have to take the print-out of the registration.

Procedure for Jallikattu 2023 Bull Tamer’s Registration Online

The Tamer of the Bull is awarded by the organizer of the festival at the end of the event. Bull Tamer must have to register himself online through the official website with the Medical certificate and other required documents. Physical injury may occur to the tamer because this game is too risky. In ancient times this game was very famous because they will get the bride in the festival for themselves if they became the winner of the game. This tradition is very old in Tamil Nadu.

Below are the key points for the Jallikattu Online Registration of Bull Tamer:

  1. Visit the official website for Bull Tamer Registration.
  2. After clicking the above link, the Online Registration Form of Bull Tamer will open.
  3. Now select the Hosting District Name in which you want to participate.
  4. Then fill up the asked details per the Aadhar Card of the bull tamer.
  5. Upload your Aadhar card certificate, Medical Certificate, Covid Vaccination Certificate, and Passport Size photo.
  6. Then enter the OTP that you received on your registered mobile number.
  7. Get your registration online download it and keep it with you at the time of participation.

After successfully filling up the Jallikattu 2023 Bull Tamer’s Registration Form / ஜல்லிக்கட்டு காளையை அடக்குபவர் பதிவு படிவம், you will get the Registration Number for the same. Keep it safe for further reference.

Jallikattu Festival Dates, Guidelines & Rules

The Jallikattu (Sallikattu/ Cellikattu) is a traditional event organized in the various districts of Tamil Nadu state. This event started in 400 BC in Tamil history. This represents the bravery of the person in the reason in ancient times. The winner was rewarded a bride for a lifetime in ancient times. Now the same event is organized in some districts of the Tamil Nadu state.

Please check the below-mentioned guidelines and rules before registering for Jallikattu Bull Fight:

  • Bull tamer should not have any recent injury/ surgery/ surgical scars.
  • Patients with high blood pressure are not allowed on examinations.
  • Must have RTPCR negative report while coming to Jallikattu event.
  • Alcohol consumption on the day of Jallikattu will be tested through an analyzer. If found under the influence of alcohol, the applicant will be dismissed.

Jallikattu Online Registration Official Website

Below are the authentic Link to the Jallikattu Registration official websites:

  1. Jallikattu Bulls registration official website => Click Here
  2. Bull Tamer online registration Official Portal => Click Here
  3. Jallikattu Registration Madurai District Official Website => Click Here
  4. Jallikattu Virudhunagar Dist Official Wensite => Click Here
  5. Jallikattu Perambalur Dist Official Website => Click Here

FAQs related to Jallikattu Registration – Pongal Festival

Q.1 Is registration for participation in Jallikattu mandatory?
Ans:- Yes, Registration is mandatory for the Jallikattu event as this game has a high-risk possibility.

Q.2 Registration facility is available online?
Ans:- Yes, the online registration facility for the Bulls Tamer and Bulls is available through an official portal.

Q.3 What are the mandatory documents for the Bull Tamer Registration?
Ans:- Aadhar card, passport photo, medical certificate, Covid vaccination certificate of the participant are mandatory.

Q.4 What are the mandatory documents for the Bull’s registration?
Ans:- A Bull’s medical certificate, certified by the authorized veterinary doctor, and a photograph of a bull with owner and assistance are mandatory for the registration of the bull.

Q.5 Can a Bull Tamer take part in more than one event on the same day?
Ans:- No, A bull Tamer can be part of only one event.

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