Andhra Pradesh Jagananna Palle Velugu Scheme 2023, 4 Lakh LED Street Light

The Govt of Andhra Pradesh is going to launch a new scheme in the state, under which more than 4 lakh street lights will be installed in the state. The name of this scheme is ‘AP YSR Jagananna Palle Velugu Scheme 2023’. The main goal of writing this article is to bring you complete information about the scheme so that the questions that come to your mind like what is Andhra Pradesh Jagannath Palle Velugu Scheme 2023? What is the goal of the scheme? What are the benefits of the జగనన్న పల్లె వెలుగు పథకం and what is the Complaint Monitoring System (CMS)? You can get complete information about it so let’s know in detail about the scheme.


AP Jagananna Palle Velugu Scheme for Street Light

The Govt of Andhra Pradesh is going to start a new scheme, named Jagananna Palle Velugu Scheme 2023. Under this scheme, the state government has decided to install 4 lakh LED street lights in about 2000 habitations in the state. These selected 2000 settlements are those in which no govt scheme is going on yet and no street lights have been done to date.

The goal of the state govt under this scheme is that not a single corner of the state should be filled with darkness and at the same time, special attention should also be paid to women’s safety. Earlier, the state govt has started the ‘AP Women Safety Reporting Portal’ for the safety of women. To know more about Complaint Monitoring System – CMS/ జగనన్న పల్లె వెలుగు పథకం/ YSR Jagananna Palle Velugu Scheme Details, kindly continue reading ahead.

AP YSR Jagananna Palle Velugu Scheme

AP Jagananna Palle Velugu Scheme 2023 Highlights

As we told you above, the Govt of Andhra Pradesh has recently launched the YSR Jagananna Palle Velugu Scheme to install street lights. Here check the main highlights of the scheme:

Name of the scheme YSR Jagananna Palle Velugu Scheme
Launching State Andhra Pradesh
Goal To install about 4 lakh LED street lights in 2000 lanes of the state
Beneficiary 2.70 lakh remote rural residents of the state
Official Website

YSR Jagananna Palle Velugu Scheme 2023

The AP Cabinet Committee has also decided to introduce a Compliant Monitoring System (CMS). This decision was taken by the govt keeping in mind the remote areas of the state. The complement of street lights which are not working will be provided by the village secretaries. For this work, about 7000 energy assistants will be recruited by the state govt who will do the maintenance work. Along with this, 2.7 lakh villages of the state will also volunteer to monitor the street lights. The CMS will deploy one executive at the assembly level, one at the revenue division level, and one supervisor at the district level, who will monitor the repair of street lights.

Aim of Andhra Pradesh Jagananna Palle Velugu Scheme

Under this scheme, more than 2000 lanes of the state will be illuminated with LED lights. The state streets in remote areas and no street lights installed to date will be lighted under this scheme. This scheme aims to make the women of the state feel safe, so that if they are delayed in reaching home due to some work, then they do not have to travel through the dark path. Once the scheme is implemented, 7000 energy assistants will be recruited by the government to run the scheme smoothly, which will be their repair and maintenance work if the street lights go bad.

Benefits of AP YSR Jagananna Palle Velugu Scheme

More than 2.7 lakh villages in the state will benefit from the Jagananna Palle Velugu scheme 2023 launched by the Andhra Pradesh government. The benefits of this scheme are as follows:

  1. LED bulbs will be used in street lights and these bulbs cost much less than other halogen bulbs.
  2. LED bulbs don’t use any type of toxic chemical, due to which these bulbs are good for the environment.
  3. There is no filament inside the LED bulb, due to which when we light them; they do not burn at all, but slow burn. There is no risk of fuse and the validity of their movement is also very high.
  4. The scheme is being implemented by the government in remote areas also, due to which the cost of maintenance is not high; therefore LED bulbs are being used.
  5. Women will feel safer by having lights in the streets.
  6. LED bulbs consume less energy and provide more illumination due to which they are very useful.
  7. Andhra Pradesh government wants to remove darkness from inside the state. And this is also the goal of the government to illuminate every single state in which state.

What is the Complaint Monitoring System (CMS)?

Due to a lack of proper supervision of the schemes implemented by the state government, once the work of the scheme is completed, there is no one to take care of the obstruction in the upcoming scheme and the expenditure incurred on the scheme goes in vain. Keeping all these things in mind, the state government has passed a proposal to implement a Compliant Monitoring System (CMS) in the state.  On 30 June 2023, a high-level meeting, headed by Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Minister PR Reddy, took this decision unanimously. The main reason for taking this decision by the state government was that more than 80% of the public representatives were saying that if there is some problem in the government plan after its completion without supervision, then it is not resolved. Due to this the benefit of that scheme is not fully available to the public.

When will Jagananna Palle Velugu Scheme starts?

Keeping in mind all these reasons, the state government decided to reform the CMS. The government’s street lights under the Andhra Pradesh Jagananna Palle Velugu Scheme 2023 will be fully monitored. If a street light goes bad, the energy assistants will fix it. For which the state government has decided to recruit 7000 energy servants and a monitoring officer will also be deployed up to the district level for the work being done correctly.

This decision taken by the Government of AP is very important because even after the implementation of the scheme, if there is any deficiency or any defect, then it will be rectified so that the state will continue to benefit from the scheme.


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