Free Fire All Elite Pass – How to Get the All Elite Pass Bundle in Garena Free Fire?

Free Fire All Elite Pass – Get all season elite pass bundle in Garena Free Fire 2023 from this page. If you are an online gamer and you play Free Fire Game then there’s good news for you. Today, in this article, we are sharing Garena FF All Elite Pass Bundle (Season 1 to 42) and other rewards. As you all know, many people love to play Free Fire Game and they need Elite Pass to get a Diamond code, Outfits, Emotes, Skins, and other interesting stuff that are available. So, now you can get all season FF Elite Pass Bundle in Garena Free Fire and can enjoy the latest updates.


Free Fire All Elite Pass Bundle

Recently, the Garena FF Game official team released the Free Free All Elite Pass Bundle for the Free Fire Lovers. Now, you will be able to get all-season Free Fire Elite Pass Bundle for free and you don’t need to pay for it. With the help of this elite pass, players can get Free Diamonds, coins, or any rewards that will be very useful to upgrade the game profile. Furthermore, you can easily avail the of new skins, outfits, guns, and other items. Apart from that, you can also get weapons, loot crates, currency, a Custom room card, Unlimited diamonds, and tons of Rewards.

Free Fire All Elite Pass - How to Get the All Elite Pass Bundle in Garena Free Fire?

Interested gamers can log in to collect the Elite version of the respective bundle that they own from their in-game mail. Furthermore, these rewards are exclusive in nature, with the developers explicitly announcing that they will not be released in any other way. GARENA introduces a new elite pass to the game on the 1st of every month to keep the game’s inventory expanded and up to date. Each Elite Pass (all-season bundle) consists of various rewards.

Garena FF All Season Elite Pass 2023 – Overview

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Free Fire Elite Pass Bundle for All Season

Ever since its announcement, gamers have been eagerly waiting for this event to officially arrive. Now that it’s here, many have already spent thousands of diamonds to obtain these rare outfits. The available rewards include ten attractive outfits, loot box skins, scarves, backpack skins, melee weapons, surfboards, and more from the initial Elite Passes. However, the Elite Pass was available for pre-order from October 29th to 31st. Players who pre-ordered received an exclusive vehicle skin called Super Current Cruiser as an exclusive reward.

free fire all elite pass

This will provide exclusive gifts to every player that owns the original version of the initial Elite Pass outfits. And Elite Pass reward is unlocked when the player reaches a certain number of badges unique to each XP. Each reward is numbered and badges are earned by completing daily missions. Players can purchase the latest Elite Pass. This comes in his two versions, the Elite Pass and Elite Bundle, priced at 499 Diamonds and 999 Diamonds respectively.

How to get the All Elite Pass Bundle in Garena Free Fire?

If you want to get the Garena Free Fire All Elite Pass Bundle then you can follow the below-mentioned steps and procedure;

  1. Firstly, download the Free Fire App on your device and make sure it is updated to the latest version.
  2. After that, you need to “Log in” with a certain platform of your choice.
  3. Here, you have to click on the screen to enter the game.
  4. Now, click on the calendar icon on the left of the screen to access the game events.
  5. Then, select the ‘Free Elite Pass’ option in the Goodbye Elite Pass.
  6. And as soon as you click on that button you will be able to claim it.
  7. However, make sure that you claim the rewards as soon as it becomes available in the game, as the card will be out on 24th December.
  8. So, in this way, you can easily avail of the “All Elite Pass in Garena Free Fire”.

Garena FF All Elite Pass Bundle – Season 1 to 42

As we have already mentioned above that the Free Fire All Elite Pass Bundle is now released by Garena. And below we have mentioned the all-season elite pass names and details;

Season Free Fire Elite Pass  Garena FF Details
1 Kitsune (June 2018) The first Elite Pass of Free Fire was not that well received.
2 Hip Hop (July 2018) A lot of players were confused about this pass, as they thought the season 1 pass is one time only.
3 Doomsday Madness (August 2018) The first pass with a surfboard skin – the theme of the map is apocalyptic wasteland kind of costumes and skins, Mad Max style.
4 Royal Revelry (September 2018) It has a Royale theme, in which players would be able to dress up as kings and queens.
5 Pirates Legend (October 2018) Season 5 comes with a pirate theme, in which you would get to dress like pirates.
6 Arcade Mayhem (November 2018) It is based on the arcade gaming machine, with 8-bit style skins and the like.
7 Steampunk Revolution (December 2018) It has steampunk theme cosmetics, one of the most popular themes in gaming.
8 Impulsive Shock (January 2019) It is a cyberpunk-themed season – it is the first one with a special trailer.
9 Bomb Squad (February 2019) Bomb Squad is infamous for being the first season to include the Bomb Squad mode, which is pretty much the normal competition mode of CSGO.
10 Anubis Legends (March 2019) An Egyptian-themed season, with skins based on the mystery and beauty of ancient Egypt.

Free Fire New Elite Pass Bandle – Diamond codes

Season Free Fire Elite Pass  Garena FF Details
11 Dragon Slayers (April 2019) It is fantasy based, with a dragon roaming the map randomly.
12 Wrath Of The Wild (May 2019) This season’s pass is about the wild jungle theme, with a panther suit inspired by the marvel comics Black Panther.
13 Rampage Redemption (June 2019) This Rampage season pass is the first time the Rampage mode is introduced into the game.
14 Primal Hunter (July 2019) This Elite Pass is famous for being low quality – many players were not satisfied with it and complained.
15 Sandstorm Warriors (August 2019) Sandstorm Warriors is a desert-themed pass, with extra effort put in to pacify the fans after last month’s failure.
16 Gunslinger (September 2019) A wild west themed Elite Pass – this one is special, however, as it is the only one that was made available for free to all players, to this day.
17 Blood Demon (October 2019) It is yet another Japanese themed, with sets based on the red demons and samurais.
18 Death Penalty (November 2019) This pass is a fusion of various themes – with spike all over the skins.
19 Ghost Pirates (December 2019) The second Pirate theme Pass in the game after season 5’s Pirates Legend sets.
20 Shadow Combat (January 2020) It is based on the ninjas – people got various light armor sets and even a katana skin.

All Season Free Fire Elite Pass for Outfits, Emotes & Skins

Season Free Fire Elite Pass  Garena FF Details
21 T.R.A.P. Revolution (February 2020) This season’s pass was based on Free Fire’s first soundtrack music video, “T.R.A.P”. There were a lot of costumes and skins released with the music theme.
22 Wasteland Survivors (March 2020) Another post-apocalyptic themed pass – a continuation of the season 3 and 18 passes.
23 Agent Paws (April 2020) The theme of this pass is rather special – it is cat-themed. All of its costumes were rather well received – especially the preorder bonus backpack.
24 Forsaken Creed (May 2020) Forsaken Creed is yet another season with an Asian-based style – the preorder bonus Ancient Order Gloo Wall was one of the most favorites.
25 Fabled Fox (June 2020) After the Cat theme of season 23, it is now time for the fox theme. This pass has the same theme as Free Fire’s first-ever pass, Kitsune
26 Rampage II: Uprising (July 2020) The second Rampage pass, with an upgrade to the original season 13’s Rampage mode. The theme of the Pass remains similar.
27 Sushi Menace (August 2020) The current Season 27 pass brought us back to Japan – with the theme being Japanese food.
28 Celestial Street (September 2020) This season came back to Japan once again, however, this time everything has a cyberpunk style instead of the normal Japanese theme. the dead giveaway for this is probably the Oni Mask and katana.
29 Anubis Legends II (October 2020) Free Fire season 29’s theme is based on Egyptian fashion, with a lot of modern touches, applied to it. Overall the aesthetics are pretty shiny, with golden decorations everywhere.
30 Ultrasonic Rave (November 2020) This season is based on a futuristic Cyberpunk – Hip-hop combination. All items from the season pass are related to music and musical instruments.

Garena Free Fire All Elite Pass Bundle List 2023

Season Free Fire Elite Pass  Garena FF Details
31 Endless Oblivion (December 2020) In this season, we come back to Japan once again.
32 Specter Squad (January 2023) This season is based on a cyberpunk/horror/clown theme, with all items decorated in shades of teal, purple and black.
33 Fuji Folklore (February 2023) Fuji Folklore is based on some historic costumes of japan, with a few details taken from other Asian cultures.
34 Willful Wonders (March 2023) The Willful wonders theme of season 34 is based on the novel Alice in Wonderland, with both player character sets being the Mad Hatter.
35 Bloodwing City (April 2023) It is a combination of themes from vampires to superheroes and even vigilantes.
36 Manic Circus (May 2023) The upcoming pass for May 2023 is going to get back to the Clown theme once again.
37 Evil Enchanted (June 2023) The main bundle for this pass is a combination of black, blue, and red (part of the eyes’ animation).
38 Guns for Hire (July 2023) Become a bounty hunter in Guns for Hire.
39 Wildland Walkers (August 2023) Transform yourself into a scarecrow in the wild west.
40 Quantic Unknown (September 2023) It is bringing along with it the Futuristic hackers bundle with purple themes.
41 Mesmerizing Nights (October 2023) The Mesmerizing Nights takes inspiration from the folk tale of the Middle East.
42 Inferno Rage (November 2023) The Inferno Rage pass’ sets and items inside it all carry a dragon theme.
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