Babul Bihari Viral Video Sparks Outrage, Netizens Searching for Download Link

Babul Bihari Viral Video Sparks Outrage, Netizens Searching for Download Link:- Hello Readers, Today’s topic is sensational viral news about the renowned Bhojpuri Singer and his Photos with the minor girl. Babul Bihari, a Bhojpuri singer was in the limelight when he was arrested by the UP police from Gurgram, Haryana. He was accused of sharing intimate photos of himself with a minor girl. According to the News he was booked for the rape of a girl in the hotel and after the rape, he shared video and photos online.

Let’s elaborate on the news more significantly through this blog post on Babul Bihari’s Viral Video (MMS) leaked online on Social Media i.e. Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram and now netizens searching for Download Link below.


Babul Bihari Viral Video Link

So once the Bahul Bihar Viral Video Leaked on Twitter and other social media platforms. The viral photos were reached to the family of the girl and his parents asked the girl about the incident behind the photos. The girl explained to her parents about the incident. Her parents lodged an FIR against the singer at Sector 14 police station in Gurgram. The case was lodged by the Haryana Police under POCSO and various sections of the IT Act of the Indian Penal Code. For more info, keep scrolling down below.

Babul Bihari Viral Video Sparks Outrage, Netizens Searching for Download Link

Babul Bihari is also known as Abhishek and has millions of followers on Instagram and Twitter. The Police came into action promptly and arrested Babul Bihar within 5 Hours and took him for legal proceedings. Although, the news was gone viral and Netizens started searching for the video online on various sources including Twitter, Telegram, and other social media. Let’s check out the complete details of the Babul Bihari Viral Video Download Link which is now circulated on the Internet and locals are extremely angry and demand strict action against the singer.

Babul Bihari Viral Video Sparks Outrage – Highlights

Blog Post Babul Bihari Viral Video
  • New MMS of Babul Bihari Leaked Online
  • Babul Bihari Viral Video (MMS) Download Link
Viral Video Bhojpuri Singer Babul Bihari with Minor Girl
Accused Name Babul Vihar/ Abhishek
Viral Girl Name Not Known
Type of Viral Content Images
Viral on Social Media
Duration of video NA
Category Viral Video | Trending News
Full MMS, Viral Video Link Download Here

Babul Bihari Viral Video-  The girl hide from her parents

The girl who was a victim of rape had not told anyone about this whole incident that happened to her. A few days after the incident, the accused Singer Babul Bihari shared objectionable pictures of the girl on social media, Instagram and Twitter. The pictures went viral and soon reached the girl’s parents. When her parent questioned her about the photos of his daughter, she spilled the whole truth in front of the parents. Her parents decided to inform the police and reached the Sector 14 police station.

Police came into action and lodged an FIR against the singer and he was arrested within 5 hours by the police. He is now in the custody of the police and soo will appear in court for his crime under the various sections of the Indian Penal Code. The singer was trolled by the millions of his followers for the crime he have done with the girl. According to the police, the singer is going to face hard punishment for this crime.

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Babul Bihari Viral Video- Netizens Searching for Download Link

As you know that he is a famous singer and a personality with a great fan following online and offline. After his punishable act, he became another hot topic for Netizens to search for his viral video and images he shared of the accused girl. Let’s check out some important facts about Babul Bihari or Abhishek’s Viral Video (MMS) for netizens who are hun online for his viral activity.

  1. The girls came into his contact through an online platform.
  2. They both became more close friends with time.
  3. He managed to call the girl to meet him in a hotel.
  4. The girl agreed with him and reached the hotel.
  5. Abhishek molested her and raped her in the hotel room.
  6. He told her not to tell anybody about the incident.
  7. The girl hides the incident from her parents.
  8. Babul Vihar uploaded her nude pics on Instagram.
  9. The pics have gone viral and parents of the girl come to know about the viral pics.
  10. He complained about the incident to the police and police arrested Babul Vihari.
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