Amul Lassi Viral Video Fact Check, Original Viral Video Link of Amul Lassi

Amul Lassi Viral Video Fact Check, Original Viral Video Link of Amul Lassi: Hello Dear Readers, hope you are doing well in your life. You know guys, with the help of our article we can always share interesting information with you. So we all are using Amul Dairy products in our daily life. This is the most famous and biggest company in India providing every single dairy product. But recently, the shocking video viral on the internet related to Amul Lassi Packet. A popular video that implied that the company’s lassi packets contain traces of fungus has been addressed by Amul.

According to a social media video that went viral, the beverage packets were contaminated with fungus far before their expiration date. Well in this post, we are going to tell everything related to this amul lassi viral video. We have disclosed the details like Amul Lassi Viral Video Fact Check, and Original Viral Video Link of Amul Lassi.


About Amul Lassi Viral Video 2023

Amul, a large dairy company, has refuted the allegations made in a viral video showing what seems to be fungal growth in a packet of the brand’s lassi. The business claimed the video was fraudulent and charged the maker with disseminating false information and provoking unwarranted concern among customers. A video that has gained a lot of attention on social media purports to show the finding of fungus in Amul Lassi packets notwithstanding their expiration date.

Amul Lassi Viral Video

In order to reply to the allegations made in the popular video, Amul said that the packages in the clip had damage at the straw hole and that there was liquid obviously escaping from this place. The firm claims that the fungal growth in these packets may have been caused by the damage, and it’s possible that the author of the video was aware of this. Well in the below section of this, you can find the Amul Lassi Viral Video Download Link. Moreover, we have also disclosed Amul Lassi’s Viral Video truth

Amul Lassi Fungus News – Highlights

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Amul Lassi Viral Video Truth & Fact Check

In this section, we have shared the Truth about the “Amul Lassi Viral Video”. All the given mentioned information has been declared by the Amul Company officially. Kindly read out the full article to the end.

  • Amul, a dairy manufacturer, refuted on Friday the allegations made in a popular video that some Amul Lassi boxes contained fungus.
  • The fungus was allegedly discovered in packets of Amul Lassi even before the expiration date, according to a video that has now gone popular on social media, according to reports.
  • The business, in response, has now labeled these charges as false. Amul said that the film was created to instill unfounded concerns and disinformation in the minds of viewers.
  • The dairy cooperative added that the packets seen in the video have damage from the straw hole area to their statement. Additionally, it stated that the footage shows liquid flowing from the hole, which has gone on viral.

Amul Lassi Viral Video

  • The explanation also said that the hole is to blame for the growth of fungus and implied that the video’s creator must be aware of this.
  • Amul sent a notice on Twitter saying, “Please be informed that a false message about the poor quality of Amul Lassi is being shared on WhatsApp and other media platforms. We have not received any clarification from the video’s maker, nor have we been given the video’s location.
  • It said, “As a standard practice, Amul includes a declaration on all their packs advising customers not to purchase puffed or leaky packs.”
  • They asked consumers not to be misled by the deceptive film and reminded them that their goods are safe for ingestion.

The Reality of Amul Lassi Fungas Viral Video

Vikrant, a user, tweeted about the video and stated: “This video is going around on WA. If you look closely, you can see that each box has been tampered with; for example, the silver seal has a little pinhole in it, and the lassi has been kept outside till it has spoiled. It is obvious that the purpose of this film was to slander. AMUL must act decisively.

Download the Original Viral Video Link of Amul Lassi

  • Now many people want to download & Watch the full video of Amul Lassi Fungus Viral Video.
  • So to watch out the full video you don’t need to visit multiple sites on the internet because the video has easily accessible on social media.
  • WhatsApp and other social media sites are flooded with a video of tainted Amul Lassi.
  • Each Amul Lassi box in this video has a tiny pinhole pierced in the silver seal.
  • The liquid in the bag has gone bad and appears to have fungus growing on it.
  • In this video, the lassi cartons are allegedly left outside the freezer to rot. However, it is uncertain when day this film was actually recorded.
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